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Al Ashir Intisar

Ex-cadet of Rangpur Cadet College. Currently studying in United World College Changshu China.

‘HERALD’ – short story

'HERALD' - short story.The morning light came through the window and touched my face. I felt warm and comfortable. After few seconds the view...

‘Foundation21’ here for a change

'Foundation21' here for a change,a foundation my friends Sayem Niloy, Mashrukur Rahman, Arish Islam and I started back in 2018 in the cafeteria of...
Raisul Islam Mehedi

Raisul Islam Mehedi

Raisul Islam Mehedi is one of a young Bangladeshi Model and Actor. He is now 14 years old. Mehedi was born in 11th October,...
Afrin Shikha Raisa

Afrin Shekha Raisha

Only 11 year old girl but famous all over the country can you imagine that. Yes we are talking about a 11 years old...