9 Bangladeshi youngsters in the list of Forbes

Bangladeshi youngsters
Bangladeshi youngsters

9 Bangladeshi youngsters in the list of Forbes. For the first time, nine Bangladeshi youths have been included in the list of ‘Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia’ published by the world famous American magazine Forbes. These Bangladeshi youths got a place in the list published for the sixth time on Monday. Thirty people from the list have been selected from ten categories. Among them are young entrepreneurs, leaders and innovators from Asia.

Everyone is under 30 years of age. Each of them has overcome the challenge of the Corona epidemic and found new opportunities for new realities. Forbes has been making this list since 2011. From 2016 to 2020, a total of 9 Bangladeshis have been added to this list for their outstanding work. However, this time not a single Bangladeshi has got a place in this list in one year. Bangladeshis have been listed this time for their contribution to technology entrepreneurship, social impact, retail and e-commerce.

Among the Bangladeshi youths on the list are Shehzad Noor Taos, 24, and Motasim Bir Rahman, 26, two founders of Gage Technologies, an artificial intelligence-based enterprise, and Mir Shakib, 26, the founder of startup Cramstack. Also present are Shomi Hasan Chowdhury, 26, founder of the Kuala Lumpur-based NGO Awareness 360, and Rizvi Arefin, 26.

At present, this NGO has one and a half thousand volunteers in 23 countries. They are promoting personal health issues including hand washing, water purification and sanitation. Also on the list are Ahmed Imtiaz Jami, 26, founder of the Adventure Foundation, Rizvana Hridita, 26, founder of Hydroco Plus, and Md. Jahin Rohan Rajin (22) and Picabo co-founder Maureen Talukder (26).