It doesn’t take long for people’s lives to take a turn. Social media is drowning people in despair, on the other hand, it is changing people’s lives or destiny overnight. Such incidents are all over the world. This time such an incident has come to light in the Philippines. This is the story of such a lucky woman who became Fashion model from beggar. The one who used to beg in the streets is now a world famous and famous model. The girl’s name is Rita Gaviola. Lives in the Philippines. Age only 13. Rita was a teenager when she came to Luchena from Jambanga in the Philippines with her parents. Her father is a garbage collector. Used to collect dirt from the road or dustbin. At that time, Rita’s mother used to take care of the children at home. Rita has five siblings.

Rita is also known as ‘Badjao Girl’. The Badjao community is the name of a community floating on the sea. Rita came from this community, which is why she is called by this name. Rita used to beg on the streets 4 years ago. But after 4 years, she became a fashion model and online celebrity. Her picture went viral on social media. Instagram also has millions of followers.

In 2016, Tofar, a photographer from the Philippines, visited Lusban in Quinto. While begging in the street, he was fascinated by Rita’s beauty and took a picture. Then Tofar posted the picture on social media. Immediately the film went viral, and Rita’s life changed. When Rita’s film went viral in 2016, many people gave her financial support out of love. Several fashion brands sit down with Rita to offer modeling.

She also started getting calls on various TV shows. At that time, Rita Gaviola was able to attract the attention of many famous beauties of the Philippines and even the champions of beauty pageants. And because of this, Rita got the opportunity to take part in a reality show on television when she was only 13 years old. Now a lot of netizens are curious, looking forward to Rita. Because, the netizens claim that the pictures that Rita publishes on Instagram set fire to the young heart.

In 2016, Rita uploaded a video on YouTube. So that she gave information about her new home. Her American fan Grace helped build this house. Rita is in the news on social media these days with her picture. However, his priority at the moment is to finish his studies. Going viral on social media has changed the lives of many.

However, Rita is one of the most successful. When Rita’s picture went viral on the internet 5 years ago, she was liked by many. Netizens and celebrities also helped financially. When the image went viral, several fashion brands called Rita a model. A few days later, Rita also appeared in a TV show. Rita Gaviola uploaded a video on YouTube in 2016. Where she gave information about her new home. Her American fan Grace helped build this house. But at the moment her priority is to finish her studies.