The number one player in the world chasing runs

The number one player in the world chasing runs Indian cricket team captain Virat Kohli is used to bat in one style at the beginning of his career. He used to play standing in one place in the popping crease. But over time, that is likely to change. He moves his legs a lot while batting. King Kohli has also got big benefits by changing his style. This right-handed batsman is scoring runs with the bat. Kohli has already been named the world’s number one player for chasing runs.

Kohli explained the reason for the change in his batting style on the live show of Bangladesh ODI captain Tamim Iqbal last night. However, Tamim himself raised the issue. Tamim said, ‘When I first saw your game, I saw you standing in one place and playing. But now you go back and forth. Do a lot of leg movements. I stand in one place and play. Many coaches have talked to me, and suggested that I try to play back and forth with leg movements. But I feel uncomfortable playing that way. My question is why did you change your style of play?

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“I felt I had to play everywhere on the field,” said Kohli. Playing standing in one place like this will reduce my shots a lot. I can’t use the whole field. So I thought, if my hip best is in a good position, I can play with my legs back and forth at any time. Next I feel comfortable with my foot movements. That’s why I can play everywhere on the field. ‘


Then Tamim said, “Sachin Tendulkar has played in one place throughout his career.”The number one player in the world chasing runs is Virat Kohli.

“It’s not like everyone has to go back and forth,” said Kohli. That’s the way it feels. Many played standing but did not feel the problem. For example, Tendulkar has played in one place all his life. There was no problem with his type of play. Run effortlessly. But I think for myself, the way I play with the type of footwork has worked well for me.