Retaliation of nature


Retaliation of nature

Once upon a time, there was a master of martial art who had his own camp for practice. He used to sit and train his students. Many did not see him walk. Most of the time he had been seen sitting.

One day a senior player was walking alone in the field. And he was limping. seeing the player, a little boy asked his master,

“Master! Why is this man walking like a crippled?”

The master said,

“That man has only one ball under his Trouser, that’s why.”

The little boy got shocked and replied,

“But how? How is this possible?”Retaliation of nature

Master said,

“He lost one of his balls in 1971 at the independent war.”

The boy said, “seriously? How did he lose that?”

“Because He said to the military that he has two balls under his trouser. That was the fucking reason.”

The master started laughing. And The boy plunged into deep thought.

The boy took time and asked,

“Why is a man going to say that he has two balls when everyone knows all men have two generally?”

Master replied with a chuckle,

“Because he has three balls in the past actually. And the military was checking under his trouser whether he is Muslim or not. But the stupid man thought the military was checking his balls”

After saying this whole story about the player who was limping on the field the master started laughing loudly. The little boy has remained silent. Thinking about the story the master said to him moments ago.

Seeing the little boy quite-

master told him,

Don’t think much about It, my boy.

The boy said,

“Master! You are joking, right?”

Master said,

“Oh, my boy! My smart boy! You got me. Yes, I am joking. Now keep your concentration on Stretching. Otherwise, It may cause you hamstring injury.”

Actually, The truth was, master Used to hate that senior player who was ruled out of the Olympic Last year due to his hamstring injury.

A few years later, the master got injured by cancer in his own balls and there was no way to keep him alive without cutting one of his balls out of two. The doctors cut his ball and saved his life.

After this happens, one day the Master was coming towards the field for teaching. And the boy was the first time seeing his master walking. The master was cramping. And the little boy asked,

“Master! Why are you walking like a crippled?”

Master didn’t like the word ‘crippled’ from his student. So he replied,

“Oh, my boy! My sweet boy! Did you remember the story I told you about a man who lost his ball in 1971 at the independent war? That man was no-one but me.”

The little boy said,

“Oh, master! I feel pity for you.”

Master replied with sorrow,

“Don’t Think much about It, boy. Keep concentration in your stretching. And remember, Never make jokes at someone’s plight.”


Written by: Ariful Abir