Children’s educational cartoon Sisimpur


Sisimpur is the Bangladeshi version of the children’s television program Sesami Street. Children’s educational cartoon Sisimpur. Its new episode is aired every Friday on Bangladesh Television. The show is also aired on RTV and Duranto TV.

The show began its journey on April 14, 2004. A total of 26 episodes were produced in the first season, 36 episodes were produced in the second season. The show has aired more than 600 episodes in 12 seasons. Let’s get acquainted with some of the special characters of this show though.

Cartoon character:

1. Halum: A Bengal Tiger. Loves to eat fish. Top of the list of children’s favorites.

2. Manik-Ratan: A pair of two sheep. Together they are addressed as Manik-Ratan.

3. Shiku: A small fox. Science-minded, rationalist, detective. Shakur is the presenter of the program. Pretty intelligent. 4. Tuktuki – a girl doll. Loves to read books. She loves to do two braids. Wearing bangles in hand. Tuktuki is a very sociable girl. Presenter of The New Tuktuki Opera. She is very sweet.

5. Ikari Mikri – A small monster-shaped girl doll. A character who is thoughtful enough. She loves to present herself by name.

Human character:

1. Mukul – A young man and entrepreneur graduated from university.

2. Sumna – Sisimpur school teacher.

3. Guni Moira – Sweet shopkeeper.

4. Asha – wife of Guni, and librarian of the only library in Sisimpur.

5. Palash – son of virtue and hope. Benefits of Sisimpur: Children who regularly watch the Sisimpur show are one year older than those who do not watch the Sisimpur show more skills in language, caste, mathematics, and socio-cultural subjects. Dear Halun Ikri Carton i.e.

Sisimpur is enough for the necessary home education of children Honors earned by Sisimpur: In a survey conducted by the BBC World Service Trust, Sisimpur was selected as the top children’s program and the third most popular program overall. State Minister for Information.

Murad Hasan said, ‘All the channels of the country should show the Sisimpur program. There should be more educational programs like Sisimpur to free the children from the burden of heavy books. Sisimpur is spreading Bengali culture among our children through Ikri, Tuktuki, Halum.

I hope the journey of Sisimpur to give children happy childhood gifts will never end. ‘ Finally love from the heart of all the staff working behind Sisimpur.

Written by: Ismam Jahan