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An enchanted teenager’s trip to Italy Part-1


On the 21st of October, I went to Italy. We reached the airport and our flight was at around 7 pm. When we landed in Italy I saw a huge difference, the first real one being that they drive on the right side and the driver’s seat is on the right side; this is opposite to the UK. After we reached a guest’s house I also noticed how the ambulance siren has changed. The Italian ambulance siren gives me nostalgia for when I used to live here. The place we first were in Bergamo.

2020 World Remember Bergamo most affected city by covid 19. On day 1 in Italy, we first went to the Italian supermarket esselunga which also gives me nostalgia because of how much we used to shop there. One thing that surprised me there is how there was a bar in a supermarket. You usually wouldn’t find this in the UK but what you would find are coffee chains in the big supermarkets, not a breakfast bar, especially from esselunga. So we ate our daily breakfast (also the cappuccino is nice here) and we just explored esselunga in general.

There were a wide variety of mouth-flavouring foods such as brioche and Italian pasta sauces. What I love about Italy is how tuna is incredibly popular here. In the UK you would rarely even find tuna and you would find tuna stored in just water. In Italy, you would find nice tunas which are stored in olive oil. Another thing I like about olive tuna is the various ways that you can eat it such as with bread or with pasta etc. For Bangladeshis, you can make tuna Vorta.

to be continue…..

Written by: Rafi Islam

Rafi Islam

Madalen Mills


Madalen Mills is a child actress often creating headlines for her impressive acting career background.

Madalen Mills (born January 2009)[1] is an American actress.[2] She is known for her role as Journey in the 2020 Netflix Christmas musical film Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey.[3] She also appeared in the 2022 film The Tiger Rising.[2]

Mills was born in Atlanta and raised in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, where she attended Tuscaloosa Academy and the Tuscaloosa Magnet School.[1]

Her new venture in the drama movie, “The Rising Tiger” has brought her more notability in the acting fraternity.

Given her young age yet splendid acting talent, Mills has become one of the inspirational figures to fellow child actors.

Madalen Mills” current age is 13 years old as of 2022.

She landed her first professional acting role in Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas!: The Musical’s Broadway touring company in 2017.

Mills then rapidly rose to prominence for her venture in the 2020 Netflix film “Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey.”

Madalen Mills Parents and Family 

Madalen Mills was born to her parents, Jamie and Jon.

Her parents are very supportive of her acting career and helps her with her life choices as well.

She was born on December 20, 2008, in Atlanta, Georgia.

According to Famous Birthdays, Mills began acting as the star of her first grade’s production of The Jungle Book.

“The Rising Tiger” has been released as of January 21 receiving critical acclaim.

Madalen Mills made her film debut as the lead of Netflix’s first original live-action musical “Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey.” She won an NAACP Image award in 2021 for her performance in the category of “Outstanding Breakthrough Performance in a Motion Picture” and was also nominated in the category of “Outstanding Actress in a Motion Picture.” Produced by Atlanta Records, Mills is featured on two songs from the musical’s soundtrack.

Mills will next star opposite Queen Latifah and Dennis Quaid in “The Tiger Rising,” a film adaptation of Kate DiCamillo’s children’s book. She recently wrapped production on the indie film Summering, which centers on the adventures of four girls during the summer before middle school begins. The film is expected to release in 2022. At age 9, Mills was the youngest child performer ever cast in a year-long run of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s “School of Rock” on Broadway in 2018. In 2017, she made her professional theater debut at the age of eight in the Broadway National Tour of “Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas! The Musical.”

Madalen Mills is known for Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey (2020), Summering (2022) and The Tiger Rising (2022).

Madalen loves cats! She has a 15-year old tortoise-shell cat who travels with her to all of her projects, including internationally. Her name is Gabbee Pork Chop Tomika Bacon Baguette Mills.

While performing in 8 shows a week on Broadway, Madalen also modeled for The Children’s Place for fun. She loves fashion.

Although Madalen does a lot of things well in life, she is horrible at sewing. Oh well – you can’t be good at everything.

Two weeks after closing School of Rock on Broadway, Madalen landed the leading role of “Journey” in Jingle Jangle, after a multi-round global talent search.

Madalen is a Gryffindor and is a huge Potterhead.

Madalen loves her curly hair.

Madalen plays the bass guitar and piano.

At age 7, Madalen decided to try out for her school play at the Tuscaloosa Magnet School (AL) for fun. She ended up being cast in the lead role as “Mowgli” in the Jungle Book, Jr. Madalen also shared lead roles with boys as “James” in James and the Giant Peach, Jr. at the Tuscaloosa Children’s Theater (AL) and “Charlie” in Willy Wonka, Jr. at the Virginia Samford Theater (Birmingham, AL) in 2017.

Christian Convery

BornNovember 10, 2009 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Mini Bio (1)

At only 12 years old, Christian Convery has made a name for himself as a young actor working alongside some of the biggest names in Hollywood. Having worked nonstop the past 4 years, Christian has several exciting projects in the works.

In summer 2021, Christian starred in a leading role on the Netflix/Team Downey drama-fantasy series, “Sweet Tooth,” alongside Will Forte and Nonso Anozie, with James Brolin as narrator. “Sweet Tooth” follows a boy named Gus who is half human and half deer (Convery) who survives in a post-apocalyptic world with other hybrids. The series premiered to an overwhelmingly positive response and was renewed for a second season shortly after the show’s release.

In 2022, Christian will star in the Highland Films drama, Tiger Rising, opposite Dennis Quaid, Queen Latifah, Katherine McPhee Foster, and Sam Trammel. The film is an adaptation of Kate DiCamillo’s New York Times Best-selling children’s book by the same name that follows 10-year-old Rob Horton (Convery) who discovers a caged tiger in the woods near his home. Also coming up, Christian stars as a lead in the Elizabeth Bank directed film “Cocaine Bear,” opposite Ray Liotta, Margo Martindale, and Jesse Tyler Ferguson. This Christmas, Christian voices Fregley in the animated adaptation of “Diary of Wimpy Kid.”

Christian has starred in several film the past few years including Playing With Fire in which he performed opposite Judy Greer, John Cena, John Leguizamo and Keegan-Michael Key, with whom he greatly enjoyed doing improv with. Playing With Fire was also special to Christian as got to perform many of his own stunts such as being in an intense fire simulator, hoisted 30 feet into the air from a burning cabin, and lots of wire training. Christian also starred opposite Steve Carrell and Timothee’ Chalamet in the 2018 film Beautiful Boy.

At the age of six, Christian booked a movie role from his very first audition which was for the film, Hearts of Spring. Within a year, Christian booked several projects including his first lead role in the film, My Christmas Dream. Christian’s favorite thing about acting is the opportunity it gives him to travel and meet new people who often become great friends.

Since Christian booked his first project, he has showed no signs of slowing down. He starred in the Disney/Netflix series, Pup Academy and has also earned supporting roles in several projects such as Marvel’s Venom, Ben Stiller’s film Eggplant Emoji, The CW’s Supernatural, Syfy’s Van Helsing, FX’s Legion and Disney’s Descendants 3. Christian also has many other projects under his belt including Beautiful Boy-The Amazon Studios drama that was produced by Brad Pitt’s Plan B banner where Christian played Steve Carell’s youngest son and Timothee Chalamet’s brother. Other films including Coming Home For Christmas, My Christmas Dream, Signed Sealed Delivered, Christmas at HollyLodge, William, and Hearts of Spring.

Both on and off-screen Christian is always up for a new adventure and loves to travel the world. He has traveled to Mauritius in east Africa where he got to go in the Indian Ocean’s only submarine; has traveled expansively in the Caribbean with his favorite island being Martinique, two overseas regions of France; Hawaii, Dominican Republic, Mexico, New Zealand, where he did a six-hour hike on Rangitoto Island (a volcano), the British Virgin Islands, and Thailand. Christian has also visited Beijing where he was able to both walk on and toboggan down the Great Wall of China.

In his free time he likes to hang out with his dog and play guitar. He also loves the great out- doors and all the activities and adventures that come with it including parkour, hiking, surfing, wake surfing, zip-lining, trapeze, rafting and running- and he is even a certified Padi Open Water Scuba Diver and Junior Lifeguard.

Sheikh Russel Victim of barbarity


written by: Sheikh Masud Kamal

It is not easy to come up with the right words to express our sorrow and convey our condolences to the surviving sisters, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and her younger sister Sheikh Rehana, who have lost their 10 years old youngest brother- Sheikh Russel. It is an irreplaceable loss for them. ‘What did my younger brother do that they had to kill him?’ Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina asks and remembers her loving younger brother whenever she talks about the shameless killing in 1975.

Sheikh Russel, Bangabandhu’s youngest son, was born in Dhaka on 18 October 1964. At the time of his death, Russel was a student of Class Four at Dhaka University Laboratory School. Russell did not get much of his father due to his father’s political activities that sent him to jail frequently. It is learnt that his house tutor Gitali said, ‘The kid had sympathy for the poor. He used to give away gifts as donations. Whenever he found any poor being cheated, he would take him to his father and complained’.

On 15 August 1975, Russel pleaded to be taken to his mother, not knowing she had already been killed. The killers made him walk past the bodies of his close ones. Finally, when he confronted his mother’s body in the lobby, he burst into tears. Then he said, ‘take me to Hasu Apa’. At that time Sheikh Hasina and her younger sister Sheikh Rehana were abroad. That means Russel possibly thought he would survive if he could go abroad to his sisters. But, instead of having a little mercy on an innocent boy they shot him. He was the last person to be killed on that dark night along with his parents and other family members at the residence of Dhanmondhi 32.

Razia Matin Chowdhury, the Principal of University Laboratory School, in a memoir said, ‘Russel, the most kind-hearted little boy, that I have ever had the pleasure of teaching. He loved to make everyone laugh. He will be missed by all his classmates. Many of his teachers said, Russel had the biggest heart of any boy they have ever come across’. As his teachers mentioned, Russel cared about everybody and he was loved by everyone at school. Not a single day would go by where he would not glorify his school.
Bangabandhu was a great fan of the eminent thinker and philosopher Bertrand Russell and when he was imprisoned, he spent his time reading the books of Bertrand Russell. As such he named his youngest son Russel after the name of this great philosopher.

The tragic incident led to his death stunned the entire country. The brutal killing has left us speechless. The same has been happening in different forms on the globe during these decades which is not acceptable. John Donne, English poet wrote aptly, ‘Death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind.’ Like Russel many other little boys and girls, who are free from evil or guilt, are being slaughtered even today.

What a beautiful boy, Russel was! He was adorable to everyone. He might have become a remarkable man with the passage of time. Wiping out Bangabandhu’s family bloodline including Sheikh Russel in 1975, was one of the cruelest acts in the world. The conspirators did not show any mercy and did not spare his life.

The nation reproaches the heinous act of assassination of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and most of his family members including little boy Sheikh Russel. Death cannot take Russel away from the memory of his surviving sisters Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, and Sheikh Rehana. He will be remembered by them and us as well. He will be in our mind always. We pray for the innocent soul.
The writer is joint director in BIWTA

Levi Miller


Levi Zane Miller is an Australian actor and model. He is known for playing Peter Pan in Pan (2015), Luke in Better Watch Out (2016), and Calvin in A Wrinkle in Time (2018). Miller was born in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. At the age of 5 or 6 he entered and won a drama competition with a Peter Pan monologue. He appeared in several Australian television commercials. Miller appeared in the film A Heartbeat Away (2012) and in short films such as Akiva (2010) and Great Adventures (2012). He was selected by the film’s director Joe Wright for the role of Peter Pan in Pan. He appeared in Red Dog: True Blue where he played Mick. In 2015, he was named ambassador for Polo, the Ralph Lauren kids’ fall campaign. In 2016, Miller starred as Luke in the psychological horror Christmas-themed film Better Watch Out where the young Australian actor’s performance was highly regarded by film critics. He played Charlie Bucktin in the film adaptation of Australian novel Jasper Jones. He played Calvin O’Keefe in the American fantasy adventure A Wrinkle in Time (2018).

Early life

Miller was born in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. At the age of 5 or 6 he entered and won a drama competition with a Peter Pan monologue. He appeared in several Australian television commercials.

Who is Levi Miller?

Levi Zane Miller was born in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, on September 30, 2002 – his zodiac sign is Libra and he is an Australian national. He is an actor and model, who is perhaps best known for his portrayal of the lead character Peter Pan in the adventure comedy “Pan”, which was released on October 9, 2015; Written by Jason Fuchs and JM Barrie, and directed by Joe Wright, it also starred Hugh Jackman and Garrett Hedlund. The story follows an orphaned boy who comes to the magical place of Neverland, where he becomes a hero known to many as Peter Pan – “Pan” was nominated for eight awards, although he received mixed reviews.

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Youth and education

Raised as an only child in Brisbane by his father who was a theater actor, and his mother who worked as a waitress in a local cafe – motivated by his father, Levi became interested in acting at the age of four.

He was six when he won a drama competition with a monologue from the book “Peter Pan” written by JM Barrie, and Levi was then allowed to sign his first contract and went on to appear in many Australian commercials. He went to a local high school on which he appeared in plays, and played football and tennis. He recently enrolled in 2020 – it looks like Levi isn’t interested in getting a college degree, but will focus on becoming a famous actor.

Career as an actor

Levi made his film debut in 2010, when he was cast to play Lavi in ​​the short drama “Akiva”, written and directed by Katrina Irawati Graham, and starring Bevan Burnes, Emma Dindas and David Clendenning – it’s going about a Holocaust survivor who was ready to give up life until he met a young and curious boy.

Levi played The Boy Fishing in the 2011 musical comedy film “A Heartbeat Away” starring Sebastian Gregory and Isabel Lucas. and is about a rock guitarist who is forced to serve as the musical director of a marching band – the film received mixed reviews.

Levi made his TV series debut the same year, when he portrayed General Philbrick in the episode “Vs.” from the adventure mystery series “Terra Nova”, which follows a family living in the year 2149 and being sent back to prehistoric Earth 85 million years ago – the series won two awards and was nominated for six others. In 2012, Levi could have appeared as Young Billy in the action-adventure short “Great Adventures”, which also featured Jack Henry and Anthony Edwards, and is about Billy and his grandfather who were once heroes as well as villains.

After a three-year hiatus from acting, Levi appeared as Carter Grant in the episode “How Does She Do It?” of the action-adventure series “Supergirl”, and in 2016 he appeared in both the horror comedy “Better Watch Out” and the family comedy “Red Dog: True Blue”. He played the lead character Charlie Bucktin in the mystery thriller film “Jasper Jones”, written by Shaun Grant, directed by Rachel Perkins, which also starred Kevin Long and Toni Collete – the film is about 14-year-old Charlie who finds a corpse shown by his black friend Jasper Jones. The racists in town believe Jasper is the killer, while Charlie sets out to find out who the real killer is and save Jasper.Levi Miller

Levi’s two most recent roles were in the 2018 family fantasy film “A Wrinkle in Time” starring Storm Reid and Oprah Winfrey, and the 2019 adventure drama film “American Exit” in which he starred as Leo alongside Dane Cook and Udo. . crack. Levi was recently cast to appear in the upcoming short film “Streamline”.

other performances

Levi appeared in about 10 talk shows and short documentaries, more than five in 2015 such as “Up Close with Carrie Keagan”, “The View” and “Made in Hollywood: Teen Edition”. In 2017, he appeared in the short documentary video “The Making of ‘Jasper Jones’”, and in 2018 in another short documentary video – “A Journey Through Time”.


In 2016, Levin was nominated for a Young Entertainer Award for Best Leading Young Actor – Feature Film for his performance in “Pan”, while he was also nominated for a Young Artist Award for Best Performance in a Feature Film – Leading Young Actor (age 11 – 13). Also in 2016, Levi won a Jury Award for Best Performance in a Feature Film for “Better Watch Out”, and the following year saw him win a jury prize for best actor for the same movie. In 2018, he was nominated for a Film Critics Circle of Australia Award for Best Actor, for his performance in “Jasper Jones”.

love life and girlfriend

Levi is only 18 and hasn’t talked about any girls he may have dated as he prefers to keep his personal affairs to himself, but it’s widely believed that he was in a relationship with Maddie Ziegler Back in 2016 – Maddie is a dancer, actress, model, author and social media star, gaining recognition after starring on the reality TV show “Dance Moms” from 2011 to 2016. Rumor has it that the two dated for several months. before splitting for unknown reasons.

In 2017, rumors started circulating on the internet that Levi and Angourie Rice would be in a relationship. Angourie is a film actress and is known for her roles in “The Nice Guys” and “These Final Hours”. They both uploaded numerous photos of themselves together on their social media accounts, but this only lasted two months.

Levi has not yet spoken about any girl he is dating today, so as of October 2020, he is single, unmarried and has no children.

Hobbies and other interests

Levi is physically active and has multiple workouts at the gym every week as it is important for his acting career to stay in shape.

In 2016, he learned to ride a motorcycle as needed for his role in “Red Dog: True Blue”, and since then he has become a fan of motorcycles and even bought one.

He loves to travel and has been to several US states to shoot his movies and TV series, and has had the chance to travel to Europe and visit Paris in France and Barcelona in Spain. Today, he considers traveling one of his main hobbies.

Levi has his own favorite actors and actresses, some of whom are Jim Carrey, Will Smith and Natalie Portman, and some of his favorite movies are “Liar Liar”, “Independence Day” and “V for Vendetta”.

Age and height

Levi’s age is 18. He has short brown hair and blue eyes, is 1.79 m tall and weighs about 71 kg.

As of October 2020, his assets has been valued at over $2 million, a good start for an actor at his age.


Miller appeared in the film A Heartbeat Away (2012) and in short films such as Akiva (2010) and Great Adventures (2012). He was selected by the film’s director Joe Wright for the role of Peter Pan in Pan.[6] He appeared in Red Dog: True Blue where he played Mick.

In 2015, he was named ambassador for Polo, the Ralph Lauren kids’ fall campaign.[7]

In 2016, Miller starred as Luke in the psychological horror Christmas-themed film Better Watch Out[8] where the young Australian actor’s performance was highly regarded by film critics.[9][10] He played Charlie Bucktin in the film adaptation of Australian novel Jasper Jones.

In 2018, he played Calvin O’Keefe in the American fantasy adventure A Wrinkle in Time.[11] The next year, he played Leo in the film American Exit (2019). Miller also played Bejamin Lane in the sports drama film Streamline (2021).[12] In 2022, Miller was cast in the superhero film Kraven the Hunter.[13]



2011A Heartbeat AwayBoy fishing
2012Great AdventuresYoung BillyShort
2015PanPeter Pan
2016Better Watch OutLuke Lerner
Red Dog: True BlueMick
2017Jasper JonesCharlie Bucktin[14]
2018A Wrinkle in TimeCalvin O’Keefe
2019American ExitLeo
2021StreamlineBenjamin Lane[12]
2022Before DawnJim CollinsPost-production[15]
2023Kraven the HunterPost-production
TBABeach Boys[16]


2011Terra NovaGeneral Philbrick (child)“Vs.”
2015SupergirlCarter GrantSeason 1, episode 4: “How Does She Do It?

Awards and nominations

2016Young Artist AwardBest Performance in a Feature Film – Leading Young Actor (11 – 13)PanNominated
Young Entertainer AwardBest Leading Young Actor – Feature FilmNominated
Monster FestBest Performance in a Feature Film (Male)Better Watch OutWon
2017FrightFestBest ActorWon
2018Film Critics Circle of Australia AwardsBest ActorJasper JonesNominated

Varun Buddhadev


Varun Buddhadev is a renowned Indian child actor who has played major roles in film Toolsidas Junior and RRR. Besides that he has played major roles in various big banner films, web-series, TV serials, music videos & big brand’s commercial ads.

Varun started his acting career with a TV commercial at the age of 8 years and subsequently he got selected for multiple TV commercials, TV serials, films & web-series. He has played young title character role in film Prithviraj and lead role in an upcoming webseries Yaar Dost. In 2021 Varun performed lead character role in a music video too.

Varun Buddhadev is an Indian actor who has works in movies and over 100 TV Commercials. He has worked in movies like Bazaar (2018), Kedarnath (2018), Mumbai Saga (2021) and Netflix movie Bulbbul (2021). His notable works include Toolsidas Junior, RRR (2022) and Prithviraj (2022). He has also worked in web-series like The Empire and Happily Ever After. He also won Dadasaheb Phalke Icon Award in 2019.

Varun Buddhadev is also known as Varun is an Actor from India. Age 16 years (26 May 2006) born in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. So far Varun Buddhadev has worked in Tollywood and Bollywood entertainment industries and his artwork has been released in Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, and Hindi language movies.

Biography Facts

NameVarun Buddhadev
Other NamesVarun
Date of Birth26 May 2006
Birth PlaceMumbai, Maharashtra, India
ResidenceMumbai, Maharashtra, India
Age16 Years
Weight (Approx.)
EducationHigh School
Nationality (Country)India
Food DietNon-Vegetarian

Ivana Kaur


Ivana Kaur is a famous Indian child artist. She has worked in several television commercials and print shoots. She has been worked in Amazon Prime Original web series Made in Heaven and Breathe – Into the Shadows.   

Famous RoleSiya Sabharwal in the Amazon Prime Video’s original series, ‘Breathe: Into the Shadows’ (2020)
Physical Stats & More
Eye ColourBrown
Hair ColourBrown
DebutWeb-Series: ‘Made in Heaven’ (2019)
Personal Life
Date of Birth1 October 2012 (Monday)
Age (as in 2019)7 Years
BirthplaceNew Delhi
Zodiac signLibra
HometownNew Delhi
ParentsFather- Name Not Known
Mother- Tina Ahuja
SiblingsShe has one younger brother.
Ivana Kaur

Some Lesser Known Facts About Ivana Kaur

  • Ivana Kaur is an Indian child actor and model.
  • She was born in New Delhi. An Old Picture of Ivana Kaur
  • She has worked as a child model for various print shoots. Ivana Kaur in a Print Shoot
  • In 2018, she was featured in the Hindi music video, ‘Maa.’
  • She has appeared in various TV commercials, like Pepsodent, HDFC Life, Nokia, Surf Excel, Mr Magic Handwash, and Kinderjoy. Ivana Kaur in Surf Excel Ad
  • In 2020, she acted in the Amazon Prime Video’s original series, ‘Breathe: Into the Shadows’ (2020) starring Abhishek Bachchan.
  • She has featured on the cover page of the Child India magazine. Ivana Kaur Featured on a Magazine Cover

Prithviraj Sarnaik


Prithviraj Sarnaik

Prithviraj Sarnaik is an Indian Child actor and model famous for his marvelous acting since he started his journey. He came into the limelight with his role as Shiva Pandit in the 2022 Hindi film ‘The Kashmir Files.’  He was born on   His fathers name is Uday Sarnaik and his home town is Mumbai. Prithviraj Sarnaik is now a 13 yeas old boy. His famous role is Shiva pandit in the Hindi film “The Kashmir Files”(2022) At the age of 4 he started his career as a child model. He has appeared in various print advertisements and TV commercials such as myntra, V-mart, Dish TV, Parle-G,Paytm and FirstCry. He was featured in the Youtube video “Kids Read Sexist Comments”by Y-Films in 2017

In 2018 he played the role of Mridual Ranaut in the Hindi TV series “The Great Indian Dysfunctional Family”the makers of the series spotted hi in one of the TV commercials and offered him a role in the TV series. In 2022, he appeared in the Hindi film “The Kashmir Files”as Shiva Pandit. He was then roped in the 2022 Hindi film “Visfor”Starring Fardeen Khan and Riteish Deshmukh. Prithviraj Sarnaiks favourite dessert is ice cream. The indian child actor Shihaan Bakshi is his best friend. Prithviraj Sarnaik is a dog lover and has posted a few pictures with dogs on his Instagram account.

Physical Stats and More

Eye Colour: Black

Hair Colour: Black

Personal Life:

Date of Birth: 26 January 2009 (Monday)

Age (as of 2022): 13 Years

Birth place: Mumbai

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

Nationality: Indian

Home town: Mumbai

School: A private school in Mumbai


Father- Uday Sarnaik

Mother- Prachi Sarnaik

Sibilings- He has two elder sisters

Raina Rao


Raina Rao is an Actress and Child Artist from India. Age 16 years (26 December 2005) born in Hyderabad, Telangana, India. So far Raina Rao has worked in the Tollywood entertainment industry and her artwork has been released in Telugu language movies.Raina Rao is a child Artist who works in southern industry. She was born on 26th December in the year 2005 in Hyderabad, India. She is popular for the films like which is a Malayalam movie and (a Telugu movie) released in the year 2016. In the movie named “Manamantha,” she acted the role of “Mahitha” in the film.

She is currently 11 years of age with black color hairs and eyes. Her Zodiac sign is Capricorn. She is 154cm or 5 feet 1 inches tall. Her father’s name is Sridhar Rao, and is her mother. She is from a filmy background due to which she has acting in her blood. She knows three languages. These are Malayalam, Tamil, and Telugu.

She has been doing theater from the age of six. She used to attend the classes of Vinay Verma. She also took part in many extra-curricular activities like Kuchipudi, Belly dancing, Kathak, gymnastics, etc. Despite being a child artist, she chooses her words wisely before giving any interview. She is an intelligent and sensible girl who is much more mature than her age. Her school friends used to ask her about her films, she always tells her experience but never revealed the plot of the movie.May be an image of 1 person and indoor

She became popular because of the movie named “Manamantha” which was directed by Chandrasekhar Yeleti starring Gautami and Mohanlal. “Manamantha” is a Telugu drama film released worldwide on August 5th in the year 2016. Its Malayalam version was also made, and it was named as “Vismayam.” The film earned Rs. 4 crores worldwide from all the versions of it. In this movie, there were four stories, and Raina Rao played the lead role in one of the stories. She likes facing the camera and acting, and according to her, it is fun. She always tries to give her best and takes instructions and guidelines from the senior artists and director.

During her shooting of the film “Manamantha,” she had interacted with Gautami and Mohanlal. She said that they are very friendly and helped her a lot in this film. Gautami helped her with her dresses and her look and Mohanlal taught her some words of Malayalam language. During that time, her exams were also going on in parallel. She used to finish her shooting and go back to home to study. She is a hardworking, intelligent and a beautiful child artist in the Southern industry.  

Biography Facts

Name Raina Rao
Occupation Actress,

Child Artist

Gender Female
Date of Birth 26 December 2005
Birth Place Hyderabad, Telangana, India
Residence Hyderabad, Telangana, India
Age 16 Years
Height 1.55 m (5′ 1″)
Weight (Approx.)
Education School From Chirec Public School
Nationality (Country) India
Religion Hinduism


Father Sridhar Rao
Mother Vidya Rao
Sibling Monish Gududuri

Dafne Keen


Dafne Keen was a British-Spanish actress born on January 19, 2005. The daughter of actor Will Keen and actress, theater director, and writer María Fernández Ache, Dafne was also the paternal great-granddaughter of Edward Curzon, 6th Earl Howe, a member of the English peerage. Known for his roles in “Victor Frankenstein” (2015) and “The Crown” (Netflix, 2016-), Will Keen acted alongside his daughter in her acting and television debut, “The Refugees” (laSexta, 2015).

Dafne Keen

The British-Spanish co-production followed a massive group of refugees time traveling to the past to avoid a deadly virus; both father and daughter were a part of the main cast. Dafne Keen landed her breakout role (and her film debut) as Laura in “Logan” (2017), the conclusion of Hugh Jackman’s run as the iconic Marvel Comics and X-Men character Wolverine. As his mutant daughter (claws run in the family), Keen received critical praise. She then joined the television adaptation of Philip Pullman’s “His Dark Materials” (BBC One, TBA) as main character Lyra, appearing alongside her father Will once again.

Dafne Keen is a wonderful young actress who you will know from playing X-23 in Logan. She was fantastic in the role, and right after that film came out, the rumors of her playing the character in her own film started, of course. Nothing ever got off the ground, and then Disney bought Fox, essentially killing that possibility. While doing publicity for the second season of HBO’s His Dark Materials, Dafne Keen talked a little about the studio’s hopes from back then and says that she, of course, would love to continue the X-23 story on the big screen.

Dafne Keen2 years later after her screen debut, and after several auditions, Keen was cast by Marvel Comics in a big-budget Hollywood production; she co-starred with Hugh Jackman in the 2017 superhero film Logan as the mutant Laura, the child clone of Wolverine. The film opened to critical and financial success, and is considered to be one of the best superhero movies of all time. Keen’s performance received critical acclaim, and she received several awards and nominations for her performance, which include winning an Empire Award for Best Newcomer, and receiving nominations from the Chicago Film Critics Association, the Saturn Awards, and more.In 2019, Keen was cast in the lead role of Lyra Belacqua in the BBC/HBO television adaptation of the His Dark Materials trilogy, where she co-stars along with actress Ruth Wilson; her father is also a cast member of the series.

The series has a positive reception,[17] and Keen received praise for her performance, with The Hollywood Reporter writing “…this effort nails much of what makes the books pop, and both the special effects and a star-studded cast led by Dafne Keen and Ruth Wilson are in fine form.” For the role, she was nominated for a BAFTA Cymru Award for Best Actress in 2020.In 2020, Keen starred alongside Andy García in the comedy-drama film Ana; the film was originally announced in 2017, but was delayed until 2020. The film opened to mixed reviews, although Keen’s performance received praise. Film critic Amari commenting on her “charisma and presence” and wrote how Keen and Garcia “enhance each other’s presence to the point you can forgive the film’s shortcomings.”

If I can’t secure a job what’s the point of achieving University degree?

Vatsal Nahata
Vatsal Nahata

If I can’t secure a job, what’s the point of achieving University degree? This is a good question. So we are going to tell you about this topic. We will tell you the power of networking.

Success will come if you persevere. Vatsal Nahata, a graduate student of Yale University in the United States, proved this. He went there from India to study. Nahta had a dream to work in the World Bank. He pursued his dream job for a long time. For this he had to exchange 600 mails. Had to call 80 times. However, he did not give up. After continuous efforts, he got his dream job. Nahata wrote about this effort to get the desired job in a big post on his LinkedIn. More than 15 thousand people have liked this post of his. Apart from this, his post has been shared by more than 100 people.

Yale University is a famous and ancient university in the United States. He started trying for a job there during the corona epidemic of 2020 at the end of his graduation. But at the time of corona epidemic, various institutions fell into financial distress. Nahta started his post with this. He said, “At that time many organizations started laying off workers. He wrote, graduation was going to end in 2 months. There was no work at hand. I thought as a Yale student, if I can’t secure a job, what’s the point of coming to Yale? At that time parents also started asking questions.

Nahata said, ‘I did not think about going back to India. I thought the first salary would be in dollars. For this I start networking or communicating with everyone. At this time I stay away from any portal or job application. I connected with 15 thousand people in two months. Write 600 emails. 80 people contacted. I was rejected from most places. Nahata also said, ‘I have contacted so many people that my strategy has worked. I received four job offers in early May. This time I choose the World Bank. They agreed to sponsor my visa. Also, my manager offered me an opportunity to co-author a research paper on machine learning. Nahata completed his graduation in Economics from Sriram College and Commerce, Delhi. He says the tough times have taught him a few things. One of these is the power of networking.

The first half of 2020 was a difficult time for everyone. People were already having a tough time adapting to the pandemic, and the job scenario was quite bleak. After Covid-19 was declared a pandemic, many organisations were looking to cut costs and let go of employees. “Every company was preparing for the worst, and it made no sense to hire. A historic recession seemed looming (sic),” Nahata said.


He was ready to get his Master of Arts degree in International and Development Economics from Yale in May 2020, but it hit a hurdle. It was the same year that former US President Donald Trump had made his thoughts about immigration policies clear.


Nahata was one of the many Indian talents in the US who found it difficult to find companies which would sponsor a visa. He would reach the final rounds of interviews but would be later rejected as they couldn’t sponsor his visa. “Trump’s stance on immigration made it very uncertain for companies to navigate and predict US immigration policy. Everybody wanted to play it safe and hire US citizens,” the Yale graduate wrote in his post.


The Yale degree started feeling like a piece of paper – he was ready to graduate in the next two months but had no job in hand. “I thought to myself, ‘what was the point of coming to Yale when I can’t even secure a job here? It became harder to sound strong to my parents when they called and asked me how I was doing.'”


But, Nahata – who is currently working at the International Monetary Fund as a Research Analyst – didn’t want to give up this easy. Two things he knew for sure: returning to India was not an option, and his first paycheck would only be in American dollars.


And, he made one of the most crucial decisions of his life – he decided to stop filling out job application forms or scanning recruitment portals. He decided to try out ‘networking’.


For people who haven’t tried networking yet, it involves sending out numerous (random) emails and making calls to strangers hoping to get a positive response from one. Cold-emailing is considered to be one of the harder types of communication because you don’t know the person on the other side nor do you get any feedback which can be used to improve your approach the next time.


Nahata spent two months building his network. He sent over 1500 connection requests, wrote 600 cold emails and got on 80 odd cold calls with strangers in that period. “I was clocking close to 2 cold calls per day and faced the highest number of rejections I’ve ever gone through. I developed thick skin by necessity. And I was getting nowhere.”


The desperation to find a job got to him. The Atticus Ross and Trent Reznor’s soundtrack ‘The Gentle Hum of Anxiety’ from the 2010 film ‘The Social Network’ became his most-played song on YouTube. He was eating, drinking, sleeping and dreaming of ‘networking’.


“You could wake me up at 4 AM, and I could smoothly network and sell my skills to the most seasoned American executive, all while knowing that this call is probably going nowhere. Things became so desperate that I would often cold-call people in my dreams,” his post read. 


After knocking on several doors, Nahata’s strategy paid off. He landed four job offers by the first week of May, and the World Bank was one of them. They were willing to sponsor his visa after his Optional Practical Training was concluded. Moreover, his manager offered him a co-authorship on a Machine Learning paper with the World Bank’s current Director of Research (none of which was known to him at that time). And, he decided to go with the World Bank’s offer.


The intense two months taught Nahata, who is an Economic graduate from Delhi’s Shri Ram College of Commerce, the lessons of a lifetime. As he understood the ‘true power of networking’, it became his second nature. This experience gave him the confidence that he can survive in any given situation and figure out his way as an immigrant in the United States.


He also realised that an Ivy League degree could only take him so far. “Times of crisis (Covid and Trump’s immigration policies) were ideal grounds to metamorphose into a more evolved person,” he added.


By sharing his experience with the world, Nahata wanted to encourage people to never give up. “If you’re going through something similar where the world seems to be collapsing on you: carry on – do not go gentle into that good night. Better days will come if you’re learning from your mistakes and if you knock on enough doors.”


How has networking helped you grow as an individual? Has it made you more confident? Tell us your thoughts in the Comments section. 

Study after a long break


Study after a long break.There will be always some obstacles, but, strong desire would help achieve your dreams. How would you feel returning to the school after a long study break? It would be excited but not easy, for sure. Yet, the distance learning online courses, Bangladesh Open University and many private universities in Bangladesh welcome students to finish their study after long study break.


Ahmed Reza, a student of BA Honors, started his graduation at the age of thirty two. At the age of nineteen, his father passed away in an accident. Being the elder son of the family, he had to take all the responsibilities — taking care of all the financial maintenance — from his mother’s medicines to his two younger sisters’ educational responsibilities. Therefore, he had sacrificed his own study. Now, after 13 years, being financially stable, he has started his study again, along with his job.


This coming back to the school was not easy for Reza. He shares, “I always wanted to finish my study. Now that I got the opportunity to manage my job and study, I started again. But, it is always tough to maintain the generation gap in the classroom and skip the judgmental eyes of others. It takes courage and immense desire to fulfill my dream of finishing my study.”


Like Reza, Zaynul Rahman is completing his study, once he left it after his secondary school certificate in the year of 2006. Now he started again and shares his way of getting back to study, “I did not like school and study back then. So, my father sent me to learn automobile workshops. Now, I have an established business, but, I feel like finishing my study. I have experienced that academically educated people get more respect. So, I started my study in Economics in a private university. Though it’s a tough job to maintain regular class and business, I am enjoying it.”


“One of the main problems is bridging the generation gap. Sometimes they fail to maintain the huge pressure of study. Thereafter, as in distance learning there is a special use of technology, many students find that as a big challenge,” says Anwesha Mamtaz, Lecturer, Department of English, School of Social Sciences, Humanities and Language, Bangladesh Open University.


Often as a distant learner or as a professional trying to finish study after a break faces generation gap in the class room and turning on the study mood becomes another problem. Proper strategy would help you out from such situations. Here are some quirky guidelines to make your second start easier.


Stay focused and motivated

Blowing your enthusiasm to study after one week of admission would prove you wrong. Before, stepping to the university gate, be sure and lock your desire to finish your degree. Practise your study timely, nurture the habit of taking short notes, and do not procrastinate.

Avoid sitting on the bed with your books otherwise you shall eventually end up leaning, lying and finally snoring. Promise yourself to sit on the study table. Even the dining table shall serve the purpose. In short, create an environment which will energize you to study more and more.


Plan a balanced routine


Study can add a lot of stress regarding class time, group study, assignments and assessments. As you were away from this cycle for a long time, this would give you a sense of a difficult schedule. A balanced routine will guide you to walk the way patiently. So, at the very beginning of the semester make a balance routine to maintain the study cycle. A balance routine and work schedule will make your study easy.

But, before you make the routine, be careful of not making the schedule too tight, otherwise, it will be a fail again. Allow yourself to maintain a reasonable break in between your routine. And, try to avoid study related pressure through the semester break. Little breaks will make your life easier to maintain the routine again.


Arrange group study


Many a time having study break would create distance between you and the current students. Not only would this, with time curriculum changes. At present time, you would come across a new study method. This would break your heart but do not let this harm your study. There is always a solution — attend all the classes timely, talk to the teacher on your difficulties, and do not forget to take part on every group study.

Try to join in a group to study where other students are regular. In case you do not understand something or miss something, your group members will be always there to help you. If you miss a class someday, your group members will support you to recover that class. Moreover, maintaining group study will also lessen the distance between your classmates and you, and thus you will be able to make a better environment for study.


Be Confident


Being an aged student compared to your other class fellows, if you suffer from low confidence in the classroom then your irritation and low self esteem would be highly harmful for your study.

Self consciousness, nervousness and worry that what if you do bad result, what if no one talks to you, what if you do fail to meet the teachers expectations– would not bring any positive result. Before you get embarrassed in front of the class and teachers, think about it and come up with decisions that will help you not to feel in this way. And, only solution of this is confidence –the foremost need of your journey.

Your will power is the most important and should be the most prioritized in your list when you are starting your study for the second time. When you set a goal of securing your degree after taking a long break, your mind should work stronger. If your confidence and will power is locked, other necessary things will automatically fall into the line. With this few above mentioned tips, you will be able to clarify your doubts regarding study break and this would surely make your walk easy towards achieving academic venture.

Credit: Observer

Bella Devyatkina


Bella Devyatkina, from Moscow, Russia, is a little language superstar.

At just 4 years old, this mini multi-lingual darling was speaking 7 different languages –

English, Spanish, German, French, Chinese, and Arabic – in addition to her native Russian.

And no, Bella wasn’t raised by parents who were fluent in all 7 languages and her mom doesn’t consider her a genius – just a ‘regular’ toddler who happened to love learning new languages.

Be ready to get inspired by little Bella and her mama Yulia! They prove what is possible when you start teaching your child from a young age – even if you don’t speak the language yourself.

Bella started learning when she was just 2 years old 

According to Bella’s mum Yulia, a native Russian speaker, the key is to start introducing your child to their new language (or languages) as early as possible.

She introduced English to Bella at just two years old and noticing her interest and ease in which she picked it up, began to introduce more languages.

Bella’s ability to develop multilingual skills from such a young age is echoed by scientific research.

A 2018 language study conducted by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology of more than 670,000 people of different nationalities and ages suggested the best time to learn a new language – if the goal is to reach native-speaking proficiency – is by the age of 10.

So, that old myth that babies and toddlers are too young to learn another language simply isn’t true.Bella Devyatkina Media | Kinolift

Bella’s mum isn’t a native speaker of all the languages Bella speaks…

It seems Yulia wasn’t intimidated – or limited – by the fact that she herself didn’t actually speak many of the languages Bella learnt.

I think it’s SO important that you hear this mama!

You really, truly don’t need to be a native speaker to teach your kiddo another language. Bella’s mum is a shining example of this fact!

So, how did non-native speaking Yulia do it?

The secret to learning a new language (or 6!) is to make it FUN and use a bunch of different resources!

According to interviews with the little language prodigy’s mum, she enlisted the help of some native speaking tutors in the target language and kept things fun and interesting by mixing up Bella’s lessons.

Some of Bella’s informal lessons were at the zoo, museum, the aquarium and even cooking classes at home.

Yulia has made it clear in many interviews that her focus throughout the experience was for Bella to be having fun – it wasn’t about a mum loading her child up with huge expectations.

“We do not set any ambitious goals for Bella’s future. For us, it’s important that Bella finds a favorite thing in life and does what she really enjoys.” Yulia has been quoted as saying.

Russian neuropsychologist Anna Semenovich has also said of Bella “If the girl is learning languages through curiosity, if her parents managed to build a schedule that works as a game – it will only benefit her. She’s not studying, she’s playing!

Play! It’s such an incredibly important part of introducing a new language to your little one.

Kids just learn better when they’re actually having fun and playtime can support language learning, help boost their creativity and develop social skills. Just like it did for Bella.

Ps – I’ve got some great tips on how to make the most of playtime for language learning here.

The bottom line? Take advantage of all the language learning resources available to you!

Arm yourself with a whole variety of tools like videos, music, flashcards, games and the help of native speakers – be it in person or recorded lessons. It takes the weight off you feeling like you have to ‘know it all’ while keeping things interesting and fun.

I think little Bella and her mama are super inspiring examples of what is possible with the right resources and a commitment to making it happen – even if you’re not a native speaker.

Seeing is believing, so click here to see darling little Bella in action and then download our free guide so you can get started down the same road with your kiddos!

Aidan McCann

Aidan McCann
Aidan McCann

Irish Magician Aidan McCann first performed magic on stage when he took part in Ireland’s Got Talent at the age of 9. He reached the semi-finals and following this he was invited onto The Ellen Show. After this appearance he went on to perform magic in Shin Lim’s stage Show ‘Limitless’ in Vegas, making him the youngest magician to perform on a Vegas stage. When Aidan returned onto The Ellen Show in October 2019, he was given his own segment on her show. His show ‘Aidan’s Magic Corner’ was recorded in January 2020 and his first guests included The Jonas Brothers, Colin Farrell and Emily Blunt and Kalen Allen.

Aidan also recorded Little Big Shots with Melissa McCarthy in January 2020 and took part in Britain’s Got Talent, securing a place in ‘The Final’ Oct 2020 After this he appeared on BBC’s ‘Blue Peter’.During the challenging period of 2020/21 Aidan got online like many other magicians and performers and successfully managed to find audiences for his magic via Zoom!

He has taken part in numerous charity events for organisations at home and abroad and also has really enjoyed putting Online Magic Shows together for Corporate Companies globally. In 2022 he was able to take to the stage again performing at the Blackpool Magic Convention Gala Night Show and also performing at the Ulster Magic Convention in Belfast.Aidan also carves out a bit of time to put his Actors hat on and filmed ‘The Holiday’ a Channel 5 Drama Series in Malta (2021) which was on our TV screens earlier in 2022. He also filmed ‘Bright Sparks’ for RTE, ‘Bad Sisters’ (TV series coming soon to Apple TV) and most recently filmed ‘Send in the Clowns’ a forthcoming feature film.

Aidan is very excited to bring his first ever live show to the Helix Stage in Dublin February 2023. One of Irelands favourite magicians Aidan thrills across the board from private parties to large corporate events. His magic is most suited to an adult audience. (Teens upwards)Contact us to book your show/event/private party with Aidan! All tailor made to suit your specific requirements.

Email [email protected]   or [email protected] for inquiries.

We interviewed Aidan on behalf of the teenagers. It is highlighted below.

Q1: It feels really cool to be one of the youngest magicians in the world. I started when I was five and I’m 12 now, nearly 13, a teenager! I always loved magic but when I was about 7 or 8 I started doing card magic and my first time on stage doing magic was when I was nine when  I was in Ireland’s Got Talent and I got to the semi finals. What was super was that the Ellen Show saw my Irelands got talent clips on YouTube and asked me to go on her show which was great and that opened a lot of doors for me. When I was 10 I took part in Shin Lims ‘Limitless‘ stage show in vegas and I’m also the youngest magician to be on the Vegas stage.  I also did Britain’s Got Talent and I got to the final and that was a brilliant experience. At the moment, I’m working on a new magic tv show which I can’t reveal too much about yet but I’m very grateful for all the opportunities I’ve had so far.


Q2: At first I was inspired to become a magician by a local Irish children’s magician. But when I started to get really into magic I’m constantly inspired by loads of different magicians. At the moment I am a big fan of Derren Brown. I saw him on stage  recently. It was fantastic and I met him afterwards. I love reading magic books, I certainly love learning about mentalism at  the moment and some of my favourite magicians at the moment are Luke Jermay and Hector Chadwick. There are so many awesome magicians who aren’t that well known but they do amazing magic.


Q3: Being on the Ellen show was a dream come true. I was only nine when I went on it first and I remember everything and I loved every minute of it. It’s such a big show, I’m so grateful I got the chance to be on it. I was actually on it about four times and they gave me my own show called Aidans Magic Corner. I interviewed celebrities and did magic for them. Celebrities like Emily Blunt, The Jonas brothers and Colin Farrell. I had the best time. The Ellen show is finished now but she was always so kind to me.


Q4: My favourite magician at the moment is Derren Brown. I met him last month after his amazing show, I think he’s unbelievable. I took part in the Blackpool magic Convention in February. It is great because I get to meet up with a lot of my friends like lssy Simpson ( she was also on BGT) and Jasper cherry who was in my BGT final with me. I’ve always been a fan of Shin Lim and I was lucky enough to meet him in Vegas. And Keith Barry is my favourite Irish magician,  I’ve met him a few times. In London next month I’m going to a magic convention and I’m looking forward to meeting Hector Chadwick.


Q5: Just like Harry Potter I also have a wand, every magician has a wand and of course wands are magical ?


Q6: I would love to visit Bangladesh and meet all my fans. I am so grateful to have so many fans from India. My dad has been to India many times,  he particularly likes Mumbai so yes I hope to come to Bangladesh one day.


Q7: Yes there’s a difference between a magician and a wizard! for example.. a wizard could turn you into a frog but a magician could make the frog disappear.


Q8: Magic and illusion are more less the same thing, they both create a moment for the audience where the audience believes what they are seeing even if it’s not reality.


Q9: Yes I will always want to be a magician, seeing people’s reactions makes me so happy. I also love learning more and more magic skills,  you should never stop learning.


Q10: My friends think magic is really cool and my family are so proud and love that I do magic especially because they get to travel to some really awesome places with me like LAS VEGAS,  LONDON and hopefully one day Bangladesh ?


I just want to say thank you to all my fans in Bangladesh. If you want to find out more information about me my Instagram Is @aidanthemagician and I’m 13 on the first of July so watch out for my new tiktok channel


Thank you

Aidan McCann

Mya Rose Craig The Bird Girl


Mya Rose Craig is known around the world as Bird Girl. She is also an ornithologist and author. At the age of 17, She became the youngest British Bangladeshi person to receive an honorary doctorate from the University of Bristol. Teenagers now publishing her exclusive interview.

Q:We know that birds fly in the sky without just ostriches. Now the question is why the ostrich is called a bird even though it cannot fly?

Mya: Whether a species is a bird or mammal is not dependent on whether it can fly but on its scientific status. Ostrich’s have become non flying because this has benefits in its habitat for food and breeding and they still retain the remnants of flight feathers. Mammals generally give birth to live young whilst birds, fish and amphibians lay eggs.
Q: Why  birds fly south for the winter?
Mya: Many birds fly south for the winter to Bangladesh as they are looking for a warmer climate to live in during the winter. So for example, the very rare Spoon-billed Sandpiper breeds in the Russian Siberian Tundra in the summer before migrating south to Bangladesh for the winter. This is also true of birds that come to the UK during the summer, such as Barn Swallow, which come to the UK in spring, breed, before flying south in the autumn to Africa to escape our harsh winter.
Q: There was a time when birds ruled the world. There is no calculation of how many species of birds there were. But now that number is decreasing day by day. Many species of birds are endangered. Who is responsible for this? How do you think this extinction can be prevented?

Mya: There has been a dramatic decline of birds all over the world in the last 30 years. For example, in Europe there are  400 million fewer grassland birds. In Bangladesh, there are tiny numbers of birds left. When my mum visited her paternal family village in Sunamgonj in the 1970’s they were shooting huge numbers of water birds including Boks and Bogla that would not be good to eat. As people’s wealth has increased, more people can afford guns leading to indiscriminate killing of birds. The main reason for the huge decline of birds in Bangladesh is due to hunting with guns and nets, destruction of habitat such as cutting down trees, draining marshland & wetlands and the lack of protection of birds by the government.

The main change needed to save our birds is for big changes in the law, protecting birds and punishment of those who break the law. First we need to fund research into the reasons for the decline of different species and then what laws are needed to protect habitats and birds. Some of the issues will also impact on the increased risks of flooding.
Q: We know you are the youngest person to receive an honorary doctorate from the University of Bristol in 2020. So now we call you Dr. Maya Rose Craig. I would like to hear your feeling when you find out that you will be awarded a doctorate degree. 

Mya: In December 2019, I received an email from someone at Bristol University telling me that they would like to give me an honorary degree and attached a letter from the Pro-Vice Chancellor. I was so shocked that I thought it was a hoax from one of my friends so I didn’t click on the attachment until my mum had phoned the university and found out it was a real offer.

It was incredible to be awarded something so fantastic & being the youngest British person to receive an honorary Doctorate of Science D.Sc. h.c. It was all really exciting, going onto The One Show a popular BBC chat show and doing lots of interviews. At the ceremony, the university made me feel like a real VIP. There were lots of TV camera crews who came and it was amazing to see them cram into see me.
I think it’s only as I get older and am at Cambridge University myself that I understand how enormous it was to be given an honorary doctorate at age 17.
I am really proud of being an Ambassador for Greenpeace and Oxfam amongst others.
Q: From Chew vally School to St. John’s College, Cambridge University.This is the journey of  your education life, how have you prepared yourself at this time?
Mya:The Chew Valley is made up of a few villages outside of Bristol. It is a really small area and I knew most of the people in my year at school. I had been attending lots of events and speaking, so I was a lot more outward looking than many people at school. I had a gap year planned between 6th form and university when I had planned to travel and spend time in Sylhet. However, due to covid-19 I was unable to travel, so instead wrote 3 books and went to the Arctic with Greenpeace. That was an incredible experience and allowed me to highlight the terrible impact climate change is having on the Arctic and so the planet.

Q: Do all birds migrate? If not all birds migrate, why do some migrate?

Mya: Most birds do not migrate but live in the same place all the year around. There is variation within the same species. For example, in the UK, some blackcaps, song thrushes and robins migrate but other do not. It depends on food and resources.

Q: You are an ornithologist. What is it actually? I want to know the details about this.

Mya: An ornithologist is someone who has studied birds for science. I have studied the science of birds since I was 9 years old, obtaining my licence to ring birds from the British Trust for Ornithology at 16 years old, which is the youngest age possible to obtain a licence in the UK. Bird ringing is when you catch birds in delicate nets, then carefully remove and examine them, taking measurements and weighting them before releasing them. I had to have a very detailed knowledge of birds ID before I could even start the training to obtain my trainee licence. I have done lots of bird ringing demonstrations and find that children and adults love to see the birds close up and even getting to hold or release them.

Q: How did your love for birds come about? Why do you love birds so much instead of other animals ?

Mya: My parents and older sister Ayesha loved birds and went out birdwatching all the time. When I was born, they carried on but just taking baby me with them. When I was 3, Ayesha was 15 years old and was obsessed with birds but also very beautiful and very cool. I wanted to be like her and so if she loved birds, I was going to love birds too. I was also good at bird ID and got a lot of pleasure from watching them.

Q: If there were no more birds on earth, just like the dinosaurs became extinct. In that case, what do you think what type of damage will have to face the world?

Mya: If birds became extinct this would have a drastic impact on our planet as nature relies on them and so in turn do we. For example, hummingbirds in South America and sunbirds in Asia use their long bills to feed on nectar and in turn pollinate flowers and food crops. Fruit eating birds often spread the seeds in their droppings. The planet has developing over millions of years, with each species having a place in the world, so extinctions have a huge impact on our environment and ultimately on us.

Q: You are a writer. We want to know how many books you have published and what their names are. What are your published books written about? Will you publish your book in Bengali?

Mya: I have been writing blog posts for my website and articles since I was 11 years old. During  the Covid-19 pandemic I had a year off as a gap year between school and university and  I wrote 3 books. The first was published by Magic Cat, a small sustainable publisher. It was called We Have A Dream and in it I interviewed and highlighted the work of 30 young environmentalists of colour from around the world. It came out in August 2021 and was beautifully illustrated. This book was really important to me, amplifying the voices of young people who are otherwise not heard as the environmental movement in the Global North is very White and mainly only promotes people who are White.

My second book is called Birdgirl and is a memoir about birding around the world as s child, how our love of birds helped our mental health and about becoming an activist. I am really proud of this book, which is available from and which I hope will one day be published in Bengali.
My last book is a large illustrated children’s book about bird migration called Flight.
Q: Since you are a British-Bangladeshi, we think you have learned Bengali as well as English. Can you speak Bengali as well as you can speak English? What language do you speak with your parents at home?
Mya: My Nanu lives in Bristol and has one brother living on one side and another brother on the other side. When I was a child, until I started school age 4 years old, one of my Nanis looked after me and one of my cousins. So I was surrounded by Sylheti and programmes on Channel S. When I started school, I was totally bi- lingual in English and Sylheti but I suddenly felt very self conscious about speaking Sylheti and refused to speak it. I think it’s really sad that my sister can speak Sylheti but not me. I had planned to spend 6 months in Sylhet during my year off but had to cancel due to covid-19 but now plan is to stay in Sylhet after I graduate and learn to start speaking Sylheti again. I think it a shame that my cousins who are my age can’t speak Sylheti either but things are harder as we are third generation British-Bangladeshi and the first generation in our family all speak good English and so we don’t have the need to learn.
Q: Now what is your advice for those who are young and love birds like you? And what is your message to those who hunt, sell, or capture birds?
Mya: My message is to all Bangladeshi’s, whether they are interested in birds or not; birds are fantastic, they can fly, so how incredible is that? What is there not to like about them? Try taking a closer look at the wonderful birds of Bangladesh and understand how important they are to humankind. Stand up and protect the birds of our beautiful world. Point your finger at those who are harming our birds and try to make them understand the harm they are doing to all of us. To those who kill or capture birds, your business will end soon as bird species disappear. Why don’t you stop now and become bird guides, showing Bangladeshi and foreign birdwatchers or bird photographers the birds in your area, using your bird sighting skills for birdwatching?
Dr Mya-Rose Craig
D.Sc. h.c.
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Rethinking Post Pandemic Global Alliance


In the passage of closest space of time train, near two years, it never astonishes anyone; at least many are burnt out on this repulsive pandemic, or even, far – more, exhausted, and debilitated – and-burnt out on it, and the effect on our lives!

Numerous souls have lost their fight, as have the invulnerable – split the difference, we actually don’t have the foggiest idea about all the likely longer-term consequences and effects. Why does this country, no matter what its undertakings and spending, have, among, the most insignificant immunization rates, in the world, among first-level, made nations? Everybody is fed up with this and would like, a get back to business as usual, at the same time, the endeavors of a minority hurts our general endeavors, and the possibility to enhance our endeavors!


In view of that, Do you feel as though you’ve grown out of your circles? Maybe you don’t have a good sense of security or seen anymore. There might be increasingly few things you can impart to individuals in your constant circle, and it leaves you feeling forlorn or disengaged. Expecting this is the situation, you are in better to accompany. Welcome to one of the center elements of persistent development!


As we keep on developing, large numbers of us battle with a feeling of not exactly finding a place with our customary local area or clan: we might have extended or changed past the lines of ancestral standards, and never again discover a similar feeling of having a place there. Different individuals might have fixed the ancestral guidelines to encourage a feeling that everything is good. Accordingly, we might feel a feeling of disengagement or distance.


In truth, every last one of us has a place with numerous clans at the same time: there is your unique clan – the family you were naturally introduced to – and afterward, there are generally the networks of decision you have joined: your work clan, your groups of friends, your religious local area, your area, and then some. These people groups are not static; they are in ceaseless transition since they comprise of people who are inconsistent conditions of progress. At the point when there is a great deal of progress occurring in either the individual or the local area, a feeling of discord results.


How are we to manage this? To begin with, it is vital to perceive that ancestral loyalties were generally fashioned for endurance. They were adjusted throughout hundreds of years to guarantee the security and endurance of the gathering. Endurance expected that individuation is forfeited for the compromise of safety.


In current culture, the tables are flipped. Regardless of whether we appreciate it, change is fundamental for endurance at each degree of being. The speed of progress is driven by mechanical advances and happens with extending rate: sociologists check that more change has happened in the public eye all through the beyond the limit of 100 years, than in the entirety of the past 6,000 years. Individual variation currently is a necessity for endurance, and the speed of individual change doesn’t continuously match the speed at which our different ancestral networks develop. The ensuing chaos can cause genuine disintegration and torture.


The local area is the consequence of building relationships through significant association over the long run. There is no alternate way; an interaction creates when obligations of trust and closeness are sustained and regarded.


Truth be told, social trials demonstrate that innovatively ruled availability brings about estrangement and social breakdown after some time. In a weighty social trial led by Josh Harris, one of the organizers of informal communication on the web, he observed that the more individuals’ private lives were uncovered by every minute of everyday innovation, the more their feeling of closeness and relationship crumbled until the local area fell in viciousness and reckless way of behaving.

The time has come to return to our ideas of the local area so we can make clans that offer a genuine feeling of closeness and having a place.

In a climate like this, individuals experience and express empathy and regard for each other. They permit others to share their weakness, to learn and develop, and to communicate who they genuinely are. At the point when struggle emerges, they figure out how to determine it with shrewdness and beauty. Individuals pay attention to and regard every others’ gifts, acknowledge every others’ limits, commend their disparities, and resolve to find arrangements together as opposed to battle against one another. For sure, the genuine soul of the local area is the soul of harmony, love, shrewdness, and power. The wellspring of this soul might be viewed as an outgrowth of the aggregate self or as the indication of a Higher Will.


Does this portrayal of the local area sound otherworldly to you? It is to be sure, on the grounds that Spirit is the shared factor among us all, paying little mind to how isolated we feel from others.


As people, we frequently experience a financial feeling of detachment from others due to various assessments, convictions, assumptions, language, culture, or interests, since every single one of us communicates these in a manner particularly not quite the same as any other individual. Yet, we keep on separating! In this continuous interaction, we keep on developing or lapse because of life. A people group that felt like a solid match last year may never again work today; the spots where we felt embraced, presently may choke out us. Throughout a lifetime, we can hope to grow out of and change loyalties to a significant number of the ancestral networks we once had a place with.

But then, when we rise above the layers of actual appearance, mental convictions, and financial molding, we find within the sight of Spirit a shared factor in everybody around us. Maybe the time has come to grow our ancestral definitions to embrace an otherworldly local area that incorporates all of humanity as offspring of God.


Other living people group rises above all financial lines, convictions, and foundations. It is comprehensive since it works on intentional self-obligation and shared empathy, and its entryways are available to everybody.

Building this kind of local area takes time: time to tune in, to hear, to answer, and to take an interest. Take a couple of seconds to peruse the depiction of the profound local area once more. Then, make time in your life to cultivate that sort of association with individuals who make a difference to you. You are one of the planners of the local area in your life, and you can partake in building a clan where you should be.

It is possible that we continue, in a more brought together way, or we draw out the abhorrence. Awaken, world, before numerous others, lose this fight! It’s doing, every one of us!



Written by: Rafsun Ahmed

Cultural anthropologist and media graduate who studied  Independent University, Bangladesh. He is available at [email protected]


In Quest of Eternal beauty of Brother and Sister Relationship in Asian Films


In Quest of Eternal beauty of Brother and Sister Relationship in Asian Films

Sibling relationships are precarious, especially between brother and sister. On the one hand, folks have the best inside jokes, and no other person will at any point really comprehend how unusual your family is yet, your sister additionally knows precisely how to get under your skin and simply loves to remind you everything. These movies about brother- sister bonding mask all the convoluted dynamics of this particular kinship relation.

For companions might come and companions might go, yet a sister will be with you until the end of time. From being your best cherished, lifelong companions to being bigmouths in your youngsters, from being your mainstays of help in connections to being your most terrible adversaries in realities, sisters are awesome. They will battle with you over the last chicken yet loan you a portion of their kidney instantly. Such is the multi-layered nature of a brother- sister bond.

Asian movies, throughout the long term, have commended time everlasting brother-sister consideration and impacted the manner in which we outlined this relationship. From a complex Tom and Jerry battle to an easy fellowship, filmmakers have scored  everything, and we can’t resist the urge to request more.

What’s more, Asian Film Industries have given us numerous motion pictures showing practically every one of the aspects of this remarkable relationship.

So check out and add these movies to your streamlining list for your next astounding sprout film night with your adored  ones to praise your karma for having a sister in your life. In this way, this RakhiPurnima and following special occasion of RakshaBandhan,let’s take a glance a few  famous on-screen kin who typified the magnanimity and holding related to this festival of the brother-sister relationship. The rundown of on-screen brother and sister made them grin and going after the tissue encloses equivalent measures.

Pather Pachali(1955)

Pather Panchali - Wikipedia

The daring little girl with a sweet tooth who takes her neighbor’s fruit when no other person is to her old, slouched-over aunt home.

For a large portion of PatherPanchali, we experience Durga in her job as an older sister to her little sibling, Apu. She is his compass: the first face he sees when he gets up toward the beginning of the day, the hand that slaps him when he acquires sparkle from her toy box without asking, the tongue that sticks out and makes him grin. They accommodate each other with a feeling of having a place, a proclivity that mainly brother-sisters share. Durga appears to be strong as well as ready for anything while Apu is attracted to anything that he can push through a group and get up near. His sister’s expressions of warmth are uncovered by how delicately she switches to open the world for him. She shows him how it’s feasible to wonder at downpour and trains as well as at the quiet that expects the downpour and the before-thunder that says: here comes unadulterated speed slicing through a kaash field, abandoning us.

At the point when Durga ischewing sugarcane orgazing off — never at some irregular middle distance, yet far away, with a particular objective — she isn’t simply Durga yet a rancher. Huck Finn.A maintenance man.Wendy showing her Lost Boys the way. In the job, Das Gupta is nothing similar to the youngteen girl who made an appearance to her tryout for Ray donning pearls.

Das Gupta’s sharp depiction of keenship, which channels Ray’s gift for close perception, closely relates to seeing without being seen. She hunkers, climbs, and ducks under. She looks inside, looks left and right; she tunes in before she looks. Durga can overlay herself into a ball or similarly as fast unfurl herself and race ahead. A few bodies deceive their private manic, and Durga’s shaking brilliance — found in the relationship she sustains with her aunt and the games she envisions for Apu — makes Das Gupta’s presentation moving as well as connective. She sentimentsyou because, Durga as sister and girl is the water-skaters, the dragonflies, the lilies.She is the demonstration of dark smoke that waits afterward. She is the extras of a family compelled to continue on, the home once the house is no more. She is likewise there with Apu, a boy presently not possessing his compass however outfitted rather with a gaze that is as of now smarter. Apu proceeds, alone yet not precisely, in light of the fact that Durga is right there.

Children of Heaven (1997)

Children of Heaven (1997) - Película Movie'n'co

The film addresses challenges through the youngsters’ eyes which center around the consideration for each other to adapt to any friendly issues which impact the existence of their loved ones. Subsequently, the general social issue of neediness can be seen according to the viewpoint of the brother- sister’s  affection.

The flick portrays the story that sisters are for sharing and sponging tears. The excursion of brother and sister shows the battle of their day-to-day endurance.  The chastity of both siblings will without a doubt prevail upon you, as the adoration, care, bond, and backing they share all through the story is soul-mixing. Siblings battling with the normal sets of shoes will make you snicker and cry at a similar second.

Starting here, Majidi doesn’t reprimand the general public straightforwardly, however, he causes the crowd to notice the kids’ dreams of the circumstance since Ali and Zahra hopefully attempt to find answers for their concerns while tolerating what is happening as it is (“Children of Heaven”).

That is the reason, the film addresses not just the battles of the unfortunate Iranian kids yet in addition immaculateness and blamelessness of the multitude of kin who care for one another. Thus, Children of Heaven gives experiences into the kids’ human instincts without references to their personality and foundation.

MajidMajidi’s Children of Heaven (1997) expects to examine the intricate and all-inclusive issue of neediness with references to the particular Iranian setting and through the eyes of youngsters.

Accordingly, the film expresses that destitution can impact individuals’ life fundamentally, yet the ethical part of the kinship relation is more influential in satisfying youngsters.

Bangalore Days (2014)

Bangalore Days (2014) - IMDb

Bangalore Days had an alternate story to tell. The film portrayed the excursion of three cousins. There are many such examples in the film which showed sibling’s adoration and care for a sister.

The ideal cousins Kunju otherwise known as Divya, Kuttan otherwise known as Krishnan P.P and Aju otherwise known as Arjun (played by Nazriya, NivinPauly, and Dulquer Salman individually) from Bangalore Days made everybody envy their bond. The triplet is viewed as near one another since youth and supporting each other during difficult situations. They make their fantasy of a Bangalore venture work out as expected, despite the fact that every one of them has various circumstances, and remains nearby the time.

Meghe Dhaka Tara (1960)

Watch Meghe Dhaka Tara (1960) Movie Online, Release Date, Trailer, Cast and Songs | Drama Film

Ghatak can be viewed as quite possibly of the most disregarded significant movie producer on the planet. With The Cloud-Capped Star (1960), Ghatak took the drama genre alongside its reasonable, causally determined plot structures and consigned it as the setting of something a lot additionally eliminated from the ordinary Fineline. All through, the individual is fit with the socio-verifiable condition, and this duality is a critical part of the film’s achievements.

At the point when the prominent American film critic Jonathan Rosenbaum (from Chicago) presented “The Cloud-covered Star (Meghe Dhaka Tara)” by RitwikGhatak in 2012 Toronto International Film Festival, he commended it sumptuously and expressed that there is expansive agreement that this film is one of the five or six greatest melodramas  at any point put on film.

She increases the pay acquired by her old aged father, while she pushes toward the last year of her schooling. Her battles are made endurable by trust, fundamentally established on two loved ones and family — her  older  brother Shankar, who in fact takes advantage while trusting that his singing vocation will bloom, and her expecting life partner, Sanat, who seeks after his Ph.D. as a component of a promising future. Fluctuated relatives respond in various entrepreneurial ways to their decreased status, and their need to get by, all of which negatively affects Neeta, who eventually turns into the family’s only income provider.

Neeta penances everything for her family, including her own joy, her cash, and her wellbeing, while her accomplishments are scarcely at any point perceived by individuals around her. The exhibition all through is amazing – SupriyaChoudhury as Neeta is bolting.

RitwikGhatak presents an outwardly radiant, eccentrically overripe, yet provocative and profoundly private record of neediness, frustration, and exile in The Cloud-Capped Star. By interplaying light and shadows and consolidating reminiscent, forceful sounds that highlight profound effect and comedic tone, Ghatak makes an exceptional, sensorial experience that narratives the deliberate unsettling of the human spirit: the dreamlike, premonition shot.

the differentiated picture of Neeta – first, enlightened before a latticed window as she peruses Sanat’s letter and later, covered behind the window after Shankar’s return; the sound of lashing as Neeta and Shankar sing a melancholic Rabindranath Tagore melody (bringing out Raskolnikov’s fantasy on weight and obligation in Fyodor Doestoevsky’s Crime and Punishment).

A moral story for the horrible outcomes of the segment of Bengal, The Cloud-Capped Star catches the deterioration of a Bengali working class family because of separation, neediness, personal circumstance, and insignificant, inside division. The rehashed symbolism of a passing train bisecting the skyline suggests the actual division of the family’s familial country. Definitely, as Neeta endeavors to recover from the desolates of forbearance, need, and double-dealing, her cry of misery turns into an unclear, resounding reverberation from the lost and hopeless soul of a dislodged and evacuated individuals.

When two brother and sister met each other and Shankar sat beside Neeta, there was a high scale sound of wind and that mixed with bell ringing. It might create mixed feeling to audiences. It creates meaning of hyper reality as well. It is allegoric comparison of endangerment and an alarm sign of last meeting.  In later, director used flute and background musical vocal to create sadistic helplessness. There was also sound of dry leaves in the conversation period that added extra means of feeling. There was also used another tune of musical string instrument that might give audience a feeling of straight emotion of complexity of dialectical reality. Then it turns into emotion of aspiration of life through high scale sadistic vocal tune with the sound of thunderbolt and using musical string instrument. The sound of thunderbolt might be added as symbolic comparison of human incapacity in natural rule. There was a sound of cricket in parallel way to hint audience for dark fate in cinematic reality.

There is essentially no space for elevated beliefs or wistful benevolence on the globe made here – grieve what one unquestionable necessity, and do how one should get by. Feeling and beliefs are – in this film – extravagances, and from the remorselessness of such a cliché, Ghatak has made one of film’s perfect, essential misfortunes.

Ghatak guaranteed not many Western realistic impacts. Like Jean-Luc Godard in France and NagisaOshima in Japan, his essential worries were verifiable and political, and furthermore specialized – how to adjust film to communicate those worries in open language? For Ghatak the arrangement was tracked down in utilizing outside areas, regular sound, peculiar altering, and at least the glimmer found in Bollywood or Hollywood. Cloud-Capped Star is a grim, totally grasping, grievous and rankling. As show, it would rank as one of the more dark worldwide works of art out there, seldom seen or remarked upon.

Sarbjit (2016)

Sarbjit (2016)

Sarabjit is a trajectory of two battles. One is an Indian man’s battle to get by in Pakistan subsequent to being imprisoned for crossing the land boundary accidentally. The other is a sister’s battle to defend her brother and bring him back home. The story is lamentable and tragic.

The story is outlined on the existence of Sarbjit’s real-life sister DalbirKaur, she gives her best for getting him out of prison. The film exhibits a tragic story of a brother-sister and pushes to inform us how sisters can cherish their siblinghood unceasingly and both can share a warm bond.

The strong exhibitions by AishwaryaRaiBachchan and RandeepHooda make this film a must-watch.

Fiza (2000)

Fiza (2000) - IMDb

The film stands on a sister’s journey to find her brother, ignoring that his urgency has driven him to risky waters.

Fiza directed by Khalid Mohamed featured KarishmaKapoor and had terrorism in Kashmir and the 1993 Mumbai riots as its scenery. Fiza attempts to find her sibling Amaan who vanished in the mobs in Mumbai. To find and save her brother Amaan, Fiza goes to any degree she can. Indeed, even unexpected gap couldn’t diminish the adoration between the two. With dazzling exhibitions by KarismaKapoor and HrithikRoshan, this was a brother – sister film for the ages.

Their bereaved mother is hopeful that her child is aliveThe mother and little girl are continuously pondering where could brother  be? Fiza will not grapple with that her brother is dead and she puts forth every conceivable attempt to follow him and see whether her adorable brother is in any condition.

My Brother… Nikhil (2005)

My Brother... Nikhil (2005) - IMDb

At the point when the discussion around STD and sexuality was definitely more repressed than contemporary time, My Brother…Nikhil in 2005 recounted the narrative of a sister battling for her sibling’s all-in-all-correct nobility. Indeed, even as the world disregards Nikhil for his sexuality and his unexpected issues, Anamika, played by JuhiChawla, transforms into his anchor.






Dhanak (2015)

Dhanak - Wikipedia

Dhanak directed by NageshKukunoor is a blooming film about a kid girl who is attempting to get her brother’s vision back. The film exhibits the boldness of 10-years of age sister Pari and her guts to travel solo to keep promise. She is so devoted to her objective and words. The duo travel solo all through the desert. This portrayed their delightful and cherishing relationship.

After little Pari sees a banner of Shah Rukh Khan advancing eye gift, she takes her outwardly impeded little brotherChotu, to his shooting place in Rajasthan, expecting his treatment.



Iqbal( 2005)

Iqbal Songs Lyrics & Videos [All Songs List]- LyricsBogie
For quite a while, brothers carried on the mantle of defenders. In any case, in Iqbal, the sister gives wings to her brother’s fantasies. ShreyasTalpade plays a hard of hearing and mute person in the film and Shweta Prasad turns into his voice, defining brother’s objectives for every one of the motion pictures from there on.

The unconditional supporting nature of Shweta in the whole flick proves that a sister can be real companion, a partner in crime and sometimes a responsible lady. The movies also star Naseeruddin Shah, GirishKarnad, YatinKaryekar and PrateekshaLonkar,  among others.


This film demonstrates a line which peruses, “Sisters are consistently your ally, regardless.”

Aami O Apu (2022)

Aami O Apu (2022) - Movie | Reviews, Cast & Release Date - BookMyShow
Aami O Apu (2022)

After a long hole, SumanMaitra is good to go for the arrival of his next film ‘Aami O Apu’. It’s clearly an overwhelming undertaking for the captain of the ship , particularly when this film is a cutting edge take on the famous ‘PatherPanchali’ by Satyajit Ray. In addition, each Bengali is high on feelings when things are connected with Ray and his manifestations. Suman’s film likewise centers around new understandings of the artistic works of Jasimuddin, Jibanananda Das and Rabindranath Tagore close by BibhutibhusanBandopadhyay.

The story rotates around Apu and Durga that portrays love and harmony. The family’s difficulty features the closeness of the brother and sister through sharing mysteries and giving each other the common help underlining on the virtues in an aesthetical rural backward, as life in an unfortunate Bengali town meanders aimlessly.

IshanRana is assuming the part of Apu, a rakhal in the film while PrakritiPujari plays Durga’s personality. SoumitraGhosh, AnandaChoudhuri, Amrita Halder, SushilSikaria, DhrubaDebnath and others has featured in other significant jobs in the film.


Written by: Rafsun Ahmed

May be an image of 1 persona Media and Communication graduate from IUB who is interested in Anthropology and South Asian Studies

Sister as Angel: Best Creation


Sister as Angel: Best Creation 


Growing up with kin significantly modifies childhood life — and all that follows. Brothers and sisters are, more often than not, as a rule, a kid’s most memorable close companion and adult’s most seasoned companion. Brotherhood and sisterhood can teach interactive abilities and assist us with figuring out how to determine clashes. Contingent upon whether you have a more seasoned sibling or more youthful sister, your kin relationship might yield different mental effects. “Sibling relationships impacts kid’s adjustment and development about as much as parenting does,” says Mark Feinberg, Ph.D., a professor of human development at Pennsylvania State University.

Sibling Effects influence a shockingly expansive range of the human mind. Studies (some more thorough than others) have recognized a small bunch of reliably certain and adverse consequences of having a sibling or sister. Some have even wandered into the full study of anticipating kin relationship quality. It’s significant work on the grounds that the way to nurturing kin successfully understands what really matters to this exceptional relationship. “Intellectually, inwardly, socially — there are only a great deal of impacts that kin have on each other,” says Laurie Kramer, Ph.D., a clinical therapist at Northeastern University. There is more than adequate examination out there on what kin mean for each other. Studies have shown that more youthful kin instruct compassion to their more established family.

“Kin are in many cases a childhood’s most memorable play accomplices,” says Nina Howe, Ph.D., research seat of youth improvement at Concordia University. “I consider the kin relationship is a characteristic research center for figuring out how to coexist with individuals.”


Empowering children to communicate their feelings and afterward to have a functioning fellowship with their kin can prompt them keeping up with those correspondence designs later in their lives.

Kindness is a significant worth to impart in kids to guarantee that they’ll be great family. It’s a particularly straightforward and wonderful guideline, but it seems like very much frequently it’s disregarded. Model in your own life being caring to other people (whether they’re outsiders or companions) and affectionately right children when they are heartless. Make mindfulness, regard, and love the standards in home, and have exclusive requirements that children will treat each other in these ways.

I know I’m in good number to say that I am yearning for sisters and worth everything I have acquired from my associations with my adored ones. We should dig somewhat more profound into what makes sisters so extraordinary for our psychological wellness and afterward tackle this information to outfit children with the abilities to help each other all through their lives.

There’s been a sister-molded void in my life since I was mature enough to acknowledge it.

As a component of an enormous, close more distant family, I spent my life as a youngster playing with my cousins, and was glad to have a few cousin sisters around my age that I communed with. However one thing in every case left me throbbing after everybody returned home: all of my female cousins had sisters.

Indeed, even now, I track down a little piece of my heart yearning for a sister. A large portion of my closest companions have sisters, and I’ve generally begrudged their connections. Somebody to impart developing agonies to, to trade most loved ones with, to show you how to utilize contraptions — or to show how to do hairstyles. It can sense like there is a sister-length expanse away from the closeness.


I’m the more seasoned brother in a cousin sister-trifecta, so I have a lot of experience with how sisters can wear on your nerves one moment and feel like your closest companion the second. By the day’s end, we were a cherishing — but absolutely useless — family, and I’ve gleaned some significant experience about the world and myself.


As a brother in family tree, need assistance out of a funk? Call your sister. A recent report distributed in the Journal of Family Psychology showed having a sister can help your emotional wellness and confidence. Specifically, analysts from Brigham Young University found sisters assist with safeguarding their kin from “feeling desolate, disliked, liable, hesitant and unfortunate.”

“They assist you with creating interactive abilities, similar to correspondence, split the difference and discussion,” says Alex Jensen, partner teacher in the School of Family Life at Brigham Young University and the creator of examination into kin connections. “In any event, kin struggle, on the off chance that it is minor, can advance sound turn of events.”

“What we know recommends that sisters assume a part in advancing positive emotional wellness,” Jensen tells Motherly, “and sometime down the road they frequently accomplish other things to keep families in touch with each other.”

A similar Brigham Young University concentrates on found that having a sister can assist you with turning into a kinder, really giving individual. That is on the grounds that sisters are advancing positive social ways of behaving, for example, sympathy and philanthropy when they show love and warmth. The qualities of these impacts aren’t even imitated with adoring parental connections.

“Regardless of whether there is a tad of battling, as long as they have fondness, the positive will win out,” lead concentrate on creator Laura Padilla-Walker, a teacher in BYU’s School of Family Life, said in a meeting with ABC News. “In the event that kin get in a battle, they need to manage feelings. That is a significant ability to master later in life.”


Turns out a sister could show you a ton about compromise, sympathy and how to support others. As indicated by Jeffrey Kluger, creator of The Sibling Effect, you could figure out how to deal with intense contentions or diffuse raising circumstances by collaborating with your “combative” older sister. Then again, Kluger says that having a more youthful kin whose necessities direction can assist you with turning out to be really sustaining and empathetic to other people.


A 2009 study directed by British clinicians uncovered that individuals rose with no less than one sister still up in the air and more confident than the people who grew up with just brother. Addressing the Daily Mail, concentrate on co-creator Tony Cassidy of the University of Ulster said, “It is about that inborn longing to believe should improve without fail, to endeavor towards objectives. It positively appears there is something about the family circumstance with the quantity of young ladies in it that prompts greater consolation to accomplish and be independent.”


That equivalent 2009 study, which included 571 members ages 17 to 25, found that sisters can assist their kin with arriving at internal harmony. Specifically, individuals with something like one sister were better ready to adapt to issues in their day to day existence and experienced less pressure. Thus, they were more joyful and more hopeful than their counterparts.


Everything has to do with close to emotional expression, Cassidy told the Daily Mail. Sisters open up “a channel of correspondence and it turns into a significantly more expressive circumstance which is positive,” he said. Also added that, emotional expression is crucial to great mental wellbeing and having sisters’ advances this in families.


Rafsun Ahmed, a Media and Communication graduate from IUB who is interested in Anthropology and South Asian Studies 

A Street Butterfly


Ariful Abir

It was a day of summer. Dust was flowing all around with the heated air. Howling crows were squealing over an electric pool. They seem hectic. It’s maybe the heat, or the spice Jhalmuri Ayesha is selling that makes them frantic.

Ayesha is a girl of twelve. Tangled hair, rough skin, torn dress. Yet, she looks as cute as a parrot. She sells Jhalmuri beside Rampura bridge with her brother. Her brother’s name is Saifuddin. Saifuddin is twenty years old.

“You didn’t take money from that bald guy,” Saifuddin said.

“Who are you talking about?” Ayesha was startled.

“That bald guy with a mustache, short height. You missed him.”

Ayesha felt upset. Whenever Saifuddin let her take the responsibility, she messed up. Yet, Saifuddin doesn’t get angry. He believes, one day, Ayesha will learn.

“Don’t regret. It’s just 5 taka. Five taka is no money. One day we’ll have five lakh, okay?” Saifuddin took his place and said.

Ayesha was standing still, keeping her head down. Maybe tears were waiting to burst out of her eyes. When Saifuddin told her father was waiting to meet, Ayesha cried out loud out of joy.

“He is begging beside the Police plaza today,” Saifuddin said, “He expects to see you at noon.”

Saifuddin doesn’t love his father that much. But Ayesha does. However, Ayesha doesn’t know her father’s role in her life.

Mohammad Siraj Uddin is their father. He used to be a rickshaw puller. But things were shattered when he met with a road accident. Now he’s a cripple. Cripple and beggar. He begs at Ramna Park. Occasionally he comes to the Police plaza to meet her daughter.

When a freight truck crashes with his rickshaw, Siraj gets injured and loses one of his legs. Since then, her wife Zubaida left the family. Who wants to live with a disabled person?

“Father!” Ayesha saw her father sitting with a sack. He goes running toward him.

Siraj cuddled her.

“Did you have your lunch?” He asks.

Ayesha nodded.

“What did you eat?”

“Rice, curry,” She said.

“I brought you biryani. Here, take. Share with Saifuddin. Okay?” Siraj said,

A drop of tears started to fall from his cheek. He wiped it out swiftly.

“Father. I want to go with you. I haven’t gone to Ramna park for a long while now.”

“Not today. But I promise I’ll take you there soon, Okay? Today, I’ve to go back.”

Siraj and his family used to live in Mohammadpur. After the accident, his wife Zubaida left. Then there was a whisper that Zubaida started prostitution. After this rumor, Siraj couldn’t live in his old place with prestige. He left Mohammadpur 5 years ago. Since then, he doesn’t live with his kids so that no one can know that his child’s father is a beggar.

“Have you started your school?” Siraj asked.

“Hmm,” Ayesha mumbled.

“Go to school regularly, okay? Don’t miss a class. You’ll be a doctor one day.”

“Yes, baba, then I’ll fix your leg,” Ayesha said, smiling.

Siraj kissed her forehead. Then he left. Ayesha was standing, holding the biryani packet silently. She saw her father taking a bus and disappearing. Even after the bus faded away from her sight, Ayesha kept staring at the way her father had gone.

It is winter now. Father hasn’t come for months. Ayesha seems desperate nowadays. She doesn’t even join her brother to sell jhalmuri. Saifuddin added more spicy foods to their little business. But he is angry with his sister. He wants Ayesha to contribute.

One Day in the morning, Ayesha left rampura for Ramna park. She wasn’t sure whether she wanted to go. But she loves her father. She loves her mother too. However, she hasn’t seen her mother in her 12 years of life. Mother left her when she was little; unable to walk, unable to talk.

Ayesha doesn’t know the way to go to Ramna park. She doesn’t know anything about anything. Yet, she started to wait for a bus.

Here comes a bus. She gets onto it and tells the conductor to carry her to Ramna park. Because she is a child, the conductor promised to take her there without costing her money. As she is a girl, most of the men on the bus gave a deeper look.

Ayesha fell asleep a while later. And the bus kept moving. When it arrived at Azimpur, Ayesha woke up. She gets off the bus quickly and starts searching for something. But she doesn’t know what she is looking for. She started walking without destinations.

After walking a couple of hours, she came to the Azimpur graveyard. There, some people were gathering with a dead body. Ayesha listens to an announcement of death about a man named Siraj. And they mention the deadman as a beggar. Ayesha realizes that the deadman is no one but her father.

She started feeling something. She didn’t feel these kinds of feelings before. She starts trying to get into the graveyard. But they didn’t let her in because she is a girl.

It is midnight now. Ayesha is sitting beside her father’s grave. It’s cold here. As time goes on, the cold is soaring. An owl kept on changing her place from one tree to another. And a fox is staring at Ayesha for a long time, far away from here.

Ayesha is not alone. Here is another woman in the graveyard. She is also noticing Ayesha for a long time. Her clothes are dirty too. A few moments later, she came and asked, “Are you hungry, girl?”Ayesha says nothing. She just stares at the woman with fear in her eyes.

The woman gives a piece of bread and a banana to Ayesha. Ayesha takes those and starts eating without giving thanks to her.The woman smiled and turned around. She went for where she belonged.Seeing the woman go, Ayesha shouted, “will you take me with you?”

The woman replies Nothing. She didn’t even turn back as she was hiding her tears. Ayesha remained silent. She just stares at the woman from behind. She peers at the footprints. She kept on staring even after the woman disappeared from her sight. She remembered one day her mother left her like that. She was at the age of 7 months then.

Written by: Ariful Abir.

Department of Management

Govt. Titumir College, Dhaka.

Pixie Curtis

Pixie Curtis
Pixie Curtis

Meet Pixie Curtis a 10-year-old Australian girl who has made millions in just one year may retire at the age of 15. Pixie Curtis, with the help of her mother, founded a toy company Pixie’s Fidgets, in March last year, and is already minting huge profits.

The company’s first toys sold out within 48 hours of being launched, helping the firm earn more than six figures in its first month of operations.বিলাসবহুল জীবনের প্রতি আকর্ষণ থাকলেও তার মেয়ের মাথা ঘুরে যায়নি বলে দাবি রক্সির। উল্টে মেয়ের কর্মদক্ষতায় মুগ্ধ তিনি। রক্সি বলেন, ‘আমি ওকে কুর্নিশ জানাই। এই ১০ বছরেই জীবনের অনেকটাই দেখে ফেলেছে ও। তবে এখনও বিনয়ী, দয়ামায়া হারায়নি। বরং মাটির মেয়ে বলতে হবে। বিচহাউস বা ল্যাম্বরঘিনির এসইউভি-র মতো বাড়ি-গাড়ির স্বপ্নপূরণে ওকে অনেক খাটাখাটনি করতে হবে। তবে আমার মনে হয়, সে ওই পথেই এগোচ্ছে।’ ছবি: সংগৃহীত

The 10-year-old girl also has another business – Pixie’s bows – that her mother, Roxy Jacenko, set up when she was a little baby. Pixie’s bows is a hair accessories company.

The girl’s businesses are a part of Pixie’s Pix which focuses on children’s accessories and games. She is a proud owner of two businesses at just 10 years of age.

Roxy Jacenko is proud of her daughter for accomplishing that much at a very tender age. She said that Pixie Curtis can retire at the age of 15 if she wants. “Our family joke has been I’ll be working till I’m 100 and Pixie will have retired at 15 – I certainly know who’s smarter, ” said Jacenko in an interview to

In December last year, 10-year-old Instagram sensation and millionaire Pixie Curtis’ mother Roxy Jacenko spoke to about her daughter’s business ventures. The 42-year-old Australian businesswoman said Pixie “could retire at 15.”

Roxy Jacenko’s statement made international headlines after she said that 10-year-old Pixie Curtis could be retiring as a multi-millionaire by the age of 15. The businesswoman, socialite, and TV star also said,”Our family joke has been I’ll be working till I’m 100, and Pixie will have retired at 15 – I certainly know who’s smarter.”

Jacenko added that she does not want her baby girl to feel forced to work for the company, despite her success and asserted that Pixie’s happiness is what matters the most.এই বয়সেই মেয়ে আর্থিকভাবে স্বাবলম্বী হওয়ায় যারপরনাই খুশি রক্সি। তবে একই সঙ্গে খুদেকে সাবধানও করে দিয়েছেন তিনি। রক্সি বলেন, ‘সাফল্যের পরে সবচেয়ে গুরুত্বপূর্ণ বিষয় হলো, কীভাবে নানা খাতে বিনিয়োগ করা যায়, তা ওকে শেখানো। সেই সঙ্গে এত টাকাপয়সা যাতে নয়ছয় না করে, সে দিকেও খেয়াল রাখতে হবে।’ ছবি: সংগৃহীত

Jacenko is an entrepreneur herself and owns several successful businesses, including Sweaty Betty PR.

Curtis’s journey as an entrepreneur has led to her becoming popular on social media platforms. She has over 1,00,000 followers on Instagram and often uses the platform to promote her company’s products.

Recently, Pixie Curtis gave a tour of her room “Time for a room tour!!! Just finished Doing my room!! My aesthetic is preppy !,” the caption said. The clip has been viewed over 26,000 times.