Transparency and accountability are essential to build a prosperous Bangladesh


Transparency and accountability are essential to build a prosperous Bangladesh. The whole world is going through a transition period. At this time, as many people are suffering and some people are flourishing in wealth. Bangladesh is a developing country which is constantly becoming a middle income country. If we look at per capita income on paper, we can say that we have passed in a middle-income country, but the reality is different. Due to the long tenure of the present government, the development projects are relatively easy to see. The biggest projects in the history of the country are under implementation which can be presented as a model for the development of the country.

From this it is understood that there is no benefit in criticizing at all but the person who has the remote channel of the TV in his hand will turn it as he wishes. It is not possible to get the expected result. We know that our list of achievements is getting longer day by day and we are proud to be able to show them to everyone. After many years of independence, when we were able to successfully launch our own satellite, there was a lot of discussion and criticism about the project. It can be seen that there has been some criticism about each project but none of them has been given much importance.

If we want to build a better Bangladesh, we have to work together. The news is broadcast. Whenever this happens we inevitably see the opposition political party and its supporters vehemently oppose it. Although the project is important and development-friendly, it is opposed even if it is not. This basically hinders any kind of development. As a citizen of an independent country and a person with realism, I do not agree with this view in any way. I have a proposal to the government in this regard.

I want from today onwards, no matter which government is in power, before starting any project, it will inform the people about the project in a detailed written statement. Where it will be written what the project is, where it will be implemented, how much it will cost, how much will be spent in which sector, how the cost will be borne, what will be the benefit of the country and the people if this project is implemented. Whether there will be any social, financial, and environmental harm in doing so. If there is damage, what is the amount and what steps will be taken to overcome it. All of these issues need to be addressed before each project is approved. After which the opposition and other intellectuals of the country will give their views. That opinion must be taken into account. That is to say, not only do they have to oppose and give their opinion, but in the same way that the government will give details about their project, if anyone wants to oppose, they have to argue in their favor. The project will be approved or rejected after reviewing both the arguments. And only if we can do this can we get a developed, prosperous Bangladesh.

The Opposition has unilaterally criticized and opposed the government’s unilateral decision to build Padma Bridge, Metro Rail, Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant, Rampal Power Plant, Elevated Expressway, and tunnel under the river. The opposition can oppose, but it should argue in its favor, and the government should consider and refute those arguments.

Since the projects have been approved and a lot of work has been done, I wish the overall success of those projects and I would like to ask those who are criticizing them to point out the problems of the projects under implementation and suggest solutions so that they can be implemented better and the government should welcome those suggestions. To accept At the same time, we believe that we will be able to build a prosperous Bangladesh as expected if we can adopt the above mentioned method for the decision to implement small and big projects in the future.

It is important not only for the implementation of the project but also for the recruitment and selection of any vacancy. The selectors usually decide who will play in the cricket team, but those outside the selectors who have an experienced and important opinion do not have that opportunity. The constituency should compile a list of their selected players and other experts in the country will comment on the list. I think the team will be stronger in the same way. If we can, we will see some people in specific responsibilities who can bring a prosperous Bangladesh for us. It is not that those who are currently serving in various fields are not qualified but it can be more fruitful if they can be selected on the basis of accountability.

We know that if the projects could be made public, there would be no need for the current movements. The students’ protest against the Metrorail inside the university campus is just as logical. So we believe that Transparency and accountability are essential to build a prosperous Bangladesh.