This woman believes she can say whatever she wants 


Members of the opposition bench gathered on Thursday morning to denounce the Home Secretary’s use of “inflammatory” rhetoric about this weekend’s Palestine march.
Unfortunately, Home Minister Surela Braverman in particular—sent their underlings to respond to these inquiries to evade ongoing scrutiny. Compared to Surela Braverman, we’ve seen more of Chris Philip and Robert Jenrick in Parliament.

 This woman believes she can say whatever she wants and get away with it since she lives in a bubble. 

Nobody that would run such much mouth to please their Lord is someone I have never seen. We would like it if Braverman would refrain from inciting violence at peace marches to achieve her own political goals. It’s blatantly evident and reckless. 

This is blatantly careless. She ought to stay out of politics. utterly insane and ill-prepared
Is Braverman seeing how far she can go without facing charges for anything these days, given the Home Secretary’s best efforts to sow discord and animosity among communities? If yes, why? Was suing her what did she expect? The fact that she has violated human rights to this extent is quite unexpected.

“Now I’m going to do something that is one of the reasons you’re listening to this programme…”

Home Secretary S is described by James O’Brien as having a “mentor,” and O’Brien delves well into the Conservative MP John Hayes.

According to James, there is a complex media landscape, which has resulted in the material being “publicly available but not very widely reported.”

..It’s blatantly evident and reckless. Politics is not the place for her. Completely insane and utterly sick
Is Braverman testinginerman while the Home Secretary tries his hardest to sow discord and hostility among communities?

According to James, the evidence is “publicly available but not very widely reported” because of the convoluted media environment that she feels permits the uncontested promotion of anti-Semitic conspiracy theories like “cultural Marxism.”
Fascism is a mentality rather than a political doctrine.

Observing these “leaders,” I can personally attest to their mental health problems. How can you treat people in this way without feeling hurt on the inside? I’m sad about Zuela.

She is the epitome of a psychopath, lacking empathy and not likely to experience regret.

She embodies the definition of a psychopath as described by the dictionary: she lacks empathy and is unlikely to experience regret for whatever harm she may have inflicted.

She ought to be dismissed right away for making one of the most offensive remarks about “hateful marchers” in recent political discourse.
Suella ought to keep him out of polite society in addition to removing him from his government position.

written by: Shaheedul Islam