Stop suicide, Save Life,Live Long


Suicidal tendency is increasing day by day. World health organization says that suicide is occurring every 33 seconds in the world and more than three thousand people in the present world getting suicide every day. So the total amount of suicidal death in a year is approximately 11 lakh for the whole world. You will be shocked to hear that about 60 thousand people are trying to suicide every day and at least three thousand of them succeeded.

What about teenagers? Nearly 40 Lakh teenagers are trying to do suicide every year in the world and more than one lakh die.  The amount of suicidal death is more than the amount of terrorist attack or war death.

Now time to share a childhood memory. I can still remember that the first dead body I saw in my childhood it was a suicidal dead body. It was so scary to me and a sad story. I became afraid and it was continuing so many years in my life. this incident made me so much scared for many years.

The first school of my life was a government school, we used to come to school with the lower-middle class, including the local children, and almost all of them became my good friends.
One of them was Shikha, she was black and so black girl is not usually seen, but I can say that she was one of the most beautiful girls I met, and she was actually a real innocent girl. She was like a dry little lucky girl, she used to bring her books in a Polythene every day and came to school with an ash color dress and on barefoot,
One day, she told me that she saw a dead body lying on the way while she was coming to school, she offered me if I can see she will bring me there. I can not wait to see the dead body because I have never seen it before.  during the Tiffin time, we went there.

Then at the time of Tiffin, Shikha took me there by holding my hand and said, “The man has fallen in love with a girl. But the girl has got married yesterday with another, so he is committing suicide. I went to see the body of the suicide by thinking of something funny and learning to see the body, the dead body must be something interesting !!
Walking through a green field while walking on a green field, the sun has spread all over the body.

Shikha went near and say that look there is the body, let’s see, there was a sheet on his face, the two people who were digging the grave.
I saw the body of a young man left on the green grass, that was the first dead body I have seen in my life, I still remember that his lips were blackish, the face of the spring, the dense hair filled with head on his forehead, black and dark in the neck, the tongue came out with the sheets Someone who has engraved in the throat
It is not natural to tolerate such scenes, it is not normal to cry, and when a woman comes from me and loses my eyes with the other hand and threatens to keep the bodies in the loop, they have expressed excessive irritation, that the body is to be left in such a way! This is more than that.

Those who are deprived of suicide, who don’t want to survive, who die in this way, and even if they die can it be saved from them! Many people, including my mother, saw that someone had died by suicide. Do they go to know the death of others! Want to see more of the light wind than a few days to survive?

As long as people are alive, there are many options and if they die, all the options are closed.
What is the need for the tornado to take the death of the desire which reluctantly hangs over the head !?

Even though some of the few days of life come in a few days, there are some terrible dangers coming from that one solution seems to be dead at that time, but the death should be one day, do not try it any other hand! Or if someone is beside the time of such a mental disaster, if someone gets help, can not many people save themselves from such a terrible accident?
During the suicide, almost everyone said, ‘I do not do that, I can not do that, I am not able to resist the vengeance, so much can not be accepted in humiliation, no one will ever understand what is going on in my life! This is my problem, no one in the world is like me! There is no logic to argue, only one solution is death!

Right but still your mind does not understand the disease of your mind. I’m selfish, I understand myself only. If I say to you, I will reproach you as innocent as you believe that you will not be able to meet anyone in the long night of every poisonous pain, but you stay alive.

No one will understand your sorrow, but you stay alive. Your selfless love has been for somebody else, but still live, no one has ever told you that all your good qualities have reproached and insulted, but still live. You have survived and defeated many efforts and believe, living on the green grass on the tongue, like hundreds of dead souls, like killing dead people in more than hundreds of self-harm, it is more insulting, even worse.

Try again and again, save yourself, live, and how much life will turn around once it is finished. Don’t be upset leave it to be a beautiful life, dear, nobody will understand that your suffering is crying at the time of seeing this! Everybody’s life is a little rushing around, the war in front of us everywhere, we do not come within them! We do not pray for happy life! They are big things, but I am not a huge person.

I know life is a terrible disaster !! Does the sky give us a little bit of peace between them? Mother’s face does not give peace? Invisible strangers on the face of someone who does not agree! Can we challenge this difficult disease of the mind to drive away?
Life is joy, happiness, prosperity, and whatever you want, you will not get it at all. If you do not understand that, if you are jealous after seeing someone in your house, believe that there is no mirror in our eyes, which means life is constantly fighting.
On the day of sorrow, nobody will erase the tears and say so loudly that I am with all that will be all right.

When it comes to hearing some suicide cases, it seems pretty fancy. Some people are dying with status by writing a suicide note in Facebook, a few days ago, Tasmiah, who was dead, updated her last status and found that she had done this because of a long depression from her husband, who had broken into small pieces of love with her boyfriend. In this case, I think that if the family was responsible for the family, she could not have died so easily, at least in the neighborhood.

Rajshahi University Assistant Professor Aktar Jahan committed suicide because of his husband’s negligence, to stay away from the family, he wrote his suicide note: “No one is responsible for my death. I committed suicide due to physical stress. But do not let me be in my father’s custody anyway. “In one of his films, I commented how long it was, that is, to tell you how her husband got married elsewhere and to remind her that she should do something like this, Do not stay side by side Eating family environment did not create a lot of emotional pressure around the people.

Those who decided to suicide I request them please don’t do that. Suicide is not the solution to any problem. Think and be patient. The value of life is so much. If you try you can overcome any bad condition and the worst situation in your life. So why will you suicide? Say no to suicide. Live long dear brother and sister. Enjoy your upcoming sweet fruit of life. so please don’t decide to suicide

—– Zazafee


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