Beauty Queen Hangs Up Her Crown to return Work


Beauty Queen Hangs Up Her Crown to return Work.During this global pandemic, Miss England Bhasha Mukherjee has decided to swap her crown for stethoscope.

Bhasha Mukherjee is of Bengali ethnicity and had migrated to England with her parents at the age of nine. Despite growing up and completing her studies abroad, she did not forget her mother tongue Bengali.

Upon graduating from medical college, she started her career as a junior doctor. In the meantime, out of mere curiosity, she signed up her name for Miss World Beauty Pageant, which took place at around the same time. Beating hundreds of contestants, she won the title “Miss England 2019” and later represented England in the Miss World Beauty Pageant.

Being Miss England required her to take a career break as a junior doctor and focus on humanitarian work until August this year. As an ambassador for several charities, she had to travel to Africa, Turkey and many Asian countries. Meanwhile, the deadly coronavirus spread across many countries including England, infecting and killing people all over the world. As the situation worsened, Mukherjee started getting messages from former colleagues at her old hospital in Boston, eastern England, telling her how hard it was for them. People expect a beauty queen to simply wear her crown and look glamorous. However, to her, it felt wrong to be wearing her Miss England Crown, even for humanitarian work, while people around the world were dying from coronavirus and her colleagues were working so hard. Therefore she decided to contact the hospital’s management to let them know that she wanted to return to work.

Hanging up her crown, she will now pick up her stethoscope and return to the hospital. She is now a inspirational person all over the world. She is becoming the brave girl who always love to help people in their unwanted situation.