Nafisa Jarin Moumi

Nafisa Jarin Moumi
Nafisa Jarin Moumi

There are so many tallented Child actor and actress in Bangladesh. Nafisa Jarin Moumi is one of them. She was born on 6 September 2007. Her mother  Mahmuda Khanum and father Engr. Moazzem Hossain. Nafisa Jarin Moumi is the 2nd child of her parents. she’d an elder sister and a younger brother. Moumi live in Dhaka, Bangladesh with her family. Moumi`s grandparents house is at Rajshahi.

Nafisa Jarin Moumi

Young Actress Nafisa Jarin Moumi is now studied in class seven at Viqarunnisa Noon Scholl and College. Beaide acting and modeling Moumi always a good student as well as she is the topper of her class. Moumi learned song, dance and drawaing at Chayanot and Shishu Academy Dhaka.


Recently Nafisa Jarin Moumi guitter class at BAFA. She is a alrounder girl who is expart in many things like Roller Skating, Swimming, riding bycycle. Cycling is one of her favorite things. She lerned Skating at Gulshan Youth Club. Sometimes she coocked food and writing story book. Moumi trying to learn new things in every day life.


Nafisa Jarin Moumi came in midea at her early age with her lovely song through BTV. Since then she called up for TVC and her first work as a model in a TVC was Igloo Icecreem with applebox. And then she never stopped. Again and again she sign up for different type of  TVC, OVC. Nafisa even act in the TVC of Horlicks, Robi, Grameenphone, Maggi, Bata, UNICEF and so on…

Once she went to Srilanka for a Foreign campaign  TVC. It was One of the best experiences of her life.

Amitav Reza is one of the prominent director in Bangladesh cast Moumi for TVC of Robi.Moumi always enjoy her work and she loves to  take challenge.Amitav Reza is one of the prominent director in Bangladesh cast Moumi for TVC of Robi.Moumi always enjoy her work and she loves to  take challenge. 

When she was acting in the TVC of Horlicks it was a challenging work because the shooting time was winter sessone and the area of shooting was Pabna. Not only that she had to jump in the middle of the pond in that cold frosty morning.Nafisa said that it was an amazing experience.
Some days later she took part of Yellow Kids photoshoot and connected to The popular tellivission channel Duranto TV. First time she gave her voice in a program. Then Moumi act in the program named “Chutirdine” with some other child actor actress.Nafisa Jarin Moumi has experience on angcaring at  “Farm Fresh Children’s Day”  Moumi1s one of the notable work is “Baba thake Bashay” with the prominent actor and director Touqir Ahmed.
Nafisa Jarin Moumi

List of Nafisa Jarin Moumi`s Movie,Drama and Tellifilms:

“Ommi” by Amit Ashraf

“Rickshaw Girl” by , Amitabh Reza Chowdhury

“ Amar nam Manush”


“Akashe  Megh Nei”

Recently she complited her role in the movie named “Adventure of Sundarban” by Abu Raihan Jewel  based on the story of prominent writer Zafar Iqbal.She belongs to have a YouTube channel  “The Siblings”.At the end of the day Moumi always doing her best in education and she dreamed to be a good doctor. Beside this she would love to be an actress to. She has another goal to be an Astronaut.

Feature Photo: Nafisa Jarin Moumi ( Porichoy Photography)