Ways to reduce stress


Ways to reduce stress.Stress is an integral part of life. There will be stress. Our goal will be to reduce stress or move on with life. Chewing gum reduces both stress and anxiety. This is because the blood circulates properly in the brain while chewing gum. Again some say the taste and smell of chewing gum helps to get rid of anxiety.

Spending time outside the home reduces stress. Various statistics show that even if you are close to home, spending a few minutes outside will reduce your stress and you will feel refreshed and energized. Real laughter reduces your stress. So we should keep a smile on our face as much as possible. Lavender fragrance such as lavender air freshener helps reduce stress. Listen to at least one song every day.

Music reduces stress. Music releases a chemical called dopamine into the brain, which stimulates your mood and reduces stress. Breathing exercises or breathing exercises help reduce your stress and anxiety. Take long breaths in breathing exercises and exhale slowly. Doing breathing exercises at least ten times a day will reduce stress a lot. If you feel stressed, write down the words of your problem on a diary page or somewhere and after a while you will see that you will get the solution of the problem on your own.

As a result, you will not have stress. Social bonds and friendships help reduce stress. If you have a good friend or tell someone about your problem, you will see that the stress will gradually decrease. However, if your friend or relative is selfish, then the stress will increase instead of decreasing. So you need to know who your friend or relative is. Practice exercising at least once a day in the morning or afternoon.

A little walking, boating, or physical activity can help keep you well. Exercise releases hormones called endorphins which reduce stress and make us happy. Endorphin means endogenous morphine which is directly given by Allah. We don’t have to buy. When endorphins are released, if there is any pain in the mind, it reduces it and creates joy in the mind.

One thing everyone needs to know is that if the stress continues, the diseases that are observed inside the mouth do not want to get better easily. So if you want to be good in oral disease, you have to be stress free. Author: Oral and Dental Specialist [email protected]