Sanjid Rahman Khan


Sanjid Rahman Khan is a Bangladeshi child Actor, Model and Guitarist. In fact, he is one of the youngest guitarists in the country.

He has been able to take a strong position among the child artists who are now performing in Bangladesh in acting and modeling since childhood. At the beginning of the new year, he has started in a government-sponsored children’s film directed by Raihan Jewel, based on a story written by renowned author Dr Muhammad Zafar Iqbal. He dreams of establishing himself in acting and modeling in the future as well.

Born and raised:

Sanjid Rahman Khan was born on June 17, 2012 in Dhaka. Although his village home is in Jessore. Sanjid was born in Dhaka due to his parents’ stay in Dhaka and living in Dhaka. His Father Mustafizur Rahman Khan is a businessman by profession and mother Amina Akhter is engaged in social service by establishing an organization with the needy girls of the society.

In addition to his parents, Sanjid has one brother in his family. Sanjid is the eldest of the brothers. The younger brother’s name is Safin Rahman. Sanjid Rahman Khan is currently studying in the third grade of Sena Palli High School. Their home is in section 14 of Mirpur.

Sanjid Rahman Khan
Sanjid with Pori Moni

Other information:

Name: Sanjid Rahman Khan
Nickname: Sanjid
Father: Mustafizur Rahman Khan
Mother: Amina Akhter
Brother: Safin Rahman Khan
Born on 17-6-2012
Height: 4 feet
School: Sena Palli High School
Class III

Sanjid With Raihan Jewel

Extracurricular activities:

As a future plan, Sanjid wants to develop himself as a successful actor and model. Since childhood, he has been doing everything with love for acting. But outside of acting, he loves to dance, sing, play the mouth organ, play the guitar and ride a bicycle. His hobby of drawing is strong. He wants to learn to swim in a very short time.

Acting and modeling career:

Sanjid has an aunt named Bithi. Sanjid’s entry into modeling and acting was mainly through that bithi aunty. That is why Sanjid takes Bithi Aunty’s contribution in his life very seriously. Bithi Aunty has a friend named Nadeem Mahmood who has been associated with the media as a director for a long time. He gave Sanjid a chance in one of his TV commercials because he was a friend of Sanjid’s Bithi Aunty. That was an ad for a CCTV camera.

Sanjid Rahman Khan

Work Description:
• CC TV Advertisement – Nadeem Mahmood
• Haq Antiseptic- Shaheed Un Nabi

• Pran Sausage- Sujan Sarkar

• IFIC Bank

• Pran Fruto- Raihan
• Detol Letter for Life-Rubayet
• Mujib I promised you


• (Moddho Shotto Vogi)Middle rights holder – Gazi Farooq
• Puff Daddy- Shaheed Un Nabi
• My rice is my nutrition ( Amar Dhan Amar Pusti)
• To-Late- Animesh Ich
• Mozammel Barir Hottogol- Shaheed Un Nabi.

• Adventures of Sundarbans – Raihan Jewel

Little Sanjid’s leisure is not a match. Shooting pressure is regular. You also have to study when there is no shooting. Besides acting, Sanjid is also very attentive in her studies. She tries to do her own studies. She also helps her mother out of school and plays with her younger brother. When he has time for entertainment, he watches TV, listens to music and learns to play the guitar.

Sanjid Rahman Khan with Salahuddin Lavlu

Future plans:

Sanjid Rahman Khan’s mother Amina Akhter has formed an organization for disadvantaged women where she is supporting them by training them in various ways. There are many orphans in those families. On the way, Sanjid meets orphans and neglected children and teenagers. Seeing their grief, Sanjid’s mind was filled. And that’s why he decided that when he grows up he will work for the orphans. He will create an organization with them. From where they will get all the benefits and become human beings.

Favorite color:- red
Favorite food:- karla bhaji, meat and pizza.
Favorite movie:- Dipu Number Two, Ironman
Favorite places:- villages and river site where he can go around by boat
Favorite person: Mother

Child artist Sanjid Rahman Khan is currently playing the role of Raja in director Raihan Jewel’s children’s film Adventure of the Sundarbans. After the shooting of the first portion of the film is was postponed due to Corona, the shooting has started again. Sanjid currently has contracts for multiple commercials, photoshoots and TV drama.