The darkness of the gleam

The darkness of the gleam

The darkness of the gleam

Ariful Abir

“Epashe Epashe, jhal garam khabar epashe.”

They are screaming in the fair named ‘Amor ekushe grantha mela’. There were a lot of stalls of food in the fair more than the bookstall. Most of the peoples spending their time eating foods, taking selfies, and watching books at the fair. And the hotel boys were desperately screaming to attract customers for their interim food services.

This food was expired, you son of a bitch.” Someone is shouting from the stall located in the backside of the fair.

Ow! Probably I know the man. He is an author of the book named ‘Behind the screen.’ He used to be a YouTuber now he is a writer. Such talent! Isn’t it?

I saw a stall named ‘Vrammo-lipi’ with a few classical books displayed in front. There was a beautiful lady in the stall who was interestingly staring at me.

I asked for ‘Baraf Gola Nodi’ authored by Jahir Rayhan, and she reacts something. She reacts like she didn’t hear the name before. She thought I’m the kind of guy who came into the fair for the first time. So, she suggested a book. The book has a glorious cover with the name ‘Nishiddho-polli’. I smiled at her and left the place.

There were some writers with a fancy smile on their faces. I saw a new writer with her family. Her name is ‘Mouri Maya’. The name of the book she published this year is ‘Sadly married bachelor.’ I think she is a good writer. But I didn’t buy her book because of that name.

I saw a live talk-show shooting and telecasting in the fair. Some peoples were gathering there and staring at them with a deep concentration. I don’t know if they understand anything discussed on the talk-show. They are just busy taking selfies.

I saw Mr. Ariful Haque walking (almost running) from one stall to another holding a book in his hand named ‘Ekhoni Themona’. This gentleman is carrying the legacy of Their family, isn’t it? Oh! What a big responsibility in his shoulder. Such a responsible man he is. A responsible man of irresponsible work. And, whoever is buying his book, he is taking a selfie with him and giving autographs. And if the person is female he seems to be enjoying.

“How much”


“One hundred”

“Sorry mam”

“One hundred, Nah?”

“Fixed price, mam”


I saw a woman make a bid on a book. It was ‘Pather Panchali’, and the woman didn’t buy the book because the price was a little higher.

“Hey boy! Wanna have some coffee?”

An old man with a coffee machine offered me a coffee.

“No thanks. I don’t drink coffee, it feels like bitter to me.” I replied.

“No! My coffee is sweet. If you want, you can try.”

“No thanks.”

“Epashe epashe, jhal garam khabar epashe.” they are still screaming. The sun is about to sink. I felt thirsty. I was thirsty for some books. But I saw no books at the book fair.

So, I bought a little bottle of sprite  And quenched my thirst. 20 Taka the price of that sprite paid off.