The Online Shopping Fiesta


The Online Shopping Fiesta. Due to the pandemic COVID-19 the people of the world are in a massacre. Every day people are dying in many countries. Every day people are getting affected. Thus, for our safety we are staying home quarantine or else we can say lockdown. This is the worst possible scenario people could be in this 21st century.

And at this very situation of our country when more people are getting affected day by day, people are dying every day. It comes the biggest festival in our nation that is Eid-ul-Fitr. Though it is the main festival of the Muslims, overtime Eid has become a festival of the nation keeping aside the religious differences.

Eid is the high time of shopping in this area. People love to visit the stores and buy Panjabis, Shares, and their favorite and needed merchandise. So every eid the markets remain so busy with the movements of people. The brands and fashion houses bring new collections. But this Eid is different due to this pandemic.

Though online shopping has become popular in our country for quite a time. Still the majority of our population have doubts over the quality of the products online and prefer to shop directly. But this year is different. Though govt. has given permission to open the markets for a certain period of time.

Most of the big markets like Basundhara shopping complex, Jamuna future park, New Market, etc. are closed by the decision of their owner committees because of this pandemic. People are also conscious of their safety. So a very less amount of people have gone to the market or going. But as it is Eid, people have the urge and wish to do shopping. And that’s where comes the online shopping sector.

This year this pandemic has changed the whole shopping scenario. A huge number of people are buying goodies online. That’s why the online store’s sales are sky-reaching. Also the brands are coming through their online pages to provide their quality goodies to people online.

In a recent interview the founder of StudioMM the trending hot online store has told that they were expecting fewer people’s participation in the shopping that’s why they brought out a limited collection of panjabis, but they received an overwhelming response. Their Punjabis were sold off within days. The same thought has come from the owner of Gorur ghash and Harlow bd when asked about the sales.

The founder of Rulmaker shirts also provided us with similar info. Talking to the founder of shoe store Craftsman, they shared the same idea that a huge number of their shoe collection has been sold through their online page. And this is just not the scenario of Bangladesh rather than other Muslim countries like Pakistan, Algeria in those countries also most of the shoppings are being done online this Eid.

So, the whole scenario sums up as the positives this lockdown has done to the online stores. This Eid is an online fiesta. But none of us want this pandemic to continue, rather may Allah get us rid of this COVID-19 soon and our earth and country become normal again, where we can go shopping with our families together.

So stay home, stay safe, and Eid Mubarak. May Allah bless us all…

Writer: Mahmud Niloy