If the mother is worried, the child may suffer from mental illness. Mother’s anxiety or any kind of stress affects the child’s mind. So experts are not worrying mothers unnecessarily. If you think that you can keep your child at bay or avoid anxiety, then remember that you are not successful in that strategy.

When a child tells a lie or does something wrong, you can see that the child has that ability. If the mother’s mind is not good, it has a double effect on the child. First of all, he also gets upset. Secondly, he is worried because he does not know everything clearly. From which arises the fear of losing the mother. Which cannot be expressed. But the child’s mind is stressed because the thought is spinning in his head.

According to a study published in the journal Biological Psychiatry, a pregnant mother is more likely to have a congenital disease if she is stressed or if she spends her days in anxiety. Most of the time it is a mental illness. Your child may have Down syndrome. For the study, the researchers sequenced the genome of the mitochondrial.

Mutations in 365 placental samples were detected from mothers. A multivariable regression model was used to look at maternal stress relative to the number of gene mutations in the placenta mitochondrial genome. Mothers who face stress have psychological problems with their children. So stay away from anxiety stress while having a baby in the womb.

Not only this, with the help of this child you can get rid of stress and anxiety. If it cannot be avoided, creating a situation where you can share it with your child without hiding it. With the child’s perception of wrongdoing, the knowledge of his duties towards you will increase.

Model: Mirza Shayan & Joya Ahsan