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Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said earlier that “every immigrant has many stories in life, we do not know everything”. When some of our foreigners children or some of our children’s brothers or sisters send money, we only see them. They never spend their money on their own, and think they are sending such a huge amount of money, but they are just happy that they are just one of them. Look at the face. Sometimes we do not see the back of the sky..

Toukir Ahmed has brought one of the immigrant stories of immigrants to the screen of his film. The concept is sad. There is a corpse that has come across a whole movie. Here we see the name of the coffin that came from the foreign country, the person is alive, even the police officer The name of the father’s name was mentioned in the passport that was there along with the body. When the caller sent him abroad, it was known that the body was named Asir Uddin Paramanik, who was not able to send the boy to abroad, so that Abdul Wahab Mia’s passport was sent to him and he was sent abroad.

After taking the son of a poor father, he took the son’s body and after bathing, it was known that the boy was another religion. The rushed to the dead body and it really was not the body of Asir. They rushed to the police station to find out what the dead body would be. They sent them to Dhaka They were traveling from  around one ministry to another ministry, from one office to another. The smell of the body began to burst, but no solution was found.

The OC of the police station spoke over phone and said that Asir is really dead. May be that is not his dead body but he is dead. Ashir’s father will do more. He has already thought that his son was dead long ago. When he had cut his name, he went abroad with a passport of another’s name on it. He returned with the body and returned to the village and buried him.

There is a lot of problems in making movies about life stories. There is a lot of difference in viewers when there is a lot of difference between them. Because life story is a part of everyone’s life. There is no chance of hiding there. There is no doubt that there is no chance of hiding there. The audience can not ask why can not be here, but it is not possible to live in the real life story Can SE.

Toukir Ahmad scripted the film and directed the film “Anonymous “. It seems that it has been very nice as a movie. Toukir Ahmed has shown remarkable performance in determining the role of fiction and story strings along with the characterization of the story. Toukir Ahmed chose half-hearted success in the film by choosing Shahiduzzaman Selim in the role of Broker. He did not seem to be a better person than Shahiduzzaman Selim. Fazlur Rahman Babu’s role as the father of the dead body can not be understood as that. It is known to all the great actors, but in the unknown, the act that he has played in almost a hundred percent of the real life. I did not remember the pain that I saw in his face. Dead body’s father acting was truly like that his child’s body has been taken.

The performances of Shatabdi Wadud or Musharraf Karim were also good in the Anonymous movie, but in fact, behind the powerful role of the broker’s character, cover the rest of the scene. And all other thing  has been hidden behind the pain of the father of the dead body.

We see the small boy of Asir and his wife being stoned to death. Seeing a young woman living abroad for a foreigner to go abroad. It is better to see the last time when suddenly the father of dead body  was lost and the arrival moment who was coming back with Agarbati. No one took care of anyone before the scene, but was forced to live with the body. We have seen brokers always sit beside the driver But in the last scene, everyone is sitting beside the dead body. This scene has succeeded in the film. It has been accomplished by its dialogue and its visualization.

The movie or the story of “Anonymous” I have never heard  before. There was no talk with them. But after the movie started, the next scene in the mind is flowing out of what is going to happen and it has really matched exactly which can be coincidental or a lot of practice to read stories novel and may be due to the love of cinema.

Toukir Ahmed has also earned a lot of reputation as a renowned actor and creator. The meritorious man from BUET has been successful in every aspect of life. In his teenage years, his acting role-play drama has fascinated us, which we have not forgotten yet. It is known that Toukir Ahmed played with his extraordinary performance. After that, I did not know “Anonymous” as producer. The story of Jalal is seen in the movie It was not in any way that it did not tune me. The Anonymous has been taken in the heart. Although the name of the movie is “anonymous”, it has made it into the audience due to its superb style and extraordinary performance. Such a movie is going to be two in ten years. .

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Director: Toukir Ahmed

Reviews: zazafee


15 December 2016


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