The popular boy in the film is actually a girl

Ahsas Chonna
Ahsas Chonna

The popular boy in the film is actually a girl. The girl actors name is Ahsas Channa. She set foot in Bollywood in her childhood.

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Ahsaas Channa

A little boy has won the hearts of the viewers by performing wonderfully on the TV screen. He has gained a lot of fame by acting in one favorite movie after another. But the viewers did not know that the naughty boy they were seeing on TV was not a boy but a girl. The director cast her as a boy. She was so perfect that no one knew she was a girl!

Everyone knows her as a boy. Because, He has acted as a boy in one movie after another., So the audience didn’t get time to realize that she was actually a girl. Her outfit was so neat and perfect that there was no way to recognize her as a girl. Remember that hit movie of 2006? In the movie ‘Kavi Albida Na Kah Na’, She played the role of Shah Rukh Khan’s son who is now a girl of eighteen!! August 5 was Ahsas’ birthday. She posted the picture on Facebook and wrote, Eighteen and Awesome.

The popular boy in the film is actually a girl
Ahsas Channa

At the age of five, Channa entered the world of silver as a little boy. The opening picture was ecology. After that “Kavi Albida Na Kah Na“, Aryan, my friend Ganesha. The first time she got a chance to be a girl in a movie was in 2009. Ramgopal Verma arranged the boy in one of his films and gave the character of Ahsas Channa in the ghostly picture. Then She has just turned from the boy into a sweet girl.

Many have said goodbye to the silver world by acting as children. But Ahsas doesn’t want to do that. News is already in Bollywood, that sweet boy on the screen is returning as a heroine. News that you have already received the script. Since 2004, Ahsas has acted in 11 films in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu. She has also done a lot of work in television. This time waiting to become a Bollywood heroine.