Pandemic COVID-19 Lockdown: Curse or blessing?


Pandemic COVID-19 Lockdown: Curse or blessing?

When I am writing the content; Oxford University with Astra Zeneca combine just declared “an experimental corona virus vaccine triggered an immune response against COVID-19 in study participants” and In the meantime WHO’s daily health bulletin says the total number of death crossed 617k. In these Lock-down period peoples are divided into two groups basically; one group confidently says they are grateful in this situation and another groups argues they are suffering a lot to manage their livelihood.

Considering both aspect, really COVID-19 is both blessing and curse in different aspect. Let’s discuss the key aspect:

1Blessing side of COVID-19:

We believe this lock-down has turned everyone’s life Topsy turvey and it’s really not clear to us when this situation will end and when we all turn to safe and normal life. Despite all these worries and obstacle, it’s really a great time for reflection, self growth, family bonding, passing pleasure time, studying new books or watching new movies. Some research shows that this lock down has created an Eco friendly environment and some economist believes the virus would be the cause of multiple businesses becoming entirely digital.Oxford Learning Centres Launch Online Learning Program Virtual ...

Children get rid from a big load of book running for classes sometimes without having breakfast or even without finishing morning brushes. In this situation people are not disrupting the nature like before. Some big changes added to the environment like birds are chirping, air pollution is decreasing, animals are returning to their own habitat and sky is clearly visible with beautiful stars. Some environment activist also says Corona virus is not the actual virus; it’s like a vaccine for earth against the real virus which is human being.

CNN reports that countless children are happier these days, they are not busier, have more control over their time and sleeping better which really helpful to make their mental health sound. Parents are getting more time to pass with their child which gives positive messages. According to Peter Grey, psychology researchers at Boston college, “We tend to think children develop best when carefully guided by adults” and this lock-down is the best time to guide the child and helped them to grow, mature and calm down.

Downside/curse of Lock-down in COVID-19 Pandemic:

Having few upsides surely is added a lot of downside in every aspect of Human life. It destroys the economy, the mental health, create violence.

The COVID-19 pandemic has increased the threat of domestic violence worldwide. One question has already been raised “Quarantine in home or Prison?” Social distancing could be a nightmare for people facing abuse at home by their partners.

A big number of people as already lost their job, according to World Economic Outlook global growth in 2020 to fall to -3 percent. For the first time since the Great depression, both advanced and emerging market economics will be in recession in 2020.

Corona virus pandemic has severely affected our mental health and we don’t even recognize what is happening because it’s totally foreign and unexpected to us. According to World Economic Forum- Lock down is the world biggest psychological experiment – and we will pay the prizes? People who are quarantined a very likely to develop a wide range of symptom of psychological stress and disorder, including insomnia, stress, anxiety, anger, irritability, emotional exhaustion and depression.  Which may be the great curse for human life in Lock down? Another research shows that among quarantined hospital stuff, almost 10% reported high depressive symptoms.

The COVID-19 has affected the educational system worldwide. Approximately 1.725 billion learners are currently affected worldwide due to closure of schools, colleges and universities. Although different institutions has already started online leaning, but the impact was more severe for disadvantaged children and their families causing interrupted learning which create extra pressure to their mind.

According to Forbes the great lockdown is saving lives while increasing poverty and hunger globally. As business closed their doors and factories shut down their gate, unemployment surged. About 26 million workers field jobless claims since the lockdown. This is also a great curse both for low and middle income family.

Having both sides, we always wish to back the normal life.

Written by:Md. Rony Ibne Masud