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Arisha Ariba

Arisha Ariba
Arisha Ariba

Arisha Ariba is eight years old and studies in Class III (three) in the English Version of BAF Shaheen College Dhaka, a renowned educational institution run by the Bangladesh Air Force. Her father is a university teacher and her mother a housewife. She is a very active child who loves to play, paint, sing and design crafts, and even enjoys assisting her mom in cooking. She also writes poems and short stories.

She regularly participates in different national and international art, music, recitation and solo acting competitions and has also won prizes. She has authored several short-story books and a number of her poems and essays have also got published in different anthologies. When Arisha was just three years old, the family observed her keen interest in painting and singing. Even as a toddler, she was very much interested to listen to songs, music, etc. and expressed her preferences of likes and dislikes.

At the age of four, she began her institutional academic education and started getting involved in different co-curricular activities like singing, drawing and crafting. As she was growing, her skills of presenting, debating and acting also drew the attention of her teachers and others. Along with her regular participation in the different kids’ programs and/or competitions of her school, Cadet College Club (Dhaka, Bangladesh) and Bangladesh Television (BTV), she is also very active in different online live programs and shows.

She has also developed her interest in IQ related activities, participated in both national and international IQ competitions and secured positions in the Bangladesh IQ Olympiads. Her story-telling skill at this very young age is one of her remarkable qualities. Recently, she has also started taking interest in debating, spelling activities and animation coding. Arisha is a regular user of smart technologies in both the Windows and Android platforms. In her future life, she wants to be a teacher and serve the nation.

Among her diversity of achievements, the following list contains some of the best performances by Arisha Ariba and the Google links just below this part cover the short video clips of her different activities, achievements and awards:


  • 3rd position in Bangladesh IQ Olympiad 2020
  • 1st position in the selection round of Bangladesh IQ Olympiad 2021
  • 1st position in Poetry Recitation in the Annual Cultural Program of BAF Shaheen College Dhaka in 2021
  • 3rd position in the Art Competition among the selected participants of three different schools run by Bangladesh Air Force on the occasion of Omor Ekushe (International Mother Language Day) organized by Bangladesh Air Force Women Welfare Association in 2019
  • 1st position in Singing in the 15th Founding Anniversary Talent Hunt at Cadet College Club Limited, Dhaka, Bangladesh in 2018
  • 2nd position in Acting in the 16th Founding Anniversary Children Talent Hunt at Cadet College Club Limited, Dhaka, Bangladesh in 2019
  • 2nd position in the Independence Day Children Art Competition at Cadet College Club Limited, Dhaka, Bangladesh in 2019
  • 2nd position in Singing in the Oxford Breeze School Online Music Competition in 2020
  • 2nd position in Singing in the Oxford Breeze School Online Music Competition in 2021
  • 1st position in Short Story Writing in the Alokito Shishu Alor Nachon competition in 2020
  • 1st position in Poem Writing in the Alokito Shishu Alor Nachon competition in 2020
  • 1st position in Poetry Recitation in the Alokito Shishu Alor Nachon competition in 2020
  • 2nd position in Singing in the Alokito Shishu Alor Nachon competition in 2020
  • 1st position in Drawing in the Victory Online Cultural Competition in 2020
  • 2nd position in Drawing in the Srijonshilotay Bijoy Online Talent Hunt Competition in 2020
  • 2nd position in the Tiny Nest Art Competition in 2017
  • 2nd position in the JCI Battle of Brush Art Competition in 2019
  • 3rd position in the SIMEC International Mother Language Day Art Competition in 2021
  • 3rd position in the Kids’ Zone Music Competition on the occasion of the International Mother Language Day organized by Greenland Residential School & College in 2017
  • Top-5 Winner Award in Singing in the PRATIVA Competition organized by RASA International, India in 2020
  • Certified with Appreciation for Outstanding Performance of Song and Recitation in Kids Time solo live show organized by RASA International, India in 2020
  • Best-5 Winner Award for Outstanding Art Performance in the Chopstick “Chhobi Ako, Puroshkar Jeeto” Facebook Art Competition in 2017
  • Winner in the Kids Model Hunt (organized by Kids Paradise, Dhaka, Bangladesh) in 2018
  • Certified as the Creative Diamond Artist in the Picasso Art Contest 2020
  • Certified as the Creative Diamond Artist in the Picasso Art Contest 2021

Adiba Abrar Chowdhury 

Adiba Abrar chowdhury

Some people’s talents are evident from a young age. At an early age they became known as the Genius Child. When all the other children and adolescents grow up in a normal way, these children are far ahead of their peers in thinking consciousness. Just as everyone can easily recognize the most fragrant flowers in the garden, so too can these children be easily recognized by society. Such a fragrant flower is a talented child Adiba. Full name is Adiba Abrar Chowdhury.

Adiba Abrar Chowdhury a 8 years old Girl  Is a Almighty gifted extraordinary talented girl who is well known for her paintings, storytelling and public speaking. Adiba was born on 10 th June 2013 In Dhaka  and is staying in Banani Dhaka still now. She is the only daughter of her parents.

Her father is a corporate lawyer and social worker and her mother is a  Home Maker.  She is from Habiganj district under Sylhet division.  At the age of 4, She received the National Award from the Hon’ble Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina for her painting.

Adiba Abrar chowdhury
Adiba Abrar chowdhury receiving prize from prime minister

She has won gold medals from Japan and India for her paintings. also won numerous prizes from Bangladesh International School by participating in painting, She has already sunged and sura recitation (kerat) competitions.  She can sing thirty famous Bengali song which is already telecasted in different tv chanel and live programmes. Also She is awrded for her mental Arithmetic from Smart brain Thailand.

At just 7 years old, She completed a certificate course on Artificial  Intelligence as the youngest from the famous University of Helsinki in Finland.  He has already participated in numerous live broadcasts including BTV, Channel I, ATN Bangla,Duronto TV, ATN News.

Also live programs at home and abroad.she also make travel Vlogs and She is doing coding courses regularly to achieve her dream to work in the field of Artificial intelligence.

Her hobby is cycling, swimming & and travelling.


page: and youtube chanel :


Some link where She is focused and Her news covered for her Extraordinary    achievements.




Adolescent Club is a unique initiative


Awareness is being created among them by establishing a youth club in each of the eight unions of the upazila under the Department of Women’s Affairs, Ministry of Women and Children Affairs in Kalmakanda, Netrokona.Adolescent Club is a unique initiative.


Adolescents are being given ideas on child marriage prevention, dowry prevention, birth and death registration, marriage registration, child rights, women’s rights, elimination of gender based discrimination, prevention of sexual harassment. So that its impact on the family, society and the state as a whole can play a positive role. According to the office of the Upazila Women’s Affairs Officer, there is a youth club in each of the eight unions of the upazila.

The clubs have a poetry recitation teacher and a music teacher. And there are also two gender promoters for those eight schools. Each club has 30 students and classes are held two days a week with teenagers. Mitali Rani Saha, the gender promoter of Kharnai Government Primary School in the upazila, was seen discussing the evils of child marriage among 28 students in a room of the school. At the end of the class, he said, “I talked to the teenagers today about the evils of child marriage, what to do if child marriage is organized in the area, and to create a positive attitude against child marriage in one’s own family.” Mahmuda Akhter, headmistress of Kharnai Government Primary School, said that by imparting music and recitation education to the adolescents, they would develop a fondness for culture. And as a result of such entertainment, they will stay away from engaging in anti-social activities.

Poppy Rani Talukder, Upazila Women’s Affairs Officer, said the establishment of youth clubs would help them develop as real people and inspire them to do good as well as instill patriotism in them. Upazila Executive Officer (UNO) said. Zakir Hossain told Kaler Kantha that Kishori Kishori Club is a unique initiative in a timely manner. The upazila administration is always there to ensure the success of the youth club. Through this club, I hope that the teenagers will be inspired with patriotism, will be aware of their rights and will play a role in forming a free marriage marriage.

Bangladeshi teenager conquered the world by writing a letter


Bangladeshi teenager conquered the world by writing a letter. Adolescent Nubaysha Islam has won a gold medal in the 50th letter writing competition organized by the Universal Postal Union. By writing a letter, the issue of world victory of Sylhet’s daughter Nubaysha has been discussed in Sylhet.

The subject of the letter was Kovid-19. Posts and Telecommunications Minister Mostafa Jabbar congratulated him on her success. Nubaysha Islam, a 14-year-old student of 8th class of Ananda Niketan School in Sylhet, will travel to Switzerland to receive the award. Confirming the matter, Nubaysha said, this achievement is not only mine, but of the entire country.

Her name was announced at a congress in Abidjan, Cte d’Ivoire, on August 26 by Bishar A. Hossain, the director general of the UPU. Second place went to Bruno Ivanovsky of North Macedonia and third place to Dao Anhathu of Vietnam.

In a letter addressed to her unborn sister, Nubaysha mentions the fear of death and the loss of relatives during the coronation period. At the same time expressed great optimism that a better time is coming. Nubaysha Islam, a 14-year-old student of 8th class of Ananda Niketan School in Sylhet, will travel to Switzerland to receive the award.

On her success, Posts and Telecommunications Minister Mostafa Jabbar wrote in his Facebook ID inviting everyone to read the letter, ‘Congratulations to Nubaysha. We also congratulate her parents and the educational institution. Joy Bangla। Be well, our golden girl. ‘

Nubaysha are the only daughter of the couple Mohammad Shafiqul Islam, joint-director of Bangladesh Bank, Sylhet, and Jasmine Akter, a senior teacher at Sylhet Grammar School

Success of Bangladeshi girl in Spain

Ariha Tahsin Rahman Soha
Ariha Tahsin Rahman Soha

Success of Bangladeshi girl in Spain. Bangladeshi teenager Soha has become the national level champion in wrestling in Spain. At the age of only 14, ‍she became the champion in the weight of 6 kg and surprised everyone.

Soha won the title on March 17 in a competition organized by the Spanish National Athletics Federation. Her full name is Ariha Tahsin Rahman Soha. He studied in English medium in class nine. Soha said, ‘Wrestling is not a fight, it is a strategy. Tactically defeating the other side. My goal this time is to show the best performance in the world and the Olympics after becoming the champion in Europe. ‘ She prayed for blessings and said, “I can be a champion in the Olympics as a Bangladeshi girl.”

Soha is the daughter of Hafizur Rahman and Soheli Sharmin of Rangpur, who live in Madrid. His brother Akib is a good wrestler. Mother is a female organizer. 

22 Bangladeshi youths received Acumen Fellowship


22 Bangladeshi youths received Acumen Fellowship. Acumen, an international entrepreneurial organization, has given fellowships to 22 young Bangladeshis by selecting them as change makers. According to a press release in this regard, after more than five months of in-depth observation and verification selection, the second group of ‘Acumen Fellows in Bangladesh’ has been selected as ‘Change Maker’.

This group of 2021 includes those who are successful social entrepreneurs in both profitable and non-profit sectors. They have taken initiatives for change in various organizations, challenged existing problems and told stories like changing conventional statements.

These 22 change makers are:

  • Fahad Ifaz, CEO, Ifarmer
  • Subrata Kumar Kundu, Founder CEO, Good Social Enterprise
  • Addin Maureen, Manager of Operations, Bangladesh Youth Leadership Center
  • Sajida Rahman Danny, Chairman, PFDA- Vocational Training Center Trust
  • Shamsin Ahmed, CEO and Chief Advisor, Identity Inclusion
  • Mohammad Rezwanur Rahman, Project Coordinator, Inclusive Bangladesh
  • Devajyoti Saha, Managing Director, Kaizen Research Specialist Limited
  • Maliha Fauzia, Program Director, Teach for Bangladesh
  • Jahedul Amin, co-founder and director, Lightcastle Partners
  • Avik Alam, Founder, Webable Bangladesh Limited
  • Saiful Haque, Principal, Center for Visual Arts at Counter Photo
  • Dr. Sakia Haque, Founder, Travelers of Bangladesh and Medical Officer, Disease Control, Office of the Civil Surgeon, Cox’s Bazar
  • Sayeda Samara Mortaza, Regional Movement Builder, Asia, Shi Decides
  • Trisha Nashataran, Founder, Project Designer and Coordinator, Girl Network
  • Umama Zillur, Founding Director, Kotha
  • Shahriar Rahman, CEO, Creative Conservative Alliance (CCA)
  • Swarnalatha Roy, President, Sylhet Women’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Asiya Khaleda, Founder Managing Director, Women in Digital
  • Md. Saddam Hussein Rony, Senior Operations Coordinator, Drinkwell
  • Eshrat Waris, Principal, Product & Business Mr. Soul Share
  • Umm Sharmin Kabir, Founder, Uritu. 

These selected entrepreneurs work in different sectors and represent different geographical and social backgrounds. They have demonstrated their commitment to poverty alleviation and the fight against injustice through their work. The group was selected through a two-day virtual selection conference. There, these 22 people were selected out of 57 people in the final round. There were 246 entrepreneurs in the initial short list. They were shortlisted by 45 local and international Acumen panelists. Apart from Bangladesh, the fellowship is also open to entrepreneurs from India, Pakistan, Malaysia, Spain, the United Kingdom, Colombia and East and West Africa. After completing these 22 fellowships from Bangladesh, they will join the Acumen community, which consists of more than 700 fellows from around the world.

9 Bangladeshi youngsters in the list of Forbes

Bangladeshi youngsters
Bangladeshi youngsters

9 Bangladeshi youngsters in the list of Forbes. For the first time, nine Bangladeshi youths have been included in the list of ‘Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia’ published by the world famous American magazine Forbes. These Bangladeshi youths got a place in the list published for the sixth time on Monday. Thirty people from the list have been selected from ten categories. Among them are young entrepreneurs, leaders and innovators from Asia.

Everyone is under 30 years of age. Each of them has overcome the challenge of the Corona epidemic and found new opportunities for new realities. Forbes has been making this list since 2011. From 2016 to 2020, a total of 9 Bangladeshis have been added to this list for their outstanding work. However, this time not a single Bangladeshi has got a place in this list in one year. Bangladeshis have been listed this time for their contribution to technology entrepreneurship, social impact, retail and e-commerce.

Among the Bangladeshi youths on the list are Shehzad Noor Taos, 24, and Motasim Bir Rahman, 26, two founders of Gage Technologies, an artificial intelligence-based enterprise, and Mir Shakib, 26, the founder of startup Cramstack. Also present are Shomi Hasan Chowdhury, 26, founder of the Kuala Lumpur-based NGO Awareness 360, and Rizvi Arefin, 26.

At present, this NGO has one and a half thousand volunteers in 23 countries. They are promoting personal health issues including hand washing, water purification and sanitation. Also on the list are Ahmed Imtiaz Jami, 26, founder of the Adventure Foundation, Rizvana Hridita, 26, founder of Hydroco Plus, and Md. Jahin Rohan Rajin (22) and Picabo co-founder Maureen Talukder (26). 

Ways to reduce stress


Ways to reduce stress.Stress is an integral part of life. There will be stress. Our goal will be to reduce stress or move on with life. Chewing gum reduces both stress and anxiety. This is because the blood circulates properly in the brain while chewing gum. Again some say the taste and smell of chewing gum helps to get rid of anxiety.

Spending time outside the home reduces stress. Various statistics show that even if you are close to home, spending a few minutes outside will reduce your stress and you will feel refreshed and energized. Real laughter reduces your stress. So we should keep a smile on our face as much as possible. Lavender fragrance such as lavender air freshener helps reduce stress. Listen to at least one song every day.

Music reduces stress. Music releases a chemical called dopamine into the brain, which stimulates your mood and reduces stress. Breathing exercises or breathing exercises help reduce your stress and anxiety. Take long breaths in breathing exercises and exhale slowly. Doing breathing exercises at least ten times a day will reduce stress a lot. If you feel stressed, write down the words of your problem on a diary page or somewhere and after a while you will see that you will get the solution of the problem on your own.

As a result, you will not have stress. Social bonds and friendships help reduce stress. If you have a good friend or tell someone about your problem, you will see that the stress will gradually decrease. However, if your friend or relative is selfish, then the stress will increase instead of decreasing. So you need to know who your friend or relative is. Practice exercising at least once a day in the morning or afternoon.

A little walking, boating, or physical activity can help keep you well. Exercise releases hormones called endorphins which reduce stress and make us happy. Endorphin means endogenous morphine which is directly given by Allah. We don’t have to buy. When endorphins are released, if there is any pain in the mind, it reduces it and creates joy in the mind.

One thing everyone needs to know is that if the stress continues, the diseases that are observed inside the mouth do not want to get better easily. So if you want to be good in oral disease, you have to be stress free. Author: Oral and Dental Specialist [email protected] 

Twins bring double happiness


Twins bring double happiness . It is estimated that 3 percent of the world’s population is twins. There is no end to people’s interest in this 3 percent. According to medicine, when two sperm fertilize two eggs together, a fraternal twin is born. They are also known as Faternal Twins. It is common to see that in the case of sibling twins, the appearance of the two children is not exactly the same as that of siblings or siblings. They are also somewhat different in nature or characteristics.

But when two sperm are fertilized together with the same egg and divide into two equal parts, the twins that are born are known as identical twins. They look exactly the same in most cases. Their characteristics are very similar. Nowadays, in almost all countries of the world, including Bangladesh, the chances of having twins are much higher than before. One in every 75 mothers can have two twins in the normal process. It is more likely if the mother’s family has twins. Again, even if the mother is older or between 30-35, the chances of having twins increase.

In addition, due to advances in the treatment of infertility, such as IVF, the chances of having twins have increased manifold. Therefore, not only in Bangladesh, but all over the world, the birth rate of twins is higher than before. However, if the twins are in the womb, the mother and the child are more likely to have some problems, such as anemia, high blood pressure, bleeding, respiratory problems, premature and underweight babies, and birth defects. .

However, with the advice of a doctor, proper care during pregnancy and caution, such problems can be overcome. Rah and Sahir are now 6 months old. On the one hand, after 6 long years, the arrival of a child in the family as well as having twins is now flooding the family with happiness. Talking to the mother of the twins. She said that after so many years, the joy of being a mother of two children together is not like expressing in words.

I can look at them and forget all the troubles. I have a lot of fun with some of their work. For example, if it is a little late to give food, it looks very stubborn when you look at the big one. But when he looked at the little one, he laughed. When I heard their rhyme, they both listened intently. She said that if there are twins in the womb, they should be much more careful about food than normal pregnant mothers. Adequate diet should be followed as well as adequate diet as advised by the doctor.

The pregnant mother should take full rest. Need to know about pregnancy complications. In this case, you can collect information by searching the net as well as the doctor. Which is what I used to do. I still don’t know about caring for children by searching on the net. Pregnant mothers need to be worry free and have regular checkups. Raising a child is a challenging task for parents. Naturally, the challenge is twofold when it comes to raising two children together. So there are some things to keep in mind when it comes to caring for twins: Breastfeeding The idea of ​​the mother and others in the family is that the mother will not be able to give the necessary breast milk for the twins.

That’s wrong. If the mother gets everyone’s support, the twins will be able to maintain the nutrition of breast milk for a full 6 months even for three newborns together. If you can handle this, you can breastfeed two babies at the same time. Baby food After the age of six months, when you start feeding the baby other than breast milk, give food for two to three hours in a row. It is normal for both of them not to eat the same amount of food. Don’t scold. If necessary, change the food menu. At bedtime There is no reason to think that the two of them will do everything together once they have twins.

Maybe one sleeps, the other child can play hand-foot match. Give him time without forcing him to fall asleep, walk a little on his lap if necessary. Separate bed If one child is sick for any reason, there is a risk of it being transmitted to another. So if one is suffering from any disease, keep the other in a separate bed. Ensuring cleanliness Since children are rarely affected by various diseases, keep them clean. To prevent corona infection, make sure that when someone from outside comes home or a guest comes to the house, he should not wash his hands properly, should not change his clothes and should not touch the baby.

More things that need to be looked at – Never think of twins as twins, raise them both with the dignity of different personalities. Such as arranging birthday gifts or parties separately for everyone. – Deal with twin children wisely. Want family support Naturally, every parent has to struggle to take care of the twins. In this case, the cooperation of the whole family is needed. Sabrina Ahmed Rimi, a mother of twins, said from her experience, it is very difficult to raise twins without the support of the family. I am lucky I live in a joint family and my husband, father-in-law, Nanas and even Nanas children take care of my children.

This gives me a chance to rest for a long time. When they wake up at night, my husband and I share their time. It doesn’t disturb my sleep too much. I am a working woman and at the end of the holiday I have to run to work again. But I’m not worried about that. Because I have family members to take care of my children. In fact, this opportunity is essential for every new mother, especially the mother of twins.

Because both the parents need to be healthy for the baby to be healthy at this time. Parents need adequate food and rest. In many cases it is not possible to have children alone. So raising twins requires the full cooperation of family members. Those who don’t have that opportunity have to think about how to get someone else’s help from the beginning.

Blockchain Technology: Making Digital Assets Unalterable


Blockchain Technology: Making Digital Assets Unalterable.

In our daily life we are using various types of invention of science. The term which is very closely related to the security of those technology is Blockchain. Block chain is a system of recording information in a way that makes it difficult or impossible to change, hack, or cheat the system.

What is Blockchain?

A block chain is essentially a digital ledger of transactions that is duplicated and distributed across the entire network of computer systems on the block chain. Each block in the chain contains a number of transactions, and every time a new transaction occurs on the block chain, a record of that transaction is added to every participant’s ledger. The decentralized database managed by multiple participants is known as Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT).No alt text provided for this image

History of Blockchain Technology

Block chain has the potential to grow to be a bedrock of the worldwide record-keeping systems, but was launched just 10 years ago. It was created by the unknown persons behind the online cash currency bit coin.

  • In 1991 cryptographically secured chain of blocks is described for the first time by Stuart Haber and W Scott Stornetta.
  • In 1998 Computer scientist Nick Szabo works on ‘bit gold’, a decentralized digital currency
  • Stefan Konst publishes his theory of cryptographic secured chains, plus ideas for implementation in 2000.
  • Developer(s) working under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto release a white paper establishing the model for a block chain in 2008.
  • In 2009 Nakamoto implements the first block chain as the public ledger for transactions made using bit coin

Till now block chain is one of most invention of 21st century Block chain technology is separated from the currency and its potential for other financial, internationalization transactions is explored. Block chain 2.0 is born, referring to applications beyond currency.No alt text provided for this image

Applications of Blockchain

No alt text provided for this imageBlock chain applications go far beyond crypt currency and bit coin. With its ability to create more transparency and fairness while also saving businesses time and money, the technology is impacting a variety of sectors in ways that range from how contracts are enforced to making government work more efficiently.

Some of the applications of block chain is given below-

  • Secure sharing of medical data
  • Music royalties tracking
  • Cross-border payments
  • Real-time IoT operating systems
  • Personal identity security
  • Anti-money laundering tracking system
  • Supply chain and logistics monitoring
  • Voting mechanism
  • Advertising insights
  • Original content creation
  • Crypto currency exchange
  • Real estate processing platform

No alt text provided for this imageThis means organizations can securely issue credentials to individuals, who can then allow third party verifiers like recruiting firms or companies check to make sure they are real and up to date. No one party has control, and the parties don’t even need to trust each other, only in the power of the block chain.


Written by: Ommey Salma

Content Creator||Article Writer||Data Analyst||Team Leader ||Student at the University of Dhaka

Department of Statistics

E-mail: [email protected]








Areesha Ifra Kamal

Areesha Ifra Kamal

Areesha Ifra Kamal is one of the most admired children in Bangladesh for acting and modeling. Her Full name is Areesha Ifra Kamal. The little girl who looks like a fairy has already been able to catch everyone’s eye in photoshoots,Acting  and modeling.Areesha is working in these fields since 2019. She stays in Dhaka.

Born and Raised:

Areesha Ifra Kamal was born on 6th of November, 2014 in Dhaka. Her home district is Dhaka. Her Mom and Dad both are Business person. She is in Nursery class. Siblings: Two brothers and one sister. Aahil Kamal Ayat,
Tamim Zaman Soummo, Tasfia Jahan Sreyoshi. And she is the youngest.
Living address: Bashundhara, Baridhara.
Home district: Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Email address: [email protected]

Short Biography:

Name: Areesha Ifra Kamal
Father’s name: Kamal Hossein.
Mother’s name: Farahana Ferdousi Mousumi.
Date of birth: 6th of November, 2014.
Height: 3’6”
Weight: 24kg
School name: South Point School and Collage.
Class: Nursery.

Areesha Ifra Kamal
Hobbies: Drawing, dancing, acting, playing.

Career start year : 7th of November, 2019. First photoshoot, Master card calendar (2020),
media company Gray, agency : Geneis view, Sudipto Sammo Borun (late).
Bourn was their neibour….firtsly, her brother Tamim used to work with him. And then, some
years later, on 2019 Borun’s agency knocked them if Areesha was interested to work with
them. And that’s how she took her first step as a model.

List of work-
Photoshoot: Bashundhara ataa-moyda-suji (billboard), agency: Geneis view. Suzuki, agency:
Geneis view. Grameenphone. Agency: blinkers. Pran Dairy LTD. Pran Candy (Humptydumpty).

Areesha Ifra Kamal
TVC: Grameenphone, Agency: Grey Dhaka, Production House: Half stop down LTD, Director:
Amitab Reza Chowdhury. Unilever, Brand: Lifebouy, Agency: Analyzen, Director: Azman
Rusho. Berger paint, Production: Lauging Elephant, Director: Shakeeb Fahad.
OVC: Samsung TV. Shah cement (Noboborsho).
Hobbies and interests: She wants to be a doctor in future. She loves to draw, dance and
play. In her leisure times she likes to watch cartoons, play with her dolls or pet and
sometimes do some paintings.
Favorite color: Pink.
Favorite food: Pizza, Ice-cream, Biryani.
Favorite movie: Baby’s day out.
Favorite place: Jamuna Future Park.
Favorite person: Her father and mother.
Favorite game: Kanamachi, Hide and seek, Mobile legends.

Mahzabeen Noor Manha

Mahzabeen Noor Manha
Mahzabeen Noor Manha
Mahzabeen Noor Manha is a Bangladeshi child actress, model and nasheed singer. Alhamdulillah, she has been able to get a position in the platform of child artists where so many talented children are working nowadays regularly. Manha is working in these fields since 2017. She stays in Maldives. However every year, in December and January, she stays in Bangladesh. During these two months, she works in this platform.
But due to Covid-19, she stayed in Bangladesh during the entire year of 2020 and got more opportunities to work here. Now she is working in a series of Duronto, “Golpo Sheshe Ghumer Deshe”
Born and Raised
Mahzabeen Noor Manha
Mahzabeen Noor Manha with Moushumi

Manha was born on April 16, 2011 in Dhaka. Her home district is Joypurhat. Her father is a Principal of  Maldives education ministry, so she lives in Maldives with her family. She is in grade 4. Manha’s elder sister is an A’level student. Her mother completed CSE . In Bangladesh, Manha stays at Golapbag, Maniknagar. She loves her cousin Rimsha a lot.

Other Information:
Name:Mahzabeen Noor Manha
Nickname: Manha
Father: Muhammad Nurul Islam
Mother: Ismat Ara
Sister: Fatima Noor Mahira
Born: 16-04-2011
School: Hirilandhoo School, Maldives
      Color: Blue
      Food: Pizza
      Movie: Croods
      Place: White sandy beaches of Maldives
      Person: Mother

Extracurricular and Hobby:
Besides modeling and acting, Manha loves to sing Nasheed (Hamd and Naat). Manha is a state champion of Qur’an recitation and school champion of Nasheed in Maldives.
Her hobby is cooking, especially baking. While other children watch cartoons, she loves to watch cooking videos to hunt for new recipes to try. She has a pet bird, a sun conure. She calls her Lucy.
She started modeling at 5 with the encouragement of her mother.  She workes on TVCs, music videos,OVCs, dramas ,short films n participates in  photo shoots.
Shoot time photo with Mousumi
Work Description:
Jenny’s shoe : Yeasir Arafat
IRFAN rice : Mehedi Hasib
AllTime bread (Father’s Day) : Sujon Sarker
Pran mango juice : Sujon Sarker
Poppers Chips : Shankha Dasgupta
IFIC bank : Apon Ahsan
Bangladesh Tobacco  Control : Zubaer Mostofa

Short Films:
Golpota Manhar : Sezat Khan, Sheikh Sadi
Shotto Bhalobasha : Sezat Khan
Music Videos
Bangla Kobita:
Biggapon : Salt Communication, Isteaque Ahmed
Photo Shoot:
Shada Kalo
Guardian Life Insurance
Robi Binge
Shukh Pakhi : Sanjay Somadder
Duronto T.V. :
Golden Jubilee of Independence
Gane Prane Prarthona

Golpo Sheshe Ghumer Deshe

Special Thanks:
Manha specially wants to thank two people of the media for guiding her after entering this industry. They are, the Head of Media and Marketing of BANG Saikot Islam uncle and Choiti Priya aunty of Duronto T.V.
Future Plans:
Manha wants to become a Doctor in future. She asks everyone to keep her in prayer so she can be a good human being who can remain in people’s cherishable memory.

Ariyan Rahman

Ariyan Rahman
Ariyan Rahman

Ariyan Rahman is one of the child actors who have gained fame in modeling and acting in Bangladesh at present. Besides acting skills, he has many other talents. He is like a bright star among innumerable stars. In addition to love, he has skills on YouTube. He regularly makes videos on his own channel and shares them with everyone.

Ariyan Rahman
Ariyan Rahman

Although his full name is Ariyan Rahman, everyone affectionately calls him Ariyan. Ariyan Rahman was born on July 6, 2010. Ariyan’s whole world revolves around his mother Romana Ahmed Ishita. She is a business woman by profession. His only child Ariyan is enjoying all the love alone. All the dreams and pride of Ariyan are his mother. Mother’s inspiration inspires him to grow up. Ariyan is currently in Class Five at Junior Laboratory High School, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Ariyan Rahman is currently living with his family in Dhanmondi, an elite area of Dhaka. Since the school is in Dhanmondi, Dhanmondi area is considered to be a better location for him. His Grand parents house is in Louhjong, Munshiganj. Ariyan was born and raised in Dhaka.

Ariyan Rahman started his Media journey in 2018. His first casting Agency was Model Hunter BD  and his first TVC was T-cash ( Trust Bank) Director by Mokaddem Morshed. Agency by The Team.

Ariyan Rahman has his own Facebook fan page where he regularly updates on various topics. Aryan shares various photos and videos related to her acting as well as her video blog. She has her own YouTube channel. Aryan has always loved to vlog videos.

Hobbies and Interest:

Fristly he wants to be a Doctor. His hobby is Acting. Acting is his passion. When he is free then he loves to watch TV, playing game. In addition to reading, he create videos for his vlogs. Ariyan Rahman wants to stand by the helpless man in the country

Ariyan Rahman
Ariyan Rahman with Mosarraf Karim

Favorite: making vlogs and playing free fire game
Favourit Color- Black
Favourit Food- Burger
Favourit Movie- Fast nd Furious
Favourit Place- Bikrampur ( MiNi ma house Grand Mother)
Favourit Person- Ma, Grand Mother (mini ma) Mama( salman tuhin nd Rudra)
Favourit Game- Free Fire and cricket

Other Achievement: Ariyan Rahman got an award from Eagle music from getting 1 core view in You tube eagle music of acting Monya re vedio song.
He once got a certificate from Dominos pizza as an junior pizza Maker

List of Work:

Ariyan Rahman done so many TVC like t-cash(The Team) Robi work ( Little big films) Bashundhara kings, jamuna future parks, Yamaha Instrument ( fade in work films)

OVC: mir cement ( fade in work films)


1. Bhalobasha speed Breaker(Eagle Mucis)
2.Story of Love (Eagle music)
3. Mahe Ramadan Ep -8 Ar Ekty ghum ( dipu hazar)
4. Mahe ramadan ep – 7 Osthir Iftar party (dipu hazar)
5 Mahe ramadan ep- 01 bodle jaoya (dipu hazar)
6. Mahe ramadan ep- 05 bhul sobi bhul (dipu hazar)
7. Mahe ramdan ep – 10 Opochoy (dipu hazar)
8. Mahe ramdan ep-03 Moner bhule (dipu hazar)
9. Bekhayali Bou ( Eagle music)
10.baba chor (Eagle music)
11. Baba boleche baba bashay nai ( Eagle music)
12. Moyna Re (Eagle music)
13.Mad Boy ( Mabrur Rashid Bannah)

Music video : Moyna Re ( Tasrif khan)  kureghor band
Movie: I wanna be father ,Main story : Redwan raham,Screenplay : roslan rehman

Photo Shoot: noir band,  Nobarupa, Anirban biswas, Model Hunter bd independent Day 2018
Rether this he always do daily vlogs on his Facebook page ( ariyan Rahman)

Shehraan Ferdous Arish

Shehraan Ferdous Arish
Shehraan Ferdous Arish

There are so many stars in the sky. With that comes the luminous Beautiful Moon. Moon looks like a big lightning things and is surrounded   by among the many stars so it catches everyone’s eye. Everyone loves Moon. Arish is just such a lovely name. He is the most beautiful flower among many flowers. He is the brightest among many stars. Arish is one of the child artists who are modeling in Bangladesh. Arish’s full name is Shehraan Ferdous Arish. He looks impossibly beautiful with curly hair.

Shehraan Ferdous Arish
Shehraan Ferdous Arish

Born and Raised:

Arish Born on 27 October 2015.He is the only child of his parents. Arish’s father Ferdous Wahid is a doctor by profession. Arish’s mother Tania Afrin is also a doctor by profession. Arish went to the nursery school. Arish likes to study. Friends call him a scientist at this young age because of his curly hair. That is why the dream of becoming a scientist has been created in his mind.

Arish says he will be a scientist when he grows up. The funny thing is that if someone asks Arish if he wants to be a scientist when he grows up, he would have to say the name of a scientist. He then smiled and said that the name of a scientist is Shehran Ferdous Arish! He himself mentioned as a scientist instead of mentioned other scientists name!

Arish with his mom and dad
Arish with his mom and dad

Modeling Career:

Arish first came to the media in 2019 through a photo shoot of Gentle Park. He was three and a half years old then. After that Arish has become the model of Sailor. Currently he is one of the model of the prominent fashion brand Yellow. Arish likes modeling a lot.

Hobbies and Interest:

Arish loves to sing but he Can’t learn music because of Corona. As soon as the situation becomes normal, Arish will start learning songs. He wants to grow up as a lead guitarist , he will play guitar and keyboard and sing. Arish also likes to draw.



Muhammed Tawhid Hossain Azaan

Tawhid Hossain Azaan
Tawhid Hossain Azaan

Seen from a distance, The boy looks like a real harry potter. Round glasses on eyes, sweet smile on face. We are talking about a little prince whose name is Azaan. Full name Muhammed Tawhid Hossain Azaan. Parents and friends, of course, always like to call him by the name Azaan. Sometimes call him Azu. Teachers call him Tawhid in school. Whatever the name, Azaan is in everyone’s heart. At present, Muhammed Tawhid Hossain Azaan is one of the prominent child artist, models in Bangladesh has gained recognition by showing his talent. Azaan became a model in Apex ads. He becomes popular when his uncle posts some pictures on social media.

Muhammed Tawhid Hossain Azaan.
Muhammed Tawhid Hossain Azaan.

Born and raised:

Muhammed Tawhid Hossain Azaan was born on 14th March 2013 in Chittagong. His Father Muhammed Shahadat Hossain is a banker by profession and his mother Munmun Hossain is a homemaker. In addition to his parents, Azaan has two sisters and he is the elder son of his family. The younger sister name is Amayra Zoha Hossain and Afiah Zaki Hossain.Azaan is currently studying in the fourth grade of Cantonment English School and College, Chittagong. Currently, he lives in Chittagong city.



Other information:

Name: Muhammed Tawhid Hossain Azaan.

Nickname: Azaan.

Father: Muhammed Shahadat Hossain

Mother: Munmun Hossain

Sisters: Amayra Zoha Hossain, Afiah Zaki Hossain.

Born on 14th March 2013

Height: 4 feet 2 inches

School: Cantonment English School and College, Chittagong.

Class: lll

Azaan with his family
Azaan with his family

Extracurricular activities:

Azaan wants to develop himself as a successful actor and model. Since childhood, he is a very friendly and energetic boy. He loves to make friends. In his free time, he watches YouTube blogs and wishes to be a YouTuber also. Apart from this, he loves to dance, sing, play football and draw pictures.

The story behind the start of modeling:

One day Azaan’s uncle Muhammed Imran Hossain owner of Imran H. photography who himself a renowned photographer posted some photographs of Azaan on his Facebook page, in few days Imran started to have massages and calls for Azaan modeling. However, his parents do not allow him to do modeling at first, but when one of Imran’s close friends persists, they can’t say no to him. That’s how Azaan’s modeling career started.

Azaan with Larriena and Larrisa
Azaan with Larriena and Larrisa

Future Plans:

Azaan parent wants him to be a good human being as the most popular prodigy child Faatiha Aayat said in her speech. They wish one-day Azaan will become a successful man by his profession and stand by poor and needy people.

Favorite color:- Sky blue

Favorite food:- Broast, fries, chocolates and ice cream.

Favorite movie:- Finding Nemo, Secret life of pets. Ralph Breaks the Internet

Favorite places:- Sea beach and hill

Favorite person: Mother

Azaan is very friendly, he is not afraid in front of the camera. From the very beginning, he got a lot of interest in modeling and everyone appreciated it. Azaan wants to be regular in modeling. Other child artists and their families love Azan very much. Just as Twin Sister Lariana Larissa enjoyed modeling with Azan, so did Turya and Mohana. Azan always tries to do good deeds by watching and listening and as a result many times it is seen that the number of Azan works is proportionally less but his works are excellent. Azan wants to work on a big platform. He would be happy to work with a great director like Farooqi or Amitabh Raza.



Violet Evergarden is a rollercoaster of emotions

“I want to know what ‘I love you’ means!”
Violet Evergarden is a rollercoaster of emotions. It has some deeply moving scenes with breathtaking visuals. The smooth plot and the storyline development will keep anyone hooked up with the show till the very end. Each episode will make your heart pound and eyes burn and the more you get into the show the deeper those feelings grow.
The story revolves around a nameless girl who was found in the remnants of the western front of Leidenschaftlich. The girl was taken by Naval Captain Dietfried Bougainvillea. He took her to his younger brother, Gilbert Bougainvillea and encouraged him to make her a war tool. Major Bougainvillea felt sympathy for the girl and took her into his arms and told that the girl would be in his care from then on. He named this girl Violet Evergarden.
He started to train Violet like a military soldier. In the war field, Violet acted as the first blow to knock out the enemies. It wasn’t long until the enemies found out about Gilbert’s invincible war tool. But Major Gilbert didn’t take her to be any war tool rather he always saw her as a regular girl.
If things would have moved this good, probably the anime wouldn’t have been a better one. On a certain battle of ‘Intense’, Gilbert’s team infiltrated the enemy headquarters successfully but the Major and Violet both ended up in a critical condition with Violet losing both of her arms and at the final moment, the Major confessed his feelings for Violet and told her that she has to live and be free. He couldn’t finish properly. Before that the enemy Army blasted their own headquarters and retreated with Violet being the only survivor.
After she came into sense, she was taken in the care of Ret. Lt. Colonel Claudia Hodgins who used to be Major Gilbert’s friend. Her arms were exchanged by two automated arms. Violet thought of the Major’s last lines a number of times but couldn’t understand those. That’s when Mr. Hodgins said that she has been burning and someday, she will realize it. That didn’t shake her. In fact, she didn’t feel anything. So, Violet started her journey to understand those last words of her Major by becoming an ‘Auto Memory Doll’, who writes letters for people.
In her journey, she met a lot of people with a lot of stories of their own.
Each of the letters contained a different feeling, a different emotion. When she understood that she was writing letters to unite people by the very hands which killed people, she felt that she was burning. But still, she didn’t stop, she kept writing for people as a way to keep the Major’s last words. She was living, living a life which the Major had given her. This journey led her to understand what feelings were, what was the meaning of the words ‘I love you’ which the Major had told her.
The anime mainly focuses on her journey on writing letters for people which is able to create deep emotions within our hearts and get our eyes burst into tears even though the end is not a tragedy. To understand how some random stories and emotions can shake a person’s heart is the sole purpose of the creation of this anime. It’s a must watch at least once in a lifetime to understand that feelings can change a person, change into being someone which they never dreamt of.
Segment: Anime Review
Anime: Violet Evergarden
Written by: Reiko Yoshida
Published by: Kyoto Animation
Genre: Drama, coming of age, fantasy
Episodes: 13+OVA
Written by:Mahmuduzzaman MugdhoInstitution: Jhenidah Cadet College

Grade: 11

Parasite is one of Bong Joon-ho’s masterpiece films

‘’She’s rich but still nice’’
‘’No, she’s nice because she’s rich’’
Parasite is one of Bong Joon-ho’s masterpiece films. The story centres around two families on opposite side of the economic spectrum. The Kim family relies on their manipulation and slyness to survive in their cruel society while the Park family are presented as kind-hearted people, but they choose to be ignorant of extreme poverty even though they are living comfortably in their rich lifestyle at the expense of the impoverished.
The narrative starts when Kim Ki-woo is given an opportunity to tutor a girl(Da-hye) from the rich Park family. Slowly due to the gullible disposition of the Parks, Ki-woo and his family deceives their way into attaining jobs in the Park family. At first, it can be seen as the members of the lower classes leech of the generosity of the Park family. But the rich family are also leeching off the lower classes by living pleasantly off their hardship.
What Bong is trying to show in the movie is that in a capitalist society “Who are the real parasites?” (thus the name of the movie)
What makes this movie really great to me is it’s foreshadowing and cinematography. Stairs are used in almost a metaphorical sense in this movie tying in with the theme of verticality and how it relates to class.
In the end of the movie, we see Kim earning money to buy the house and free his father from his confinement in the basement only to realize that it was all Ki-woo’s dream/plan written in a letter to his father which will never reach him. So all he can do is hope but hope only brings discontentment.
In an interview Bong addresses the fact that it will take 564 years for Ki-woo to work until he can buy the house where his father is secretly confined so basically the movie ends with shattering Ki-woo’s dream of rising from his social status.
Parasite was a film that made a lot of people realize that the world of international film has a lot to offer like Hollywood films. It’s easily a 10/10 movie for me. If you like dark comedy and suspenseful movies, I would definitely recommend this one.
Movie Review (English)
CA Reference : Afii Chan
Movie: Parasite
Director: Bong Joon-ho
Genre: Dark Comdey, Drama, Thriller, Mystery
Imdb: 8.6/10
Rotten Tomatoes: 98%
Run time: 132 minutes
Box office: $258.8 million
Personal Rating : 10/10
Written by:Humaira Afia Orthy

Institution: Monipur Uchcha Viddyalaya & College
Grade: 9

Andhadhun is inspired by a French short film


Andhadhun is inspired by a French short film called L’accordeur (The Piano Tuner). The film followed the adventures of Adrien (Gregoire Leprince-Ringuet), a piano tuner who pretends to be blind in order to get more work.

Though his only motive is to make more money, Adrien inadvertently ends up seeing a side of people no one else sees. This, more of less, is the premise of Andhadhun but Sriram Raghavan has turned it around into a delightfully dark comedy which kind of grabs you by the jugular in the first frame itself and refuses to let go.

The French film is peppered with numerous twists and turns which lent it a feverish intensity and such is the case with Andhadhun as well. Akash (Ayushmann Khurrana) is a talented pianist who pretends to be blind because he feels it’ll help enhance his craft. A faded yesteryears star Pramod Sinha (Anil Dhawan), is enamoured by his talent and invites him over for a private performance on the occasion of his anniversary, meaning it to be as a surprise for his much younger wife, Simi (Tabu).

Unfortunately for everyone involved, Pramod has been killed by Simi’s paramour, (played by Manav Vij) and the ‘blind’ piano player witnesses the duo disposing off the body. He soon finds that his handicap isn”t going to help him flee the clutches of the criminals after all. Andhadhun will remind viewers of American pulp movies, where every character is bent and serves his or her own agendas.

The film offers homage to the Hindi film music of the 70’s as well, what with Ayushmann playing many hit tunes of the era on his piano. Scenes from Anil Dhawan”s films are also shown in snatches, and the fiction of Promod Sinha is ably maintained. The film has been shot mostly in and around Pune and the bylanes of the city become a minor character in it. The production design and cinematography is to be lauded for this feat.

Tabu is the centre point of this meandering drama. She’s been described as Lady Macbeth by a character but that’s just one facet of her role. She plays a woman who isn’t completely all there. She starts off as a bored housewife looking for a bit of fun on the side and ends as an amoral, unhinged being who nevertheless retains our sympathy. We watch her antics with morbid fascination, knowing that we’re going to be surprised at every turn. Her quicksilver expressions and impeccable timing make Tabu a delight to watch.

Radhika Apte is a fine actor and one wonders why she said yes to her minor role in the film. She does her bits with finesse but it’s just not her film. After a while, she’s not required in the narrative at all. This easing off is a kind of disservice to an actor of her calibre. Ayushmann Khurrana too is a steal as the piano player with a kink. His switches from being blind to being normal are spot on and later, his helplessness and rage at being subjected to the world’s unfairness is consistent too.

He took lessons in piano playing for the role and that too looks genuine. He and Tabu share the ease of longtime collaborators in their scenes together and their histrionics is the glue holding up the film’s convoluted plot. Zakir Hussain’s character, that of a corrupt doctor plagued by demands of his family, adds an extra dose of spice to the proceedings. Watch Andhadhun for it’s zig zag storyline and spot on acting by the entire cast. It’ll one of those mysteries which you’ll like to go back to despite knowing the ending.

Movie review (Hindi)

Movie Name: Andhadhun

Genre: Comedy, Crime, Mystery, Thriller

Director: Sriram Raghavan

Writer: Sriram Raghavan, Hemanth M Rao, Pooja Ladha Surti, Arijit Biswas, Yogesh Chandekar

Release Date: October 5, 2018

IMDb rating: 8.2/10 Personal rating: 9/10

Written by: Ahnaf Al Nasif

Sylhet Cadet College

Grade: 11

Parasite Is The Best Film of The Decade


Parasite Is The Best Film of The Decade.‘Parasite’s’ opening shot of a small glass window looking up from a basement house to the view of a narrow winding road, sets the visual language of the film firmly, right at the onset.

There are many more such shots which metaphorically convey the social and economic disparity that is the central theme of this film. Especially the use of stairs going up and down, cramped spaces versus lush, open green lawns, delectably and elegantly laid out fruit slices as opposed to a clumisly heaped plate of food from a local kitchen.

Kim Ki-taek (Song Kang-ho) and his family live in a pokey, underground house and are generally unemployed. When we meet them, the family is perturbed that their access to free wifi has been cut short. Obviously not able to afford their own, they have been sponging off their neighbor’s connection.

In fact, even as a fumigation carried out on their street, Kim tells his family to leave the windows open so they can have a free extermination of the insects in their house, despite almost choking on the fumes. On some days, they get by with temporary jobs like fixing pizza boxes.

So when his son Kim Ki-woo (Choi Woo-shik) is offered by a friend to be set up as an English tutor to the daughter of a wealthy Mr. Park (Lee Sun-kyun), he agrees. Only hitch, Kim Ki-woo doesn’t have a college degree having failed his university exams. But his sister, Kim Ki-jeong (Park So-dam) presents a quick solution to this with her expert photo-shopping skills.

Armed with a forged degree document, Kim makes an easy impression on Mr.Park’s wife, Yeon-kyo (Cho Yeo-jeong) and their teenage daughter, Park Da-hye (Jung ji-so). There’s also their nine-year-old son, Park Da-song (Jung Hyeong), scampering around the house, who Yeon-kyo believes has untapped potential as an artist. With one foot firmly inside the Park household, Kim Ki-jeong craftily places his sister as Da-song’s art teacher cum therapist.

Yeon-kyo’s naivety and gullible nature makes this inclusion quite smooth. Soon with some careful scheming, fake identities and a well-rehearsed plan even his parents, Kim Ki-taek and Chung sook (Chang Hyae-jin) are employed in the household. It seems like a flawless plan with the Kim family settled into their new found roles and the sunlit, lavish mansion of the Park family giving it the perfect backdrop. But just like that, director Bong Joon-ho’s screenplay springs upon us unexpected plot twists and a thrilling run up to a grisly yet astounding climax.

Through a well-crafted maze of events the prevalent class conflict and social disparity come to the fore. The Kim’s are often shown huddled together as a family, gobbling away at their meals and the Park’s are often in their own expansive rooms, almost isolated from each other. In a telling scene, when Mr. Park discusses Mr.Kim’s smell that wafts through the car when he drives, ‘crossing the line’ and reaching the backseat, he describes it as an ‘old rag that has been boiled’ and ‘that smell that people who travel in the subway have’.

It’s evident there is unspoken disdain is on both ends, as Chung sook quips how Yeon-kyo is ‘nice because she is rich.’ With not a moment that seems unnecessary or extra, ‘Parasite’ is exceptionally well-paced and edited (Yang Jin-mo). Director Bong Jon-ho masterfully constructs stylized, dramatic sequences set to a brilliant background score (Jung Jae-il) as the film rapidly moves from one plot point to another. It results in a gripping yet poignant watch. The ensemble cast enhance the proceedings with superlative performances, especially Song Kang-ho, Park So-dam and Choi Woo-shik.

Segment: Movie review (English)

Name: Parasite

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Mystery And Thriller

Original Language: Korean

Director: Bong Joon-ho

Producer: Kwak Sin-ae, Moon Yanggwon

Writer: Bong Joon-ho, Han Jinwon

Release Date (Theaters): Nov 1, 2019

IMDb rating: 8.6/10

Personal rating: 8.8/10


Written by: Ahnaf Al Nasif

Sylhet Cadet College

Grade: 11

Emer Mckee took place in the record book at the age of 12

Emer Mckee
Emer Mckee

Emer Mckee took place in the record book at the age of 12 . She finished the 5 km road race in just 18 minutes and 40 seconds. Which is a world record in the competition of her age. Earlier in 2016, 12-year-old Annabella Velcheva finished the 5 km race in 18 minutes and 18 seconds in Florida. This time, young Emer Mckee surpassed Velcheva and brought herself to the spotlight.

Emer Mckee has been flocking to East Belfast’s Willowfield Harriers Club since setting the record in the Championship Ireland event at Down Royal on Sunday. However, he is also dreaming of breaking this record and setting a new record. Emer Mckee said, ‘Usually I try to run as fast as I can. But now I am waiting for it to pass. At first, I started running in the park. I joined a running club when I was 9 years old. Everyone at that club is very good. Helps me tremendously and their behavior is also friendly. All my coaches also help me a lot in maintaining this continuity of performance. ‘

At such a young age, the joy of Mckee’s fame has touched his family as well. Her mother, Catherine, is overjoyed at such an achievement. “I am very proud of my daughter’s achievement,” she said. Breaks the chest. She is very strong, committed, and motivated. She continues her work in any weather. ‘ Her mother, Catherine, said: “She could not practice much with her group because of the lockdown. This is why he has practiced alone during this time.

She did everything very carefully and even when running she could not stop any obstacle. She also went out and practiced during the lockdown. She has received a lot of support from other runners at the club. Her coaches are great too. Not only that, but her primary school teachers also encouraged her to run. ‘ A few days ago, Mckee took just 17 minutes and 36 seconds to touch the 5 km finish line in Victoria Park. But it was no longer recognized as an official competition. But Mckee is satisfied with her performance. “I ran 5km in 18:36 seconds in Victoria Park when the race started after the lockdown a few weeks ago,” she said. I’m still very happy to be at the peak of my performance. ‘