Those who do not live far from their home can not realize

You don’t fathom how lucky you’re when you’re surrounded by your own people in your home. It can’t be measured the number of favors or benefits we get in our own place. Probably, for this, every bird wants to return their nest in twilight or in the end of the day. After all, that’s the place where we can find our comfort in spite of its being messy or small or however the place is… because that is our own, isn’t that?
From waking up from bed hearing your parents voice…arguing with your siblings for tiny, lame reasons; making small talks or gossips with your mother, fighting over for changing channels or making your room dirty, requesting your younger sister or brother to fetch a glass of water for you or making your younger siblings request you to share your headphone with get rebuked for not curtaining mosquito net, it is an ordinary day but full of bliss.
On the other hand, when you have to live in hall or hostel far away from your home, there is no one to tell you to have your breakfast before going for classes in hurry, there is no one to rebuke you for not having meds on time, there is no one to see if you have a fever or not, there’s none to yell at you when you watch a movie for late night, there’s no one to argue with you for the silliest reason.
But, there is one thing which I must admit for sure that there’s also some advantages also of living in the hostels. Those who do not live far from their home can not realize both advantages and disadvantages of these two conditions.
However, once you step out from home, you don’t remain the same person for them. You can fathom it when you can relate it. That’s the matter which hurts much in a very weird way.
In the end, you don’t know what you’re in search of, my friend. for this reason, we can say Those who do not live far from their home can not realize.
Written by:  Humaira Himu