Cadets Brand Lighter 

Customized Metallic Lighter

Recently we import a new Metallic lighter any one can place order for customization. You can print you company logo company name even you can print your picture too. We have already printed on it for Cadets Brand and some bank official with student of some renowned university. The cost of a lighter depend on how many lighter do you want to print on it. there are four more color lighter like Golden,Grey, Silver, Black and Maroon. We are ready to give you as your desire one. Just feel free…

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Cadets Brand 

once a cadet, always a cadet T-shirt

Only Cadet and X-Cadet can buy this T-Shirt. To buy this T-Shirt please fill out the form bellow. We will start delivery from 14th September . We are providing delivery service through Sundorbon Courier . So please try to give your detail address in the address box. Price:270 Taka only Delivery Charge 60 only (whole country) Not Available   teenagers

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