Advantages of the pandemic

Maymuna Islam Medha
Let’s talk about the advantages of the pandemic. This coronavirus pandemic has changed our life drastically. There are bad effects of the pandemic but many good things happened as well. Now, we all know how badly it affected everyone’s life. But do we know about the greater aspects of this?
This pandemic has taught us that if we are careful about our hygiene, we can change our whole environment. For example, frequently washing our hands whenever needed, keeps us clean as well as our household environment. Also watching one person being hygenic, the other people in our society starts following that one person
Also, in this pandemic, while people are staying at home, they are exploring different aspects of their creativity. They are investing time in their talent which they did not know existed before because of study pressure or job pressure. People started making videos of them singing, they started writing, cooking, etc. For example, Heidi, a 19-year-old girl was always in pressure for her studies. But in this quarantine, she discovered, she had an amazing talent for writing stories. So she explored her talent and self-published amazing stories for people. 
Apart from the advantages  of the pandemic to the people, the environment has also become an amazing place to reside in. There is far less pollution in the air, the sky is bluer and the water is clearer. Birds started building nests in the areas where they were nearly extinct. Fishes started growing in the rivers where fishes were nearly extinct.
However, the economy of the world has also changed. But even though most of the businesses are experiencing a major loss, masks and sanitizer businesses are making more profits than usual. There are different qualities of masks with different price tags.
Now, quarantine may be boring for a lot of people but for some people, it’s an escape from the outer reality. Introverts, who have a hard time mixing with other people are having a good time spending with themselves. They are less bullied and happier in this quarantine. They have time to practice self-love and gratitude. And when this quarantine ends,  they might be a different person with new perspectives of life.
In conclusion, even though it is a hard time,  we need to bring out the light. Remember, every cloud has a silver lining. Maintain peace and prosperity and a hygenic life and you’ll be able to see a different perspective in life.
Writer: Yashna Zarine
Feature Model: Medha