5 ways to lead a healthy lifestyle


Due to coronavirus, most people are on lockdown. People might get sick due to staying at home for a long time. 5 ways to lead a healthy lifestyle. If you maintain a proper lifestyle, you can stay healthy. Let us know about 5 ways to stay healthy.

1. Apply sunlight- How much do we think about light having a good impact on our health? It is a certified truth. Those who are staying inside the house for a long time should apply sunlight even for a small amount of time. If you live in the city, you may go to your house’s rooftop, veranda or windowsill in order to get the sunlight. The mild sunlight on dawn and dusk is good.

If you’re too far away from sunlight, it can lead to mental exhaustion. Oppositely, sunlight can make hormones alive which can cut off mental exhaustion

2. Stay positive – How your health will depend mostly on how you look at it. If you keep thinking you aren’t okay, then you really aren’t okay. If you keep thinking your health is good, then you actually are good.

If we say this in another way, your mind determines most of how your health would be. Because it is true some diseases can be recovered only by the strength of the mind. Therefore build the attitude of being positive. If you’re a victim of stress, your physical problems would increase too. That’s why to reduce stress.

Indian girls bath Stock Photos - Page 1 : Masterfile3. If you don’t feel good staying at home: ​Do whatever you like or listen to a song ​Jump around a bit ​Close your eyes and think about a number, keep thinking, you’ll see at a point your mind has gone blank except that number. ​Relax your muscles. Each time a different muscle like stretch hand, legs, neck muscles then relax them. Doing it, again and again, is beneficial for you.

4. Keep track of your food habits- Ramadan is going on. Most people are fasting. Refrain from eating excessively at dawn and night after not eating the whole day. Considering you are home the whole day, you should eat light food.

And those who are not fasting because of a problem, refrain from eating rich food the whole day. Do not eat rich food at night at all. Breakfast is mainly carbohydrates and less fat. At lunch, fish, salad, rice, or bread, vegetables should be eaten. Lemon water helps digestion without any acidity.

Food plays a great role in keeping you healthy because your mood depends on what you are eating. Different kinds of food such as light food, rich food, spicy food, sweet food have a different effect on the physical condition of the body.

You can test the effect of food on your body easily. You can track a list of food you have eaten over 7 days and track which day you’re feeling fresh. Guess the intake of food you took on a particular day. Divide it into 4-5 chunks. Like this calculate if the food intake/ hard work is good. According to that, make a food habit. If you don’t think it is okay or you are bored, change your habits.

Indian little girls bath Stock Photos - Page 1 : MasterfileTry to drink more fruit juice- There is no better way than eating fresh fruits to avoid getting sick. There are numerous antioxidants in fruit and vegetable juice that protects the body. For example carrot juice. Anyone would be benefitted if they drink small amounts of carrot juice every day. There is beta carotene in carrot juice which helps us fight against diseases, enhances our ability to fight against diseases and increases our sight

Some people think about packet juices whenever they hear fruit juice. Good for you to know, no matter how much they say it is made from real fruits, preservatives are added in those. It is harmful to your health. This is why it’s healthier to drink the juice you make at home rather than buying a 250 ml packet juice. Seasonal fruits contain vitamins and minerals. But there is one thing to keep in mind when making fruit juice at home. For example do not make juice of the fruit skin or the seeds. Because it has some toxic ingredients which will reduce the minerals.

5. Work hard or workout- Do you know stretching regularly, the efficiency of your muscles and bones will stay consistent for a long time? Blood flow in the body increases, oxygen reaches equally in every part of the body. This is why the body stays more active, excitement to do any work increases. Pain in the hips in middle age decreases.

The advantages of working out regularly are: ​It keeps the spine soft ​It prevents the joints from getting hard ​It increases the energy ​It reduces constipation ​It helps keep the bones strong for a long time ​Your heart will work more efficiently ​Blood circulation will be better ​The lungs will remain in good shape for a long time ​High blood pressure and cholesterol would be reduced ​Mental pressure would not make you weak, sadness will be reduced

If you notice, our physical and mental well-being depends on our daily life. Some corrections and addition would lead to a healthy life.

Written by: Yashna Zarine