I have never announced that I will not act


I have never announced that I will not act

Nipun, Actress and model. She has not been seen in any movie for two years. She finally broke the break with a new movie called ‘Biratta‘. Talking about acting and other topics in this movie-

Going to act in a movie after a break of three years. What is the reason for staying away from acting for so long?

I have never announced that I will not act. Was busy with business work; Even after that, as much time as I got, I tried to find time for acting. Although I have not acted in movies, I have worked in dramas and web series. The kind of story and character I was looking for in the movie didn’t work because I hadn’t found it so far. Although it was a little late, this time I had to work on a story of my choice, so I broke the break and started acting in movies again.

Is the character of ‘Biratta’ completely different from your previous movies?

No similarity can be found between the character of any previous movie and the character of Lutfa in ‘Biratta‘ I was looking for a character like Lutfar to return to the movies. That’s why when director Saidul Islam Rana offered to play the role of Lutfa, I didn’t think about it a second time. There seemed to be something good to hear about the story, the characters and the construction plans.

Saidul Islam Rana has never directed a movie before. After all, what is the reason for being so optimistic about the movie ‘Biratta’?

No matter what I call a good or different kind of picture, the first condition is that the story, dialogue and screenplay should be good. Reading the story of ‘Biratta‘, it seems that it is different from the stories of other films of this period. Although Saidul Islam Rana has never directed a movie before, he has a good idea about production. He has worked for the small screen before. Know how to plan for a good job. The way the movie has used the whole team, the work is being done as planned. This is the real reason for becoming optimistic.

If the movie ‘Biratta’ is a commercial success, will it be seen regularly on the big screen?

Work has nothing to do with the success or failure of a movie. As long as I act, I will try to do something good. As I am involved in business care as well as public awareness work, I will not be able to give time to acting like before. That’s why I’m saying goodbye to acting – it would be wrong to think so.

What does the movie theater look like now?

Almost everyone knows that the condition of the film arena is not the same as before. When I started acting in 2006, 10 to 12 movies were released every Eid. Then the number decreased from seven to eight. And now many people are sweating to release more than two to three movies.

So much for the movie. The previous sincerity among the artists is not noticeable. Everyone finds fault with everyone. Discussions and criticisms go on all day long about who did what and who didn’t. While no one wants to understand it, there is no point in finding fault with each other. Rather, it would be better to find fault with one’s own work and correct it. Everyone has to fight shoulder to shoulder for the betterment of the film industry.