The Covid-19 Effect on Teens Mental Health


Most of the country of the world is under lockdown due to rapid sweeps of COVID-19. The condition is becoming worsen day by day after the first appearance in December, 2019-Wuhan, China. According to WHO more than 0.3 million peoples died and affected more than 5 million people worldwide. we will discuss the Covid-19 Effect on Teens Mental Health.

The first reported patient having viral pneumonia due to unknown causes and now it’s clear that the disease is caused by the virus called Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2). The world becomes stopped and it affects human beings in every possible way. It’s greatly hampered the economy, the lifestyle, the livelihood, and everything.

But one thing is more concerning, we all may not aware of it, but it’s the truth. According to Chinese research, 40.4% of youth are psychologically prone to a psychological problem. Pandemic has significantly disrupted their lives in different ways.

Missing the first season on their varsity, or their final semester of high school, Isolating from their friends, maintaining social distance, and locked into the four walls of the house make many teens disappointed. The long time staying at home makes the experience of psychological distress, depression, and anxiety. According to researchers- locked indoors for long periods,  may lead to get “cabin fever” or feel like they are going “stir crazy” and affect more to the teenager. Isolation from friends for a long time erases the meaningful moments which also affect mental health.

At the starting of the year, every teen dreamt to have a new plan, new year, new class, new lesson, and everything new. But this becomes destroyed due to the pandemic covid19.

So It’s becoming the challenging moments for the guardian to keep their child’s mental health okay. Social Media, TV, and newspapers always try to keep the moment usable but its no more until the family elders come forward to solve this.

There are many possible ways to solve this, but more effective is to do an open conversation, without getting angry, and talk to your teens. This may create and friendly environment and will help to make a locked moment enjoyable.

Another thing is that, the teens are spending most of the time on social media, or watching TV, and they are getting more and more info on COVID19, which may make them panicked. So It’s the duty of every guardian to follow up whatever his child doing.

Try to do something together with fun like painting, drawing, coding, cross-stitching, makeup, cooking, writing, poetry, TikToks, etc. This may help to relieve the depression of teens and help to overcome the critical moment.

But remember, these suggestions won’t fix your depression anxiety at all, but help to cope with it while we’re all apart. One thing to remember, you are not alone, the situation will change soon and the world becomes busy again as it was before.

Written by: Rony Ibne Masud

Model: Rihan