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Why karate is important to learn for teenagers?

Why karate is important to learn for teenagers? Karate is a Japanese martial art whose physical aspects develop defensive and counter body movements. Traditional fogs to Plato Themes of training are fighting and defensive, although its psychological and moral aspects aim at the overall improvement of the individual.

Gichin Funakoshi (A., Funakoshi Gichin, November 10, 1868, to April 26, 1957) Shotokan Karate – Founder, probably the most widely known style of karate, and known as the “father of modern karate”. benefit?

Ans: Karate is basically a technique of self-defense with empty hands. 50% hand work in karate 50% footwork.

It teaches more to defend. Stamina grows a lot and increases more than others. Courage increases, if someone attacks, one can easily defend own selves. When anyone ever came to hit, the automatic defense came. One’s fitness is much better. By the grace of God, one does stay always fit and active.

Can work hard because of regular karate practice. can eat well. The body and mind stay healthy. Through this one can play National and both International games. Most martial arts injuries have bruises and space accounts but more serious injuries also occur.

Some Mixed Martial Arts Practices, For example, the Academy Nate noted that some mixed martial arts practices carry an increased risk of anxiety, shortness of breath, spinal cord damage, ruptured arteries, or head and neck injuries.

Every activity has its own opposite reaction also have karate so. But it’s a great opportunity for anyone to have the power to defend Everyone should learn karate. Karate helps in self-defense, keeping the body well, keeping the mind in a good mood, maintaining sociality.

It is a treatment for the disabled. Even in many cases it’s been observed that Mother and daughter are learning together. Maternal muscles learn to keep the blood circulating. One-to-one learning strategies vary. Some give more power, some less. A lot of naughty kids fight back and forth.

They should be taught karate. Because they will not fight back. Obey the rules. Rather would say the mind will be calm. And won’t fight so easily.

Nafisa Tabassum Juena
Nafisa Tabassum Juena
Nafisa Tabassum Juena is a writer and sub editor of Teenagers.She's a student. Love to write. Love to explore her world with her pen and want to fly one day all by herself.
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