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A Magician who always do Magical Show for Children

Magic is a word that can be magical and it can  change the situation. A sad man can be happy after see the magic show. There are nobody who don’t like magic. But Children’s are the mostly fond of magic. In Bangladesh, there are thousands of magician and some of them are renowned but most of them are working as professionally.

Children’s are the future of a nation. They need our support and love. If we show them our love they will grow up with the education of good manners. Today we are going to talk about a magician who loves child and most of his magical show organized for Children’s. This renowned Magicians name Rajib Basak. Day by day he is becoming a mile stone of  Bangla Magic. He has talent’s and he has a heart there is an ocean of love for Children’s.

Rajib Basak was born in Chittagong on 17th of July in 1970. His father Late Biswanath Basak and mother Late Swati Basak.

Rajib ‘breathes, eats, drinks-in short, live magic. He just want Magic to earn the respect it truly deserve as profession. He has performed near about 10,000 magic show till now. Even he made 11 magic show in a day it is a all time record in Bangla Magic.

Rajib Basak believe that magic is an art but this part of culture is now at a stage to be preserve in a museum. There are at least one shilpokola academy in every district where Dance, Art, Music and some other part are being practiced and learning but no where the magic is in their academic part.

Magic can change the situation and it can be a strong weapons to remove ignorance. Rajib Basak is actually doing this and he is working with magic to change the society from dark to light

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