The youngest novelist in Saudi Arabia

The youngest novelist in Saudi Arabia
Ritaz Al-Hajmi

Ritaz Al-Hajmi, an 11-year-old Saudi girl, is hoping to be nominated for the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s youngest novelist. Ritaz has created a unique example by writing creative stories. She has already published two novels, Lost Sea and Hidden World, and is working on a children’s book.

In a recent interview with Saudi media outlet Ash Sharq al-Awsat, Ritaz talks about her experience as a writer. She had a habit of writing short stories since childhood. Her father discovered her latent talent in writing at an early age. With the patient encouragement and interest of her father and family, Ritaz started writing novels. However, while writing the novel, she has to face many difficult challenges.

Ritaz spent a year writing her first novel. The constant support and assistance of the family in writing has inspired me to move forward. And so the family helps by participating in various writing workshops and buying different novels.

Referring to her novel Lost Sea, Hajmi said that two brothers lived in a poor family on an island. Their lives were full of sorrows and challenges. Suddenly they find a new world. They start an exciting life in the new world and become heroes there. ‘

Hajmi sets her own goals at the beginning of writing. Hazmi said the limited number of novels for children my age encouraged me to write about it. I am trying to write to fill this void. Moreover, my aim is to create a new world of knowledge about science and technology. Hazmi felt the influence of JK Rowling in her writing. In addition to rolling, Jessica Brody’s workshop contributes greatly to the quality of writing.

Referring to the Guinness Book of Records nomination, Hajmi said, “This will encourage me to write regularly.” The inclusion of the name in the list of the youngest novel writers will also inspire other records and achievements in the world. Moreover I want to serve as a role model for children of the same age. So that they can realize that they have the ability to do a lot.

Source: Ash Sharak Al Awsat