Content Creator Carnival: Expressing Talent In You


While there is a pandemic worldwide, it is usual to lose your mind regarding the stress and uncertainty of the entire situation. Thus, it is essential to divert your mind from all the chaos. The perfect way of deflecting the mentality is to try a new hobby and keeping yourself busy by participating in online events or in easy words expressing the talent in you.

What we have brought for you?

Teenagers’ and  ‘ছোটদের বন্ধু’ has brought you the perfect opportunity to showcase your skills as well as keeping your mind fresh.  ‘Content Creator Carnival’ is the perfect event for people trying to show the world their skills. And the best part of the event is that it is completely free of cost! As both ‘Teenagers’ and  ‘ছোটদের বন্ধু’ both are non-profit organizations, no profit is made through this event. We are not even having any kind of registration fee for the event.

We have arranged this opportunity with the following events:

1} Content Writing {Bangla}
2} Content Writing {English}
3} Photography
4} Videography
5} Photo editing {Includes poster making, thumbnail making, photo editing, etc.}
6} Video editing {Includes bringing out interesting parts from other videos as snippets, adding thumbnails to the video, making animations [optional], adding subtitles to the video, creating interesting videos that might let other people know about us}

What do we want from you?

The answer is quite simple but yet a bit confusing. We want you to work for us for a specific amount of time on project-based work and if you can pass that then you’ll be rewarded to be a part of our Creative Content Panel. Your work will be creating content for us which is mentioned in this article briefly.

What is the “Creative Content Panel” mentioned in the “Content Creator Carnival” event?

The “Creative Content Panel” will be a panel who are going to work for us as permanent members of our team for upcoming days and they will help us to enrich our content and help us spread our works on a national and international level.

A few frequently asked questions’ answers are listed below for the easy understanding of the event:

Content creator carnival is a joint initiative of Teenagers and ছোটদের বন্ধু. The way Teenagers and ছোটদের বন্ধু will find out talented competitors, likewise, the ones who show good performance at the carnival would have a chance to join our creative content panel.

We’re explaining about “Content Creator Carnival” event briefly for everyone’s awareness:

1} Content creators would have a chance to work with us for a certain period of time. (those who took part in the event)
2} ​If both the panel like your works, you will be given a chance to become a mature member of the Creative Content Panel
3} Those who will fill-up the form between 1st October to 15th October will be counted as actual participants.
4} Participants ​will be added to a Facebook group from 15th to 18th October. We can even add you to messenger group chat for easier communication.
5} ​We are not collecting any money for this event. Hence if someone is harassed please let us know. If anyone falls in their trap, none of the organizers would take any responsibility.
6} ​Every detail of our event would be posted in this event from the Teenagers and Chotoder Bondhu page.


1} We are a non-profit organization and no one is paid here. Everyone is working voluntarily for the betterment of these two organizations.
2} The panels of Teenagers and Chotoder Bondhu would be different. It is a request for participants to fill out the form mentioning the organization which they are interested to work with.

Rules for participation are also quite simple:

(1) Tap on the going button of the Facebook event; or,
(2) Follow us on Instagram;
(3) Share the event with your friends as much as you can; and
(4) Type why you want to participate in our event in the comment section of either Facebook or Instagram posts.
(5) Fill up the registration form (provided at the end of this article and also on Facebook and Instagram)

Your achievement:

(1) You are going to be certified from Teenagers after a specific duration or a specific number of contents you have created.
(2) A gift of honor from Teenagers after completion of your service.
(3) Recognition from Teenagers as a content creator of Teenagers for that certain period of time.

Extra achievement: If the whole panel is happy with your service you might get the opportunity to be a part of the content panel too.

Some links related to our event:

Teenagers Facebook Page: Teenagers
ছোটদের বন্ধু Facebook Page: ছোটদের বন্ধু
Teenagers Instagram: @teenagersbd1
Event: Content Creator Carnival

Get yourself registered within 20 October 2020
Registration link:

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