Mud throwing festival in South Korea


Who doesn’t like to participate in the festival! Moreover, the Mud throwing festival in South Korea is one of the important means to know the social lifestyle of the people of a region and to play a vital role in gaining full knowledge of it. Thousands of colorful festivals are celebrated every year around the world, some weird and strange festivals are also celebrated.

Festivals are a favorite of all of us, festivals mean extra joy. There are different types of festivals in different parts of the world. Religious, cultural, or any other type of festival. Many of us know about camel fighting festival, bull festival, tomato festival. However, many may not know about the mud-throwing festival.

It is a popular festival in South Korea. Let’s know some information about mud before we know about mud festival. What is crying? Mud is watery soil. For the Mud Festival, Boryong Dechan collects high-quality sea mud from the surrounding coast and processes it, and the mud extracted from the mud powder is mixed with water, which prevents the growth of the skin and has a great effect on the removal of skin waste.

Strange mud or mud-throwing festival in South Korea. It is known that clay has been used to beautify the skin and cure skin diseases, such as Cleopatra’s mud makeup and Chinese clay cosmetics. Clay has antibacterial and antibacterial properties and has a great effect on trauma treatment.
After all, it has a far-reaching effect on people’s lives. The Mud Festival was started to raise awareness about the cosmetic properties of mud in South Korea. Gradually it took the form of an annual festival. The festival is held at Dechen Beach in the town of Boriyong in Chuncheng Nam-do Province, a few hours south of Seoul on the west coast of Korea.
Deshan Beach is the largest beach on the west coast of Korea and the mud of this beach is rich in nutrients that are well known for skin, health benefits. The festival, which welcomes thousands of international visitors each year, is set to be held for the 23rd time in July this year. The festival attracts visitors from different countries as well as expatriates from Bangladesh.
Various games and competitions are added to increase the attraction of the festival. Mud Sliding, Mud Wrestling, Mud Run, Mud King Contest, Mud Firework Contest, etc. The festival has become spectacular.
Many people come to the festival with their families, there is a separate family zone for them.

In addition to these lively events, there are various fun packages. You can enjoy K-Pop performances as well as participate in the perfect recreational activities for friends and family. You can also enjoy creative activities like mud massage or painting with colored mud.