Shreyan Bhattacharya

Shreyan Bhattacharya
Shreyan Bhattacharya

Shreyan Bhattacharya is an Indian Child Singer, Born on 29 July 2005 in Medinipur,West Bengle, India. His Eye color is dark brown and Hair color in black. Shreyan Bhattacharya studied in DAV public school, Medinipur. His Fathers name Nirmalya Bhattarcharya.

As soon as you enter the white house, the backyard will take away your mind first. Pure oxygen. Everywhere in the house is a companion tune by itself. The house is surrounded by strange peace. Whose house? I can tell the fate of his mind by saying a few lines. “How much does it cost to get a hundred? I float as many numbers as I want in the water.

When I sit alone and watch the firefly silently. Ask how dare you, so foolish! ” It will be four o’clock in the afternoon. The interview was right. So he came to the front. I could not understand how to speak so small. I wanted to know, now is the time to go to play? He said yes. But I will not go today. Today I will go home a little mama. Little Shreyan. Already many big stars will lose popularity.

Not only Medinipur and Kolkata, he has to run all over India. I even had to cross South Africa a few days ago. Shreyan Bhattacharya said many things in a chat.

Class seven, how to read, how to handle everything, what is lacking?

Not at all. It happens. I love both. If you love, time goes out. And my school friends love me very much. They say ‘You sing. We will give the notes. Is the word “Saregamapa” just a notation? Song. Just songs and my parents’ dreams. My dream too.

Shreyan Bhattacharya
Shreyan Bhattacharya

What would everyone say when Saregamapa won?

It’s a funny thing. At that time, everyone was doing well in school. Sing. Now a lot has become normal.

The trailer of “Hami” will be released tomorrow. Your song “Vhutu” is already quite popular. How was the work experience?

This is Anirban Dar’s song. There is strange happiness in this song. Nothing was created when I recorded the song.

For whom the song, you and he are both small, so how did that ghost?

Quite a friendly boy. Talk about rubbing salt in my wounds – d’oh! I also love to talk. But I talk to those I mix with. It was nice talking to him.

Work has been done with Arijit Singh, how did it feel?

Great experience. At first I was scared, I thought how can such a big man be, but when I went to work, I understood. He is very down to earth.

What is the best event in life so far?

Meet Ashaji. She blessed me a lot. The biggest find is they remember me. She has always given me a lot of love and blessings whenever she has seen me. There is one more great event. My album. Uncle Shrijat, Uncle Joy all taught me music. This album won the Mirchi Music Award.

What else is there to like without music? Shreyan’s mother gave this answer well. She said that if he didn’t sing, he would watch the car on YouTube all day. He will probably buy the car as he wants when he grows up. One of these incidents happened. My eldest son means his grandfather’s high school exams are over. Everyone went out to eat together. Suddenly I see the driver talking, they are driving. I was scared to see.

Photo: Devasmita Sarkar