Donated 60 billion rials now don’t have a penny


Donated 60 billion rials now don’t have a penny.Sheikh Sulaiman bin Abdulaziz Al Rajhi (Arabic :سليمان بن عبد العزيز الراجحي, born 1929) is a Saudi Arabian corporate figure and billionaire. As of 2011, his wealth was estimated by Forbes to be $5.9 billion, making him the 169th richest person in the world.

Born into his poor family. The school where he used to study once organized a pleasure trip. It is informed that every student has to pay one riyal. But the financial situation of Al-Razi’s parents was so miserable that it was not possible for them to arrange a riyal for the child. As a result, as the travel time approached, he started crying, thinking about how to arrange that one real.

What else is needed in this short life?

Donated 60 billion rials now don't have a pennyWhen the test results were published at that time, it was seen that Solomon was the first in the class. As a reward for this success, a Palestinian teacher rewarded him with a real. In this way, getting the opportunity to fulfill the hobby of pleasure travel, Solomon became an eightfold joy.

After graduating, Al-Razi quickly found success in his career. As an entrepreneur, he started working in a room in Jeddah under the name ‘Bank’. In a short span of time, he set up a bank network called Al-Razi all over Saudi Arabia. It is now the largest Islamic bank in the world.

Sheikh Sulaiman bin Abdul Aziz Al Rajhi is now looking for his Palestinian teacher. When he found the teacher he was retired, the financial situation was extremely miserable. Al-Razi brought his teacher and put him in a car. He said, ‘I am indebted to you.’ The teacher said, ‘How can a man be indebted to a poor man?’ ‘Do you want to give that one riyal back now?’ Then Razi brought his favorite teacher to a beautiful house, there was an expensive car. Said, ‘From today this house and car are yours. And we will bear all your expenses. ‘

The tearful teacher said, “It becomes too much for me.”

In 2010, Sheikh Sulaiman bin Abdul Aziz Al Rajhi waqfed his wife and children with half of his huge fortune. The current value of the waqf assets is more than 60 billion riyals. From which donations are constantly being made for the people. Forbes Magazine has included him in the list of top 20 donors in the world.

He founded the world’s largest Islamic bank as well as the world’s largest poultry farm in the Middle East, called Al-Watania Poultry. There is not a city in Saudi Arabia where a mosque was not built with the Al-Razi family’s money. Going to Islamic medicine and charities with regular financial support. 1.5 million workers working in their own organizations are paid before the end of the month.

We are indebted to our country, our society and our people for this success,” he said in an interview. So we have to do something for the country, for the people. ‘He was asked,’ You gave half of the property to your wife and children, you gave the other half. What did you keep for yourself? With a soft smile, Sheikh Sulaiman bin Abdul Aziz Al Rajhi replied, ‘Nothing.’ He said, ‘I am now 80 years old. What else is needed in this short life? The waqf covers my living, travel and medical expenses. I try to do that as little as possible. ‘

You are a billionaire but now you don’t have a penny, how do you feel? Al-Razi smiled softly at the question and said, “I feel like a free bird. When the Creator calls, I can respond immediately, there will be no setback. What could be a bigger relief than this? ’Source: