Aidan McCann

Aidan McCann
Aidan McCann

Irish Magician Aidan McCann first performed magic on stage when he took part in Ireland’s Got Talent at the age of 9. He reached the semi-finals and following this he was invited onto The Ellen Show. After this appearance he went on to perform magic in Shin Lim’s stage Show ‘Limitless’ in Vegas, making him the youngest magician to perform on a Vegas stage. When Aidan returned onto The Ellen Show in October 2019, he was given his own segment on her show. His show ‘Aidan’s Magic Corner’ was recorded in January 2020 and his first guests included The Jonas Brothers, Colin Farrell and Emily Blunt and Kalen Allen.

Aidan also recorded Little Big Shots with Melissa McCarthy in January 2020 and took part in Britain’s Got Talent, securing a place in ‘The Final’ Oct 2020 After this he appeared on BBC’s ‘Blue Peter’.During the challenging period of 2020/21 Aidan got online like many other magicians and performers and successfully managed to find audiences for his magic via Zoom!

He has taken part in numerous charity events for organisations at home and abroad and also has really enjoyed putting Online Magic Shows together for Corporate Companies globally. In 2022 he was able to take to the stage again performing at the Blackpool Magic Convention Gala Night Show and also performing at the Ulster Magic Convention in Belfast.Aidan also carves out a bit of time to put his Actors hat on and filmed ‘The Holiday’ a Channel 5 Drama Series in Malta (2021) which was on our TV screens earlier in 2022. He also filmed ‘Bright Sparks’ for RTE, ‘Bad Sisters’ (TV series coming soon to Apple TV) and most recently filmed ‘Send in the Clowns’ a forthcoming feature film.

Aidan is very excited to bring his first ever live show to the Helix Stage in Dublin February 2023. One of Irelands favourite magicians Aidan thrills across the board from private parties to large corporate events. His magic is most suited to an adult audience. (Teens upwards)Contact us to book your show/event/private party with Aidan! All tailor made to suit your specific requirements.

Email [email protected]   or [email protected] for inquiries.

We interviewed Aidan on behalf of the teenagers. It is highlighted below.

Q1: It feels really cool to be one of the youngest magicians in the world. I started when I was five and I’m 12 now, nearly 13, a teenager! I always loved magic but when I was about 7 or 8 I started doing card magic and my first time on stage doing magic was when I was nine when  I was in Ireland’s Got Talent and I got to the semi finals. What was super was that the Ellen Show saw my Irelands got talent clips on YouTube and asked me to go on her show which was great and that opened a lot of doors for me. When I was 10 I took part in Shin Lims ‘Limitless‘ stage show in vegas and I’m also the youngest magician to be on the Vegas stage.  I also did Britain’s Got Talent and I got to the final and that was a brilliant experience. At the moment, I’m working on a new magic tv show which I can’t reveal too much about yet but I’m very grateful for all the opportunities I’ve had so far.


Q2: At first I was inspired to become a magician by a local Irish children’s magician. But when I started to get really into magic I’m constantly inspired by loads of different magicians. At the moment I am a big fan of Derren Brown. I saw him on stage  recently. It was fantastic and I met him afterwards. I love reading magic books, I certainly love learning about mentalism at  the moment and some of my favourite magicians at the moment are Luke Jermay and Hector Chadwick. There are so many awesome magicians who aren’t that well known but they do amazing magic.


Q3: Being on the Ellen show was a dream come true. I was only nine when I went on it first and I remember everything and I loved every minute of it. It’s such a big show, I’m so grateful I got the chance to be on it. I was actually on it about four times and they gave me my own show called Aidans Magic Corner. I interviewed celebrities and did magic for them. Celebrities like Emily Blunt, The Jonas brothers and Colin Farrell. I had the best time. The Ellen show is finished now but she was always so kind to me.


Q4: My favourite magician at the moment is Derren Brown. I met him last month after his amazing show, I think he’s unbelievable. I took part in the Blackpool magic Convention in February. It is great because I get to meet up with a lot of my friends like lssy Simpson ( she was also on BGT) and Jasper cherry who was in my BGT final with me. I’ve always been a fan of Shin Lim and I was lucky enough to meet him in Vegas. And Keith Barry is my favourite Irish magician,  I’ve met him a few times. In London next month I’m going to a magic convention and I’m looking forward to meeting Hector Chadwick.


Q5: Just like Harry Potter I also have a wand, every magician has a wand and of course wands are magical ?


Q6: I would love to visit Bangladesh and meet all my fans. I am so grateful to have so many fans from India. My dad has been to India many times,  he particularly likes Mumbai so yes I hope to come to Bangladesh one day.


Q7: Yes there’s a difference between a magician and a wizard! for example.. a wizard could turn you into a frog but a magician could make the frog disappear.


Q8: Magic and illusion are more less the same thing, they both create a moment for the audience where the audience believes what they are seeing even if it’s not reality.


Q9: Yes I will always want to be a magician, seeing people’s reactions makes me so happy. I also love learning more and more magic skills,  you should never stop learning.


Q10: My friends think magic is really cool and my family are so proud and love that I do magic especially because they get to travel to some really awesome places with me like LAS VEGAS,  LONDON and hopefully one day Bangladesh ?


I just want to say thank you to all my fans in Bangladesh. If you want to find out more information about me my Instagram Is @aidanthemagician and I’m 13 on the first of July so watch out for my new tiktok channel


Thank you

Aidan McCann