People do not born as a terrorists


In this era of modern civilization, around 300 billion people live below the poverty line in the world. The current world is facing problems like hunger, poverty, malnutrition, illiteracy, population explosion etc. But terrorism is the top of the discussion by covering everything. It is said that one who is a terrorist, and the other to the freedom fighter When Israeli forces attacked unarmed Palestinians and killed innocent people, destroying their homes, it is considered as the right of self-defense. On the contrary, when the Palestinians attack the counter, it is called the terrorism. If the US is not a sympathizer, some states are sponsors of terrorists. On the other hand, when they provide military assistance for various assassinations and massacre, they are not called terrorists. The masked civilians have been patronizing an aggressive state like Israel. Basically until the world’s basic human rights and justice for all is not established, the extent of terrorism and terrorism can not be ascertained.

The word terrorism or ‘terrorism’ occurs in France during 1789-1799 during the French Revolution. Many think that discussions about the causes of terrorism are irrelevant. Because terrorism is an evil power and the key to eliminating it is the key. But political scientists believe that if they fight against terrorism they will lead to more terrorism. Because of political, social, cultural and even religious, terrorism can be born. There are many religious groups whose ideas kill their opponents to get rid of the virtue. As a result, they are involved in terrorism. We only thump the throat by terrorism terrorism. We do not hesitate to kill millions of innocent people to put terrorism on the ground forever. But never think that why terrorism was born. It should not be forgotten that when the large states provide financially and military assistance to their friendly states in unjust activities, the unarmed oppressed people take the path of terrorism in a lonely way.

Many people are subjected to discrimination and abuse often due to religion and color in different parts of the world. Fierce social dissatisfaction and terrorism were born when minority communities of any region were deprived of their social and economic rights due to religious and racism. The aggression of the ruling states on the relatively weak nations has created the world as a world of terrorism by creating massive terrorism. In the cold war era we noticed its development. Even in this era of civilization in the 21st Century, the invasion of countries including Afghanistan, Iraq and other countries has turned the whole world into a league of terrorism. As a result, organizations such as Taliban, al-Qaeda or ISIS have been born.

UK professor. According to Andrew Silk, counter terrorism through counter-terrorism and terrorism will not only stop terrorism, but it will increase further. Every healthy conscience hates terrorism. But due to the circumstances, they forced themselves to seek terrorism. Therefore, it is possible to stop terrorism only if the circumstances that cause terrorist activities to be identified can be cured. The world is passing through a time when terrorism is a daily companion of the people. The right people are choosing the path of terrorism for rights. The state itself is also operating terrorism in the name of suppressing the rights of terrorists and pushing them into the path of terrorism.

People never grow up terrorism, the situation makes them terrorists. Terrorism will automatically decrease after ensuring the fundamental rights of every human being in the world. In Mahatma Gandhi’s words: ‘The practice of blind eyes is blinding the whole nation’. We dream of a peaceful world. The future of the world is terrorism free. If Nur Hossain had survived, he would have written on his chest: “Let terrorism end, whole world peace.”

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