Why teens are more depressed?


Do you know why teens are more depressed? What’s the reason behind it? You may have always ignore the fact or overlooked it. But it’s really a problem for running decades and challenging for both the teens and the Parents. According to experts–the probable reasons may face pressures at home or school, worry about financial issues for their families.

And you can’t imagine how dangerous the outcome you have to face either as a parent or as a teen?

According to suicide.org–

So you may understand how important issues it is! And It’s high time, we changed the situation, the thinking and the behavior with the teens surrounding us.

Let’s talk what’s the probable issues makes them more and more depressed, but Before shifting we’ve to know the sign of depression which help to understand what’s going on your teens mind?

According to an article for World of Psychology; Borchard lists some common indicators and which really help to find it our what’s on your teens mind? Whether he/she is depressed or not! Let’s have a look on it:

  • Sadness or hopelessness
  • Low self-esteem
  • Sluggishness (less active)
  • Substance abuse
  • Spending more time alone
  • Decrease in desire to do things they used to like to do (sports, activities, hobbies)
  • Physical ailments (headaches, appetite problems, sleeping problems)
  • Problems in school (falling grades, getting into trouble, not paying attention in class)
  • Talking about death or suicide
  • Not caring about appearance
  • Running away from home

So what’s the reason behind it? It’s it necessary to find it out? I’ve tried to gather some important causes searching by different article and going to present here;

Causes & Risk Factors:

1.Physiological imbalance:

  • The physiological imbalance is an important thing of depression and this could be either for brain distinction or Hormonal imbalance. Neurotransmitters are the naturally occurring chemicals and carry signals to the brains and bodies. When these chemicals are abnormal or impaired than one feels depressed and other changes in the body.
  • Changing the hormones may also lead to triggering depression.

2.Other risk factors including:

  • Having been the victim of violence such as sexual abuse or something
  • Having ongoing pain or physical abnormalities
  • Having a long time internal family problems like poverty or violence.
  • Having extra pressure of academic work or failed to reach the target goal.
  • Social environment and negative thought patterns.
  • Drug and alcohol abuse can affect mood and lead to depression.


Lastly, never ignore the signs or symptoms of depression. Depression is always treatable just try to find it out.If left untreated, depression can lead to thoughts of suicide or sometimes may lead to serious mental disorder after having a long time sufferings and as a parent –have to suffer in the long run.


Written by: Rony Ibne Masud
Faculty of Veterinary science
Bangladesh agricultural university, Mymensingh-2202