Unemployment due to the pandemic


Unemployment due to the pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has caused hundreds of unemployment in Bangladesh and all around the world. For some people, there is literally no source of income as they have been kicked out of their work. People are struggling with paying for their daily needs and wants. People cannot afford food, as the price of the ingredients have become higher due to the pandemic

The pandemic has caused a rising concern over people’s incomes. Those jobs who did not kick employees out, are paying only half of the payment they were supposed to provide. Other working jobs are not paying the employees at all, even though, they are making the workers work full time. This is really concerning and troubling in the daily people’s lives.

The workers, however are getting demotivated because of the sudden change in their salary. They demand full salary due to the immense workload they have. But the employers are stubborn and not listening to the full time employees. It is causing a huge gap between employer employee relationship.

A valid concern about the workers are that they need to feed themselves and their family but failing to do so due to lack of income. They are even leaving their jobs and become unemployed due to this.Unemployment due to the pandemic

Unemployment has been going on since the start of the pandemic. In my opinion, the government should take steps in covering the expenses of its country’s citizens. It should provide a monthly wage to the incomeless families. However, another concern is the safety of the citizens.

Government should provide certain safety measures such as k95 masks and educate them about safety. I’m sure in this way, many countries would be educated and safe not increasing the pandemic any longer.

Written by: Yashna Zarine