Youth organization Brilliant Resources recently hosted an online competition, IGNITE TALENT, focusing on developing the extracurricular activities of students. The main aim of the competition was to encourage creativity among youths.

Brilliant Resources was founded to help O’level and A’level students from around the world with free educational resources including notes, practice questions materials, etc. and help students develop their extracurricular activities through various competitions, webinars, etc. They are supporting the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) number 4. All the educational resources ensure complete revision for exams and are available for free through their website and Facebook page. Before distribution, all the educational resources follow an extensive review process to ensure maximum quality and clarity for proper understanding. Since it’s inception, Brilliant Resources has helped more than 10,000 students of IGCSE & IAL through their Facebook Page.

The competition was organized by 3 A’level students from Maple Leaf International School. The series of competitions were divided into different segments as Photography (Mobile & DSLR), Music (Solo/Team), Art & Painting (Digital/Traditional), Project Idea Presentation, Essay Writing in both Bengali and English, Poetry Recitation (Bangla), Olympiad (Physics, Chemistry, Biology), Math Challenge, HTML Challenge & Chess Competition. The Olympiad was divided into two categories as under 18 and above 18 according to International Competition rules. To ensure fairness and prevent plagiarism in Olympiad, HTML Challenge & Maths Challenge, the exams were conducted in highly professional exam marker software with candidate’s screen recording & live video recording features.

“Every idea has the power to shape our world. IGNITE TALENT is a platform, where creative people can showcase their ideas,” shared Dibakar Roy, Founder & CEO.
Zanita Ahmed Zhilik, Mozzem Mostakim, Md. Sohan Haider, Oishik Jawad, Ahmad Asif Sami are among other notable personalities who participated as judges of the competition.
Sponsors of the Competition are Bashundhara Cement and Raja Metal.
Partners of the event include Bhaatbank, Ignite Youth Foundation, Interactive Cares, Smartifier Academy, Radio Carnival, Skillshare Education, Oroddho Health, The House of Arts, Teenagers, Protyush & YouVelop.

The Competition ended on 31 August with about 3500 national participants and 200 international participants. Participants include from Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Nepal, USA, Canada, Australia, Philippines, Guinea, Liberia & Nigeria.

The participants and awardees will be presented with certifications and prize money. All the certificates will be verifiable with a unique identification code to ensure the authenticity of the certificates issued. The exhibition began on 17 September on their Facebook Page. The result will be announced on 21 September 2020.

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/BrilliantResourcesBD
Website: https://www.brilliantresources.org

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