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A Magician who always do Magical Show for Children

Magic is a word that can be magical and it can  change the situation. A sad man can be happy after see the magic show. There are nobody who don’t like magic. But Children’s are the mostly fond of magic. In Bangladesh, there are thousands of magician and some of them are renowned but most of them are working as professionally. Children’s are the future of a nation. They need our support and love. If we show them our love they will grow up with the education of good manners.…

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Prince Harun,another name of Bangla Magic

Prince Harun is one of the renowned Magician in Bangladesh. Specially he is famous for his own magical work. He invented some unique magic trick by himself. He born on 26th of December in the year 1986 in a good Muslim family. When he was only a boy of six he came to know about magic by his father. He was surprised to see some very nice magic trick by his father who was not a magician but he can do some magic for his nearby kids. Every night father…

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