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Rony Ibne Masud studying Veterinary Science at Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensingh. Besides academics also working as an undergraduate researcher under the Department of Pharmacology and have a great interest in content writing. Creating content is one of my most liked hobbies and trying to create more content.

Pandemic COVID-19 Lockdown: Curse or blessing?

Pandemic COVID-19 Lockdown: Curse or blessing? When I am writing the content; Oxford University with Astra Zeneca combine just declared “an experimental corona virus vaccine...

Why teens are more depressed?

Do you know why teens are more depressed? What's the reason behind it? You may have always ignore the fact or overlooked it. But...
The changing world and the mental health of young people

A Perfect Portrait

A Perfect Portrait   The artist was waiting patiently Before his long broad canvas. His eyes- sated with enthusiasm His fingers- showing the utmost adroitness. He grabbed a color palette...

The Acceptance of Telemedicine service

The Acceptance of Telemedicine service at the veterinary profession in Bangladesh. According to Wallack–Telemedicine is the remote delivery of healthcare services, such as health...

Teenage Quarantine Tips to make effective

Teenage Quarantine Tips to make effective. Do you feel alone in this pandemic situation? Experience of having psychological distress, depression, and anxiety? Then why...

The Covid-19 Effect on Teens Mental Health

Most of the country of the world is under lockdown due to rapid sweeps of COVID-19. The condition is becoming worsen day by day...