What is “Quill Of Scion: An Artistry Carnival”?


In the dawn of the 20s, the COVID-19 pandemic has pushed the timeline of
mankind in a different direction as if an alternate timeline. This very pandemic has
taught us the value of interactions, people, workplaces, environments, schools,
communities, friends, families, and life itself. When we are caged in our own home
or should I say house arrested just to flatten the curve, it is really important to stay
motivated to stay out of depression and most importantly allowing time to oneself.

Generally, the concept of allowing time oneself is replaced by the word entertainment. Entertainment obviously is one of the fundamental necessities of human life. The one disadvantage of being a human is we cannot work like robots we need distractions to increase productivity so we cannot think a day without modes of entertainment. Some like reading books, its like diving in the ocean of knowledge to know the unknown. Some like watching movies/series/anime, which are becoming a popular source of entertainment in this century. Who doesn’t like to drown with Jack and cry for Rose while watching Titanic!  Or there is none who does not feel the flow of rages when Thanos got the sixth stone and perished half of the world! Although I have found some of my friends who are fans of Thanos. Or is it “I am Iron Man”??  No one can hold one’s tears back in the eyes while watching Miracle in Cell No 7!

People like to think out of the box. It’s the prerequisite of inventions. When you read ‘Tin Goyenda’ or ‘Feluda’, some of you may think to create some characters like these, again when you read ‘A thousand of Splendid Sun’ you may think yourself as Mariam and you may have better stories to tell! There comes writing stories, another form of entertainment.

While buying a mobile phone, one of the main priorities of us is a nice camera with greater megapixels, variable apertures, Sony or Samsung Sensors, and whatnot. Photography is a reflection of one’s visualization. Nowadays it got so much popularity as a mode of hobbies also a career. People of different ages are found to click, edit, and upload photographs on Facebook, Instagram, and all social media as a form of entertainment. Lastly music, it is hard to find anyone who doesn’t hum his favorite song even a little every day. Many of us also choose music as a soothing form of entertainment.

It’s been long six months since we came home and we don’t know when it’ll end. It’s an open truth that all forms of entertainment are fading interest now. Our neurons love new challenges along with versatility and maybe it is time to improve your skill via the form of entertainment you like!

Amazing, isn’t it? A platform to test your audacity and aspiration via book or movie or series or anime or photography or music!  Yes, it is here!

Seize the day presents “Quill of Scion: An Artistry Carnival”- the platform you may be longing for since the very day you read “Norwegian Wood” or watched “The Book Thief”.

Most of you have dreamt to write with the feather pen of our ancestors, who used to put it in the inkpot to write the most perfect manuscripts. It’s time for you to hold the quill and write your voice as your voice is the voice of our future generation – scions! We have the following segments in our carnival:

  1. Book Review (Bangla)
  2. Book Review (English)
  3. Movie Review (Including Anime Movies) 
  4. Series Review (Including Anime Series)
  5. Story Writing (Bangla)
  6. Story Writing (English)
  7. Theme Photography
  8. Music (singing)

So get your weapon (quill, camera, or guitar) and be the part of this versatile artistic carnival!

Still confused? Then let’s find out what you will get from the event:

Participation Certificates
1.Appreciation Certificates
2.Exciting Prizes
3.Campus Ambassador Awards

Still thinking?? We ensure the best judges around the country and even beyond the country to judge your content! The decision of judges will be final and we will make sure you will learn some best tips and lessons by this event which will help you lifelong.

All of us are familiar with the quote of Alberto Manguel, “Maybe this is why we read, and why in moments of darkness we return to books: to find words for what we already know!

Books inspired us to write and writing about books is another inspiration to express your different sets of thoughts in front of the world. Maybe you find some good traits of the most known villains or the unknown reason for the altruistic behavior of the hero! Maybe you can feel the love of Bella which drives her to be a vampire or the cruelty of Count Dracula for what he should be killed! Yes in the segment of book and movie review, it’s your thought, your language, and your own imagination which you will color in the papers by your quill. Also, you may be the one who can show us the difference between a cloud floating in the sky and tell a story about them. Or you can capture the raindrops on the grass to describe why the tears of the princess of the sky turned into rain. Yes in the segment of theme photography you can unleash your crazy imagination to find the most harmonic story with the content of your photo.  Again some characters in your head are braver than Bear Grylls, wilder than James Bond, sharper than Robert Langdon, and a dreamer like Rapunzel. In the story writing segment, the paper is all yours, the characters are all yours- you can make them do anything they want or anything you want. From the deepest of amazon to the highest peak of the Himalayas you can send them anywhere! Let your quill do the job and create the most amazing stories of history!

Or you may have the sweeter voice ever! No party, no outing, no celebration of your family and friends can be top-notch without your singing. Or you may sing only for yourselves, sometimes just by voice, sometimes karaoke, again sometimes with strings of guitar or keys of a piano. Let’s open up this time in the segment of music! Show your hidden talent and create a new melodious octave that people are craving to hear! Yes, you can and you will do it!!

And this carnival will bring all in one package! So don’t miss the opportunity! Registration right now in Quill of Scion: An Artistry Carnival and show your creativity!

Get yourself registered in this amazing event to showcase your latent talents.

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