-Ariful Abir

Once upon a time, two friends went hunting in a dense forest. They have been friends since childhood. They had adequate bonding between them and they trust each other in any case.

It was a dense forest. And the density of trees make the trouble to find the way out. But it was a challenge and an adventure to them to hunt in this jungle. They both were insanely stubborn child, so, in a morning, they left out for a hunt.

Walking by the jungle, they were gossiping. The elder one between them ask to the younger one,

“Will you leave me and climb a tree if such a bear come?”

“No, I don’t know how to climb a tree.” Said the youngest of them.

An eagle was sitting on the trunk of a tree and looking at them. A snake passed by them in a strange silence. And none of them noticed anything.

“And you? What would you do if a bear came?” The younger one asked his friend.

“Run. I don’t know how to climb a tree, I don’t know how to act like dying. So, I would run.” The elder one replied.

Few moments later, they saw a fawn nearby and started chasing it.

As they chased the fawn they plunge into the deep forest. They had no consciousness while chasing the stag.

Suddenly they realized that they had lost their way to go back home. They stopped chasing the deer. And they got frightened. Already the sun started moving to the West. In this mysterious jungle, night falls very early. They both weren’t sure about what to do in this situation. The youngest of them cried out desperately,

“Is anyone here?”

No answer came from anywhere, only his words echoed back again and again. The night was dark and full of terrors. The owl in the trees began to move. As it happens, They found a large trunk of a tree and spend the night over there.


In the next morning, the little boy felt thirsty. So they started looking for water instead of searching the way to go home. The jungle was specious. They couldn’t find a drop of water anywhere. They hunt for water until the noon. The sun was scorching over their head. And they started getting tired.


Eventually they found a huge cavity where the water was far below.

The older one between two had a large leather bag in his shoulder. The younger one began to lift water through the bag with the help of a rope.

But he was tired. So that he couldn’t lift the water bag.

Seeing him felt, the older boy said,

“You can’t. Give It to me.”

But the little boy was insanely stubborn so he kept trying.

The older boy said to him again,

“Give It to me. You can’t.”

And the little boy kept on trying not to listen to his friend.


Seeing no other way, the older boy pulled the rope from the little boy’s hand and began to lift water bag by himself.

But he was tired too. After trying to grab the water bag for a while, he fell into the depth with his eyes closed. The little boy was terrified to see his friend fall. The older boy started screaming from the bottom of the cave,

Pull me, get me out of here.

Soon the little one started trying to lift his friend from the pit with a rope. He tried and tried and tried. He tried hard. He kept on trying until the evening. And finally, he managed to lift his friend from the hole.

After being saved, the older boy asked his little friend,

“You couldn’t lift the water bag from the cave but how did you pull me out of It?”

The boy took a moment, looked into his friend’s eyes, and answered into his sluggish voice,

“Because I didn’t have anyone here to say, ‘you can’t’.”