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Disadvantages of eating too much lemon

Disadvantages of eating too much lemon.Lemon has many benefits as well as side effects. Let's know about the side effects of consuming too much lemon-

Many of us drink lemon water to relax the body in this summer. Many people drink warm water mixed with lemon in the morning on an empty stomach. There is nothing new to say about the benefits of lemon water. It provides vitamin C, potassium and fiber to the body. Apart from this, when the body gets overheated, cold lemon juice helps the body to return to normal temperature. Drinking lemon water on an empty stomach in the morning removes harmful toxins from the body. Lemon has many benefits as well as side effects. Let’s know about the side effects of consuming too much lemon-

Disadvantages of eating more lemons

Tooth enamel wears away

Consuming too much lemon can lead to tooth decay due to the citric acid in it. A white layer falls on the teeth. Recently, in a research paper of the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research in Brazil, it has been said that the dental problems caused by drinking soft drinks, lemons also cause the same problems. Apart from this, those who wake up every morning and drink lemon water, if they brush at least twice a day, the dental problems are much less.

Facial cells are damaged

Eating lemons for a long time damages the soft tissues in the mouth. From there there is a risk of boils or rashes in the mouth. Eating any fruit rich in citric acid can cause this problem.

There is risk of acid and vomiting

Vitamin C is necessary for the body, but too much is not good. Consuming too much lemon or lemon juice can cause acidification, as well as nausea or vomiting. Not only lemon water, but any detox diet drink can cause this problem. The risk of acidity increases a lot.

upset stomach

Many people drink lemon juice to digest food. Because, the acid in lemon helps in digestion. But did you know, excess acid can also cause stomach problems. So you should always eat lemon mixed with food.

Migraine problem

According to experts, lemons or other citrus fruits can increase a person’s migraine problem. This is due to a special substance in citrus fruits called tyramine.


Do you drink lemon water to avoid dehydration in summer? But drinking this lemon water can cause dehydration in your body. Drinking lemon water causes frequent urination. Which causes dehydration in the body. In fact, substances such as electrolytes and sodium are also excreted from the body through urine. Which is one of the causes of dehydration.

The amount of iron in the blood increases

Vitamin C helps store iron in the blood. If you drink lemon water in excess, the amount of vitamin C in the body increases. Which stores more iron in the blood. which is harmful.

The catalyst is broken

Eating lemon on an empty stomach breaks down pepsin, a stimulant needed by our body. Pepsin helps in our digestion. Mainly digests protein. Meanwhile, the citric acid in lemons breaks down pepsin and produces harmful enzymes. As a result, food is not digested properly. There is even a risk of peptic ulcer.


Many people are allergic to lemons. Many do not understand that. After eating lemon and going out in the sun, a red rash appears on the skin. In some cases black spots also appear. What we mistake for sunburn. In medical terms it is called cytophotodermatitis. This problem is caused by the reaction of sunlight with the citric acid in lemons. Apart from this, excess lemon juice causes skin cancer.

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