The Doner kebab and Turkish migrants


Most Europeans have a lot of Turkish migrants. This means that the Turkish migrants have adopted their cultural food which is the Doner kebab. The Doner kebab ? is normally a thick-sized bread or tortilla which has a range variety of vegetables including tomatoes, salads, cabbage, onions, cucumbers etc. It also has any of the normal sauces put inside it. The most famous reason that doner kebabs are so good is because of their’ thinly sliced meat.

In Turkey originally they used to use lamb but now like other European countries, they have all adapted to using beef and chicken. I do not know how but they put the meat in this spinner machine but it constantly cooks the meat, so you constantly see it moving in circles. The way they would extract it is by using a grinder up and down where the fallen layers are the thinly sliced meat. Doner kebab was one of the best things I ever tried in Italy, I highly recommend the one in Milan to a place in vimercate called ‘piazza Marconi. They serve the best doner kebab I have ever tried in my life. It’s also relatively cheap too. England has their version of it but it never beat the one I tried in Italy. The one in Italy also gives more meat because I almost got full eating one whereas that’s not the case in England. This country is very wealthy and they still are cheap, ridiculous. Italy on the other hand is fair.

Written by: Rafi Islam