Dealing with academic life   

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Dealing with academic life.

Our academic life consists of innumerable examinations . Have we ever thought what is the sole purpose of attending exams ?  Basically an exam is a formal test that we take  to show our knowledge or ability in a particular subject, or to obtain a qualification.

Academic exams are something which we face very often in our student life . Although with the course of time , exams have become an integral part , we sometimes fail to  cope up with exam stress . Due to society pressure , peer pressure and family pressure exam has turned into a scary test for us .

I asked a friend of mine to state her opinion on this . She said , “For me dealing with exams has always been stressful. Frankly speaking, exams emphasize more on testing our memory rather than our intelligence. There are times when I had prepared well for exams but unfortunately I forgot many things while writing my answer script. Again sometimes staring at the question paper I got panic attacks. I think the main reason behind this is the fact we get pressurized from our family or teachers.”

Like she said there is a huge pressure of getting the perfect GPA score in board exams .  So it is very important to know how to deal with this pressure effectively . Here are a few helpful tips to follow if you are a student .Dealing with academic life

1) Set up a routine:-

Having a proper routine will inevitably make your day productive . When we create a routine we have to keep in mind that the routine needs to be flexible , more elaborately speaking the routine needs to be such which fits with our lifestyle perfectly . There are various time management techniques we can easily find on the internet . For eg ;The Pomodoro Technique is a time management method developed by Francesco Cirillo in the late 1980s. The technique uses a timer to break down work into intervals, traditionally 25 minutes in length, separated by short breaks . Many students have found this particular technique to be very helpful for them .

2) Avoid spending too much time on social media  :-

We live in an age where social media has become the icon of our lives .  It has bought the world closer , no doubt about that . But with the rise of social media people are now getting more and more addicted to their phone.  Science shows that excessive use of any modern device has an alarming effect on human body . Medical researchers continue to examine any health risks associated with mobile phone use. Research has focused on germs, traffic accidents, cancer, electromagnetic radiation, and health effects such as changes in brain activity and sleep patterns.

3) Study through the Internet :-                                                                                     In  Bangladesh there are various online schools like 10 min school , Onnorokompathshala , Neuron plus etc . They have a collection of videos on YouTube which are completely free . Students now can get a lot of help through online classes and tutorials .

(4)Develop ethics :-   Patience and sincerity towards your academic life  will bring the greatest change in your life . We have to always remember that a person with a sincere mindset becomes more successful than a person with dishonest intention. There is no alternative of hardwork when it comes to qualifications . Never give up working hard . Your hardwork and dedication will find it’s way out in life.   

(5)  Make friends carefully :-

Your surrounding will be  comprised of the friends you make in your academic life .  It’s upto you to differentiate between right and wrong in this regard. Staying in a positive environment will help you stay positive during your stressful days .

(6) Exercise regularly :-

Even a  30 mins simple cardio or a walk will help our blood circulation to increase and keep us feeling energetic throughout the whole day .

(7) Meditate to increase concentration :-

Paying keen attention to your class lectures is a very important part of  student life .  Many students have difficulty concentrating for a specific period of time . Consistent meditation and yoga helps to relax the body and mind .

(8)Participate in extra curricular activities :-

Qualities like leadership and experience can be achieved through participating in various cultural and extra curricular activities .

(9) Develop a habit of reading books :-

In order to rejuvenate yourself sometimes it is better to read books other than your academic ones on your spare time . Make sure to never forget that books are a man’s best friend.

(9) Follow the advice of inspirational people :-

It is very important to follow inspirational people to boost up our determination .

Lastly the most important thing in student life is confidence . There will be very tough and stressful times in our student life . But we can easily overcome it through putting efforts in the best way possible .  At the end of the day everyone has different techniques and strategies  with which they can improve their abilities .  We need to find out ways to gather and  simplify information in order to understand it better .


Written by: Tahira Noor