Violet Evergarden is a rollercoaster of emotions

“I want to know what ‘I love you’ means!”
Violet Evergarden is a rollercoaster of emotions. It has some deeply moving scenes with breathtaking visuals. The smooth plot and the storyline development will keep anyone hooked up with the show till the very end. Each episode will make your heart pound and eyes burn and the more you get into the show the deeper those feelings grow.
The story revolves around a nameless girl who was found in the remnants of the western front of Leidenschaftlich. The girl was taken by Naval Captain Dietfried Bougainvillea. He took her to his younger brother, Gilbert Bougainvillea and encouraged him to make her a war tool. Major Bougainvillea felt sympathy for the girl and took her into his arms and told that the girl would be in his care from then on. He named this girl Violet Evergarden.
He started to train Violet like a military soldier. In the war field, Violet acted as the first blow to knock out the enemies. It wasn’t long until the enemies found out about Gilbert’s invincible war tool. But Major Gilbert didn’t take her to be any war tool rather he always saw her as a regular girl.
If things would have moved this good, probably the anime wouldn’t have been a better one. On a certain battle of ‘Intense’, Gilbert’s team infiltrated the enemy headquarters successfully but the Major and Violet both ended up in a critical condition with Violet losing both of her arms and at the final moment, the Major confessed his feelings for Violet and told her that she has to live and be free. He couldn’t finish properly. Before that the enemy Army blasted their own headquarters and retreated with Violet being the only survivor.
After she came into sense, she was taken in the care of Ret. Lt. Colonel Claudia Hodgins who used to be Major Gilbert’s friend. Her arms were exchanged by two automated arms. Violet thought of the Major’s last lines a number of times but couldn’t understand those. That’s when Mr. Hodgins said that she has been burning and someday, she will realize it. That didn’t shake her. In fact, she didn’t feel anything. So, Violet started her journey to understand those last words of her Major by becoming an ‘Auto Memory Doll’, who writes letters for people.
In her journey, she met a lot of people with a lot of stories of their own.
Each of the letters contained a different feeling, a different emotion. When she understood that she was writing letters to unite people by the very hands which killed people, she felt that she was burning. But still, she didn’t stop, she kept writing for people as a way to keep the Major’s last words. She was living, living a life which the Major had given her. This journey led her to understand what feelings were, what was the meaning of the words ‘I love you’ which the Major had told her.
The anime mainly focuses on her journey on writing letters for people which is able to create deep emotions within our hearts and get our eyes burst into tears even though the end is not a tragedy. To understand how some random stories and emotions can shake a person’s heart is the sole purpose of the creation of this anime. It’s a must watch at least once in a lifetime to understand that feelings can change a person, change into being someone which they never dreamt of.
Segment: Anime Review
Anime: Violet Evergarden
Written by: Reiko Yoshida
Published by: Kyoto Animation
Genre: Drama, coming of age, fantasy
Episodes: 13+OVA
Written by:Mahmuduzzaman MugdhoInstitution: Jhenidah Cadet College

Grade: 11