Rafeya Tithi does not stop just by dreaming

Rafeya Tithi
Rafeya Tithi

Many people make bets but very few people can make it a reality. If you want to make your dream come true, you need dedication, concentration, and courage to move forward. Many have been left helpless as the Coronavirus has spread all over the world. Millions of people have become unemployed. Many have lost business capita and has lost their job. But some people have managed everything and turned around and given courage to others to turn around. Such a Rafeya Tithi. Rafeya Tithi does not stop just by dreaming.

She did her MBA in Marketing after completing her undergraduate and postgraduate studies in English Literature. The dream was to shine in corporate life. She started working as a news presenter in USA based Millennium TV. After that, she joined Daily Women Bangladesh as Business Editor.

Rafeya Tithi
Rafeya Tithi

The field of work in individual life was spread in many directions. She had skills in fashion designing, photography, and even offscreen media as well as work experience in the ready-made garment industry. But dreams often stumble due to environmental conditions. The path then becomes harder and harder. Rafeya Tithi started working for her own fashion brand “Outfitter” a few days before the start of the Coronavirus by managing such a situation and preparing mentally.

Although the beginning was quite smooth, the outbreak of corona made it difficult. But she did not stop. She started her journey with different types of clothes for boys and girls. Instead of outsourcing like others, but by making the dress under her own supervision, she has already gained appreciation by delivering it to the customers. Besides domestic buyers, its buyers are now in different countries. Her well-arranged office in Mirpur.

In the meantime, she has got the membership of the Hollow Block and Brick Association. By becoming an entrepreneur herself, at the same time she has become self-reliant and has fulfilled her social responsibility by creating employment. Many are now working under her as salaried employees, as well as on a commission basis. Through this, the government has given the idea of ​​Vision 2041.

Rafeya Tithi also feels blessed to be able to play a role in building an industrialized country. After finishing her MBA, she went to various outlets to work in the marketing department of a well-known brand and while gaining product marketing experience, she came up with the idea that if I can sell other people’s products to the customer, then why not my own product! Taking business initiative from that thought.

At first, there was a lot of disagreement in the family way. The parents wanted the girl to be a banker, so she wanted to do an MBA after studying English literature and after marriage, the husband wanted her to be a literature lecturer. But Rafeya Tithi is independent and loves to dream bigger.

In real life, when she saw the hardships of losing a job, she decided to do something that would help her become self-sufficient as well as provide employment to many more. She dreamed that one-day thousands of people would be employed in her organization and through this, She would help the country and society. Leave contributions for. The business started with one lakh taka has now increased to about twenty-five lakh taka. She wants to take it to a bigger position through her patience, dedication and, honesty. The only child is 11-year-old Rafsan Tasbir Rohan is a child model. Rafeya Tithi’s husband is a police officer. All in all, Rafeya Tithi is a complete business women.