Why are children’s films declining?


Why are children’s films declining? Fleeing from home, Gupi Gain Bagha Bain, Chutir Ghonta, Emiler Goenda Bahini or Sonar Kella – the colorful days of childhood float in these films. There are also Movies like Home Alone, ET The Extra Terrestrial. These Movies are made with child mind, imagination and the world around.

Films or animated films like the Harry Potter series are in Hollywood with children’s healthy entertainment in mind. But the picture of Bangladesh is quite disappointing.There have been countless films for children here since independence. At present no more Movies are made for children than one a year in grants.

Why are children's films declining?
Dipu Number two

The film has a worldwide reputation for entertaining, educating and educating children. However, children’s films are declining day by day in search of ‘adult language’ of film in South Asia, especially in Bangladesh. The statistics of the last few years say so.

Although only a handful of films have been made, they are out of reach of children due to lack of proper publicity. In all the countries of the world where the production of children’s films is increasing, the amount is gradually declining in Bangladesh. Film buffs are expressing concern over this.

Even this year, after the producers Faisal Raddi and Manik’s ‘Pathshala’, Mrittika Guna’s ‘Kalo Megher Vela’ and Jean-Nesser Osman’s ‘Panchasangi’ have been aired on various festivals and on TV, there has been a lot of discussion. Velo and Panchasangi are two films made with government grant. Although low in number, no one has any objection to the quality of these films.


‘Pathshala’ shows the indomitable story of winning the life of a talented street child. Manik, a ten-year-old child, was forced to drop out of school in his childhood due to the difficult reality of life. He came to Dhaka in search of livelihood. Works in a car workshop. Manik worked there all day, did inhuman work, but Manik did not give up his dream of going to school.

At one point, another eight-year-old child, Chumki, came forward to fight for the fulfillment of his dream. Manik dropped out of school prematurely in Bangladesh. The film ‘Pathshala’ is about the message of assurance of education of all such Maniks in the country. The main slogan of the film is ‘I want school for all Manik’. And ‘Vela of Black Clouds’ shows the sad story of a nine year old. Whose job is to carry the goods of the train passengers.

The two films have garnered a lot of praise since their release. However, if we look at the history of the past, there is no shortage of viewers of children’s films in the country. Dipu Number Two, released in 1997, Autumn ’71 in 2000, Distance in 2004, Puppet Marriage in 2010, My Friend Rashed in 2011 and ‘Akhi O Her Friends’ in 2016 are great examples.

These movies have been commercially successful as well as influential in society as a whole. Even then, for various reasons, many people are discouraged from making children’s films. There is no stronger way to develop children’s psychological perceptions, feelings and beliefs.

Meanwhile, the filmmakers are concerned about the reluctance to produce even after having a audience in the children’s film.

While the average number of adult movies released every year is half a hundred, the number of children’s films stands at four to five. As a result, a large number of children in the country are moving towards foreign culture. Generation after generation of Hollywood movies like ‘Kungfu Panda’, ‘Trolls’, ‘Jungle Book’, ‘Beauty and the Beast’, ‘Cinderella’, ‘Peter’s Dragon’, ‘Harry Porter’ or ‘Boss Baby’.

With foreign culture entering the minds of children. Some people believe that the reins should be pulled now.