Teenage Quarantine Tips to make effective


Teenage Quarantine Tips to make effective. Do you feel alone in this pandemic situation? Experience of having psychological distress, depression, and anxiety? Then why don’t you make a plan to spend the quarantine day’s effective and enjoyable? You may not know there is plenty of options for teenagers to stay engaged with both themselves and the outside world when stuck indoors. Just take it easy and set up your mind, It’s not cursed, It’s a blessing.

Here I’ll suggest you some tips which really help you find new and creative ways to stay mentally healthy in this critical situation.

Spend time to read:

You may feel bored most of the time you are not getting extra time to read something outside your academics. So that’s the chance, just catch the time, enjoy the moment with famous writer’s writings which may broaden your knowledge and help to gather something new. As we’re living in the era of Modern science, It’s just a moment to collect any of a book either soft copy or hard copy. So why don’t you fix a time for reading?

Update your resume :

Updating your resume is also a great task. You know It’s hard, time-consuming and you have to cheek it up by several people. So It’s the time to grab the opportunity. You may also connect with online courses, which may also help you to enrich your knowledge as well as your CV.So just have a strong effort, try to maintain regularity, after quarantine-surely you’ll get ready an excellent CV.

Paint, draw, and craft:

This is surely an important task you can do for your own satisfaction. Try to make something creative, draw on your bedroom walls. This helps you to keep busy and refresh your mind too. You can also share your idea and creativity on social media, which may help you to encourage others and stay connected with your friends and well-wishers.

Go for green:

It’s time to prove yourself as an environmentally conscious one. You can make a small window garden of plants and flowers. You can make use of your household waste materials and convert them into eco-friendly something. Just use discarded plastic bottles, cooking oil cans, plastic containers to make planters. Use a glass bottle to grow the Money plant in a hydroponic way.

Concentrate on your health :

A long vacation, so why don’t you think spending sometimes to pay attention to your health. There are several types of exercise are available to practice at home. Just make a routine, try to maintain it. You may also follow your dieting chart. If you want to move on it, you may search on google or watch videos on YouTube.Which may help you to reach your goal.

As a teenager, staying home for a long period, leaving friends is quite hard, So try to concentrate on it and make your quarantine effective.

Writer: Rony Ibne Masud
Faculty of Veterinary science
Bangladesh agricultural university, Mymensingh-2202